The other destabilizing energy: the energy of the urges

Yesterday I wrote about the destabilizing energy of avoiding, fighting, resisting. The enemies of having a good life, having a productive life. The enemies of being able to concentrate your energies on what you are working on.

There is a whole other type of energy that works the opposite way… the urges and the cravings.

Both types, the resistance/avoidance and the urges type energies register for me as a jerking energy.

This feels like it comes at an angle to the direction I want to go, the direction I am going… and is a violent pull… really, if you imagine yourself a fish, gently going about your business, a fisherman’s hook would feel like that urge… taking you off your path, forcing you to go wherever that fishing line is held by an invisible force.

Of the two energies this one is more violent…

Yeah, lust, gluttony, greed, powerhunger, competitiveness, the pull to murder…

….are some examples of that fishing line energies. They scare the bejesus out of me… I bet it is still the 3-year old’s reaction.

These are campaign-like, they don’t last long. They last just enough to pull you off your path.

Clients who are dominated by this fishing line urges, this flaring up energy, never amount to much. They never amount to much because most anything that is worth doing requires steady energy for a long time.

If I had to pick a numerology representation of this energy, I would say it is the number 3.

A man crying

Flares are those sudden brief bursts of bright flame or light that burn with a sudden intensity, and then burn out.

3’s, especially need to learn to manage themselves if they want to amount to much.

The 3’s I have the privilege to observe alternate between mild depressive states, like Eeyore the donkey in Winnie the Pooh, and the state of the flare…

Soul corrections 23, 32, 33, 34, 35 are most frequent in my clients. They all struggle with being consistent, instead of manic depressive… aka bipolar. My soul correction is 34.

I have known many people with bipolar tendencies. Almost all of them detest the stabilizing agent, Lithium Orotate. They hate it because they are in love with the manic state. In the manic state they feel creative, they feel hopeful. The effect of this energy is very similar to (I am only guessing, never tried it) to the effects of cocaine. Feeling like you can do anything because you are on top.

I have experienced Dexedrine, or speed while I was a student… Dexedrine, for me, didn’t have a mood altering effect. It just helped me do the overnights I needed badly as a student.

3’s, it seems, have a huge need for self-expression, but don’t want to have it through work.

Do you have 3 in your soul correction, or do you recognize this urge, this craving? If you want your life to amount to much, you better learn to control your response to urges that are sure to come your way.

I take Lithium Orotate, and it helps. When the urges show up, and they do, I can now control myself… The urge is short term. So if I can tie myself to the mast, so to say, I am OK.

The siren’s song in the Odyssey, and Odysseus the hero tying himself to his ship’s mast is what I am referring here… and yes, the urge is like the siren’s song: you obey it, it takes your ship to the rocks.

Something that is seductive, enticing, or appealing, but that is or may prove to be dangerous, destructive, or disastrous. Alludes to the Sirens of Greek mythology, beautiful sea creatures who lured sailors to their deaths with enchanting music and voices… that is the urges.

For a 3-controlled person doing the mundane, day to day stuff is distasteful.

And unless they can master my strategy by adopting: ‘It is all in a day’s work’ and let go of wanting only do what is exciting, they will be unhappy and feel that life robbed them of what they want.

One other tidbit that may be as important as the rest: left to their own devices, as in owning a business, 3’s don’t do well… because owning a business is 70% mundane, boring, it’s all in a day’s work type of stuff. So there needs to be a manager above them to keep them in line, or they will not do what there is to do.

My brother, a 33, attempted to set up his own consulting firm and fizzled out.

And if they do their own business, it needs to be like a regular job… no excitement. My brother ended up as an investment banker and he did well there. Some excitement but not personal…

My other brother, a 35, spent his whole career going from job to job to job… never finding a place where he could find himself at home. All his bosses were morons, he says (lol) so he was more often than not fired.

I am lucky in a way: my aversion of the lust-like pull allowed me to stay on the strait and narrow much of the time. It was hard and very inconsistent…

We could safely say I myself never amounted to much in terms of worldly success. But I’ve managed to find the necessary excitement for my 3 in tiny doses to keep me well, and to keep me feel self-expressed.

For decades my main source of excitement was to always live on the edge… on the edge of destruction, flirting with it. Deadline businesses, narrow saves, hero-complex, drama queen. Ugh.

I am sure it shortened my life expectancy by decades.

I wish I had an article like this to read some 30-40 years ago. My life would have turned out differently.

If you are interested in learning your soul correction, I had a workshop a few years ago. Given all that I have learned since then, if you buy the workshop now (or if you already have it) I’ll add a live session for free… To deal with stuff I didn’t know about when I did the original workshop.

This is especially relevant to you if you have either a 2 or a 3 in your soul correction… and that is most of the people who live today.

The more able you are to manage the inclination given by your soul correction the more happiness, the more success, the more everything you are going to experience.

Learn to manage your soul correction

PS: I haven’t scheduled a third session to my Moneyroots workshop, but it’s coming. And most likely we’ll incorporate this 2-3 energy into the discussion there.

PPS: While I was looking for pictures for this article, I stumbled upon a methodology they teach. They call it urge-surfing. The method tests at 30% truth value

I quote: Urge surfing is very popular in the treatment of addictions. As a distress tolerance skill in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and as a tool for emotional management in many other disciplines (e.g. ACT , CBT ). Oh, and one last bit of optimism: When urges go unfed, future urges gradually become weaker.

To the last sentence I say a big amen… it is true.

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