Think and grow rich, number one distributor of mind virus… Jesus Juice is just close second.

Jesus+JuiceTruth repeated is a lie.

These is one of those sentences that don’t make sense when you read it from the mind.

Napoleon Hill interviewed lots of successful people. He repeated their words. The words became a lie. 1

Let’s see all the reasons why truth repeated is a lie, ok?

Napoleon Hill’s vibration was 170. He lived just a little bit below street level. He was picked for this writing assignment by steel billionaire magnate, Dale Carnegie, because he knew how to write.

He heard everything these rich people said with his mind, through his mind. At 170 vibration you have nothing else, you only have mind. You are not in touch with your body, you are not in touch with your soul, and you are not, definitely not using your critical faculties.

Here is a brilliant example where some people didn’t do positive mental attitude, they did, instead, critical thinking and problem solving… and saved a landing passenger plane from crashing… Beautiful

MindVirusAt 170 you most likely don’t have them developed. But don’t despair, it is never too late to learn them and practice them. 2 Without them you are like a boat without a paddle: the current is taking you wherever the current is going.

Your horrible feelings are a result of the discrepancy of what you are expecting based on your wishful thinking, based on the mind-learning you’ve done, and reality. Your real results. The way life defies pretty theories, like think and grow rich.

When you hear “positive mental attitude” from the level of the basement (under 200 vibration) it has the tone of religion to it. It sounds like the bible, like a sermon, like god talking to you directly. Something you need to follow religiously.

Just like with other teachings or commandments from bibles around the world, they were invented for the “under 200” crowd: to appeal to them, and to keep them there.

pied-pipermind viruses





YOUR positive mental attitude is what keeps you under 200.

Positive mental attitude, to you, heard with the mind from under 200 vibration, means to you to force yourself to say or think something nice, not what’s real.

In medical terms they call this “delusional” or insane. Your ability to interact effectively with reality is impaired, an you are screwed.

Critical Thinking Skills remove all this hokus pokus religious stuff, and leave you with simple dogshit… reality.

Critical Thinking Skills are skills

… and cannot be learned by mind. Skills are “doing stuff.”

When I ask you to live an interesting life, I am hoping that the turns you make off the highway, off the main street, off the usual, will be challenging.

You can only develop critical thinking skills when you challenge yourself.

  • One of my students is a lawyer by education. That is a horrible profession for her. Lawyers (and doctors) were forced to become a mind-machine first and then (maybe) required to become a thinker later. But lesser people, people who didn’t live an interesting life, who were thrown into lawyer school, or medical school, have a real hard time getting out of the habit to equate their mind as their tool for life. They prize knowing too high for their own good.

    This student of mine has an attraction and talent for working with her hands. Finally she admitted to that, and started to take courses where the hands and eyes are the main tools of production, creation.

    She struggled with her courses mightily, because her lack of critical thinking skills made following the instructions, doing the assignments, difficult.

    Slowly she is developing herself into an expanding human being… But the moment she is taking a course where the mind wants to take over because it looks like it’s consumable, she slips back… she becomes the unhappy lawyer-type person: all in the mind.

    In the Diamond Age book, Neal Stephenson proves that you can live an interesting life that is almost wholly internal.

    The challenges in the primer (the book that teaches critical thinking to half a million girls in that book, The Diamond Age) don’t require you to go and fight wind mills, become a missionary, or jump over tall buildings. The book teaches you through challenges.

    My student, through her courses where there is course work, is developing her critical thinking skills. She, seemingly, is working on manual skills, but don’t be fooled: she is using the courses, like the “primer” in the book, Diamond Age.

    She always needs to do things she doesn’t know how to do. She needs to grow a little so she can complete the assignment. That she can start and re-start when she realized that she must have misunderstood the assignment, or based her solution on some assumption.

  • Another student of mine has taken on marshal arts. It could have been a great learning experience, but most marshal arts studios just want to drill you. Then he started to learn Latin dances, and bingo… he shifted into expanding human being
  • Levry-Joseph-Michael gurunampositive-thinking

    jml_lgeLet’s look at a third person. Won’t call her a student because she is not in any of my classes. But close enough…

    She likes sending emails with billions of question. Dead giveaway for someone whose mind is demanding to know the answers, to know the truth, so she can avoid the risk of life… so she doesn’t have to find her own answers.

    All truth you get from someone else shuts down growth, and starts to limit the size of the world where you can play.

    All truth you distinguish, discover for yourself, on the other hand, opens it up, and makes it a bigger arena… because you are now looking at the world from a higher elevation… because all truth raises your vibration.

