If it makes sense then it’s true, right?

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If it makes sense then it doesn’t work. If it works, then it won’t make sense.

The title doesn’t make sense, right? But it is both true and it is also a fool-proof way to know if a method will work or not.

I have watched, observed, listened to people for at least 40 years as they nodded, agreed, mumbled: ‘makes sense” and then stayed the same.

A method’s job is to cause you to change. That is what you want from it. Not that it makes sense.

When something makes sense, then you think you know something, but not using it. Or you think you know something and therefore you aren’t looking. Or, this is the most frequent cause of you not being able to change with a good method, is because you only hear what you think you know, not what is being said or shown.

You don’t even know you are doing it.

We are so enticed, excited, and want to buy things that make sense, that it’s not surprising that your purchases make the seller happy, richer, etc. not you. And sometimes you ask: it makes sense, why can’t I do what I am supposed to do and actually benefit from this information?

It makes sense that if you can sing the tune of the Universe, then you will raise your vibration, doesn’t it? It makes sense that going to satsang and sing Indian religious songs there will raise your vibration, doesn’t it? It makes sense that if you avoid judging things negatively and look for the positive in everything, you are going to be happier, doesn’t it. It makes sense that if you are kind to people, if you have love and gratitude in your heart then you will be raising your vibration and become a better human being… after all, it make so much sense.

Don’t be mistaken, these are just a small sampling of the methods that don’t work… worse than that: they work against you. Completely, 100% reliably, always.

Bummed out yet? If not, go back and read it from the beginning. I don’t want you to read on, until you get the bad news. Unless you get it, you are still reading with your mind, and you will continue reading with your mind, and whatever I have to say will be wasted on you.

44886506I wish I could invent a software that can detect if you are reading with your mind, and it would cut you off… that would be sooo worth the money it takes to develop it.

But unfortunately, just like I can’t delegate the job of measuring your vibration to a software, or even another person, I can’t delegate this job either. It needs an empath, a true empath… not just your garden-variety one…

Now, the crucial question: after you get past the “It makes sens” “It doesn’t make sense” bit.
If you can see what’s said to either fit you to a T, or fit someone else to a T…
If you have the question: do I really have this?
If you ask yourself: what is it that I am not seeing?

The big problem I see is this: you can listen to anything with your mind. Even the best working method… and not do anything with it.

howThe art of a coach is to arrest you, to put you out of your comfort zone, to shock you out of your complacency, out of the mode: I already know… Or I want to know… Of if I knew, then…

All mind stuff.

A real coach finds that when mind-centered people start to quit her programs, then she is doing something right. Then she is on the right track.

Because the only reason to live through the mind is to avoid anything that is even remotely new, remotely uncomfortable, remotely real.

When I manage to shock the pants off you… when students are quitting, I am happy. I have found a way to get through.

Now, I hope, this doesn’t make any sense… lol

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