What gives you wings? What do you hope will give you wings?

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When I was a kid I read a book about Sam Small, The Flying Yorkshireman. I read it in Hungarian… It was easier to read in Hungarian than in English… Ugh… that Yorkshire accent in writing… impossible to tolerate.

Anyway, this Sam Small could fly. And I decided that I wanted to fly too. I spent all my imagination… what it would be like to fly.

Unfortunately all my fancies were about escaping… I don’t know what it is about me: I still have nightmares about escaping, and there is always flying.

Except for a few times when I was infatuated with some boy, I never had ‘positive’ fantasies…

But when I look at my students and my clients, I can see that I am in the minority: most people have fantasies of what they want to have, what they want to do, who they want to be.

And they keep dreaming about it, hoping to find something that will give them wings. Because all that dreaming isn’t strong enough to motivate them to do much of anything for that dream.

If you put all the dreaming of a future people and me and the ‘negative’ people in a competition, the ‘negative’ people will always win, hands down.

By ‘negative’ I mean people who are pushed by what they don’t want.

You see, human nature is such that you’ll do a whole lot more to avoid losing that you’ll ever do for gaining.

Lots of psychologists attest to that, and I can see it on my students.

Some people would NEVER move for what they want…

…what they have is good enough… But when they realize what they are losing, suddenly they want to move.

Of course if you are a ‘stupid’ positive thinker, you’ll never believe that you could lose anything. Positive thinking tells you to turn your face to the sun and they you won’t see the shadows. And you won’t have any energy to do anything for yourself either.

So what should you do if you find yourself wanting, desiring, and yet not doing anything or anything much for what you want?

Here is the bad news: unless you get more interested in what you don’t want… I don’t have any hopes for you and you shouldn’t either.

You see, the connection between the desire to fly and being lead by your desires is this: you underestimate what it takes to get what you want… and when it turns out that it takes work, you quit.

In the Moneyroots workshops…

…I managed to redirect some participants attention from what they want… aka desire, to what it is costing them… and the light came on.

Whether it stays on or not: that will still remain a question. But as long as a person uses what they don’t want, what it cost them to fantasize about what they want… they can achieve nearly anything.

There is one other thing that is also invisible:

You see, when you are staring, in your mind, at what you want: how much of your attention is on what you are doing? Not much… right? I’d say about 1%-2%. So obviously you can’t do a good job… you don’t have enough attention on what you are doing to do it well.

So even if a 100 years passes, you won’t get from A to B… you can’t.

Whereas if you are going away from what you don’t want, what you don’t want is behind you and requires none of your attention… and you can put as much attention into what you are doing as you can… Even 100%… which is what I do. It is what the 1000 superiors do…

The rest… not so much.

Anyway, you can get the recordings of the Moneyroots workshops and start figuring out with its help how to turn your life around, so you stop dreaming about flying… getting what you want, without ever doing any work.

Turn your attention to what matters most

PS: This whole idea of flying…

…came from a bunch of commercials that say: Red Bull may give you wings. One of those commercials is actually pretty smart. But when I look at my clients, or watch people… nothing seems to give them wings… Even though everyone, I believe, wants to fly.

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