    But beware: you probably heard discovering your own truth… That is not what I am saying. Discovering your own truth is picking from the many available lies. I meant discovering some aspect, some corner of the truth through critical thinking. This truth is not personal. This is not a belief. This works, across the board, for everyone, because it is the kind of truth that is not subjective. It’s objective truth… it is reality.

    Just like, probably, maybe, the “truths” Napoleon Hill pouted in his famous book, Think and Grow Rich, are actual truths for people who shared them. But the difference is: they distinguished them, they worked their butts off to test them and test them and test them…

    But as I said in the opening: Truth repeated is a lie. It is Tree of Knowledge, and stops working. Only truth that you distinguish for yourself, through testing and critical thinking is ever going to work for you.

    And while you are doing the work of distinguishing, your vibration rises, and you live the purpose of human life: growth and development.

    No end to it, no “the truth” to grovel to, to achieve, to get… endless, exciting, and divine.


  1. A persistent lie… a mind virus. These lies, like any virus, will only be interested in propagating themselves, at the expense of everything else. They replace the DNA, the blueprint of the cell’s reproduction, with their own. And you are a host to these viruses. You are now an evangelist for this new way of “thinking”. It can be about what god to worship, what food to eat, what race is superior, or positive thinking, as the one this article is singling out.

    Quoting from a book, called “Virus of the Mind

    “Viruses of the mind have been with us throughout history, but they are constantly evolving and changing. They are infectious pieces of our culture that spread rapidly throughout a population, altering people’s thoughts and lives in their wake. Mind viruses include everything from the relatively harmless examples, such as miniskirts and slang phrases, to those that seriously derail people’s lives, […] viruses of the mind can program us to think and behave in ways that are destructive to our lives.

    This is the most surprising and most profound insight from the science of memetics: your thoughts are not always your own original ideas. You catch thoughts—you get infected with them, both directly from other people and indirectly from viruses of the mind. People don’t seem to like the idea that they aren’t in control of their thoughts. The reluctance of people to even consider this notion is probably the main reason the scientific work done so far is not better known. As we’ll see, ideas people don’t like have a hard time catching on.”

  2. I will re-published someone else’s article on this… I will read it and edit it, because half of it is probably Tree of Knowledge, aka bullshit. I’ll do it later today…

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7 thoughts on “Think and grow rich, number one distributor of mind virus… Jesus Juice is just close second.”

  1. So that’s whats wrong with me?!? You mean I can now throw out my life’s worth of ‘positive affirmation’ journals?
    what a relief!!!! seriously…..
    The only part I can remember in Think & Grow Rich (read many years ago) is that he said “no one has an original thought”,,, we all go out and buy ‘patterns’ (referring to the making of easter hats).
    Back to the drawing board! x

  2. Sophie, I recently have been doing different things. I built a chicken coop from scrap wood. I am building a storage shed for my garden tools. I am making a book shelf from an old desk. I signed up to learn massage at one of the schools. I also made a fire pit and learning to cook my food on the fire. Am I on the right track? Thank you.

  3. So if you learn truths first hand through discovery, testing it out for yourself and getting your hands dirty, not through another person, or book…, than it is a truth for you but no one else. Likewise if you share your truth as “truth” for anyone else, but yourself, it becomes a lie for that person? Truth is very personal and individual, not something that can be shared as truth for all? So if something works for you, you can share it with others as a possibility, to be tried and tested, but not as “the truth”. Am I warm?

  4. You are warm. There is only one place in your logic where it is not accurate, where you say “it becomes a lie for that person” Truth repeated is a lie… If someone hears it it is not a lie yet, unless they repeat it. Or take it as the truth. When you accept a “truth” and start living with it, honoring it, repeating it, then it is a lie. YOU are lying, the speaker.

  5. Yes o.k. that makes sense. It’s kind of like spreading gossip, if you call it the truth without investigating it for the value it has for your growth, then you are spreading lies. So called experts who just talk the talk, spreading rumors of truths, are just regurgitating hearsay and the words that they speak, though possibly the truth for the person who shared a personal truth with them, are lies because they haven’t really gotten down and walked it, experienced it as truth for themselves. So we have to “Try On” the truths of others to make sure they fit our lives.

  6. Yes, exactly. And because I 99% of my life did exactly what you suggest (what I suggest, lol) and tried it on for size, I don’t seem to have the impostor syndrome, while most “gurus” and “teachers” do… because they are selling words only.

    Often, while I fill the bottles with remedies, I ponder why I am so sure of myself and what I do. I ask: why do these energies work? And then I look at the results and I know.

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