What is the real goal of getting more productive?

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Articles and books that teach you to be more productive try to appeal to a part of you that you may not have… The industrious part.

So they more often than not miss the boat… and you continue being unproductive.

So how does your day look? You are doing things slowly. Unorganized. Listless.

It is distasteful to you to do what you need to do because… because what you value most is your free time. Free from obligation, free from anything that needs to get done, or has to get done, or should get done.


So what do you really do? You try to sneak in ‘my time’… and your productivity is… ahem… 10%.

So it takes you a whole day to get done what you could get done in an hour. Or, alternatively, you do it hodge podge, fast, full of mistakes, shabby.

Another thing you do is this: you are doing something that you could enjoy doing if… if you weren’t thinking that you are procrastinating.

Procrastination is a context. It says: you are doing something INSTEAD of doing what you should be doing.

But it is man-made. You are never really procrastinating. You are doing something… whatever you are doing.

But if your mind is hung up on the thing YOU SAY you should be doing, you are not enjoying what you are doing, because you are not fully there.

We, wretched humans, have a lot of those contexts.

  • You are eating cake… and you can’t fully enjoy it, because you are supposed to be on a diet.
  • You are making love to a beautiful person, but you can’t fully enjoy it, because you are thinking of your spouse and your wedding vows… ugh.

Interestingly Zen, mindfulness can come to the rescue.

Learn to fully do what you are doing… keep your WHOLE being, including your thoughts there… And you can start having a life that is full of what you do and not what you don’t do, should do, shouldn’t do, ugh.

The only reason it is worth getting more productive is to get what? No, not money. No, not fame. NOOOOOO.

The only reason to get productive is to have time to do whatever you want to do… Whatever it is.

For me it is reading. I want to read 5-10 hours a day… that is what freedom is for me.

So I organize my life just so… so I get my work done fast and efficiently, and then I just go to read.

But even I can’t read longer than an hour at a time, so I take a break from reading, and go to my computer, and knock out emails or whatever pops up. And then I go back to reading.

Over the years I got more and more efficient and effective about getting my work done… so now I can read an awful lot. Hundreds of pages a day, every day.

Is it about the pages? Not for me.

Here is an interesting thing, that you probably won’t expect:

Your life is empty

People who fill their day with half, quarter, 10% efficient work, while they daydream about what they would rather do, when I connect to them, they test shallow, and their life is empty.

When you have time to do what you like to do, and it is not necessarily what you need to do! then your life is full.

But if you do what you like to do but think of what you should be doing, your life is empty… and so are you.

There is this dude I have a chance to observe.

Ever since he was young he dreamed of being a Zig Ziegler type of person… someone who manages to alter life on a grand scale.

He is hired to do keynotes at large gatherings of marketers, and he can do it with his hands tied to his back.

But Zig Ziegler spoke to ‘virgins’… and that is what he would like to do… except that he spends all his time ‘not doing it’.

His vibration, his aliveness, his self-respect is low… because no matter what he does, he isn’t doing what he is ‘supposed to do’…

Could he do it? Hell yeah… All it takes is a system to pull his attention away from all the fears and concerns and to what he is doing.

I watched this dude who has a Youtube channel… forgot his name.

Weird looking dude… great channel.

He decided to test a theory of getting things done that he detest to do in 10-minute installments.

On the video where he shares this, he and his wife clear up their garage…

The time limit focuses the attention. The fact that you can see the end of it allows you to not worry about all the things that you supposedly miss out.

So you buckle up, and spend the ten minutes with a near 100% efficiency… You get done more in 10 minutes than you normally get done in hours… because of the high efficiency.

But the high efficiency comes from the time-limit.

When I watch people, and I do, there are hardly any people who keep their attention, their full attention on what they are doing.

They are, instead, go away on tangents.

The tangents are often about licking their wounds… when I tell them something nasty about themselves.

Or they are fighting the fear, trepidation, or reluctance to do what they sat down to do, like the guy I lived with in my one-room apartment long long time ago. He spent hours, literally hours sharpening his pencils, before he made even one mark on a paper.

It is a habit. A habit you can endeavor to change.

What you need to train is your attention. Start small and don’t grow the time limit until you are both fast and efficient.

The 10-minute deadline may be too long for you.

It will take a lot of practice to grow your attention span to an hour, like mine. You can almost set your watch… I get up and do something else, predictably, after an hour of doing something. I do something else for 10-15 minutes, and then I am ready to return to what I was doing… Reading, writing, watching a movie…

And there is an aspect of this that I haven’t seen anyone teach: postpone thinking about what you heard or read until after.

Or if you can’t… put down the book and don’t pretend to read… do your thinking.

Unfortunately for both of us, you cannot do that while you are on a call with me.

At this point, predictably, the amount of stuff you actually hear is very little…

Some of my students hear as little as 1% of what is being said. If you can’t hear while you write, don’t take notes. Leave the notes when you can stop the recording… You can’t stop a live person from continuing talking. Just know that there were things to note.

Here is the meaning of what you are doing currently:

The value of what is being given is, let’s say, a hundred dollars. And you get a buck worth of it… And also spent two-three hours. Stupid? Yeah.

Same when you are unproductive. You can produce a hundred bucks worth an hour… but because you are frazzled, you actually produce a fragment of that: let’s say ten bucks.

And then you are left with the unpleasant feeling of being worthless…

Now, with all that said: what would help you keep your attention on what you are doing? What would help you overcome the unpleasant feeling that you are not doing what you want to do?

In my experience the Avatar State Activators are the best for this purpose.

What do I really want for you?

You see, you can’t have your best life if you are busy all the time. Downtime, doing nothing, doing what you want to do is what makes the best life. If and when it is earned. If and when it is not tainted by a sense of wrongdoing.

And to be able to change your behavior and your mindset, you need energetic support. A moment to moment support.

Support when you are doing what you need to do, what is yours to do… and support when you are having fun. You need it, until you learn to reliably locate yourself and your mind doing what you are doing, being where you are, and nowhere else, your chances for enjoying your life are not good.

And that is where the consciousness altering energies shine the best.

There is also another energy, the Big Bundle, that in addition to healing, it actually helps your mind stay with what you are doing.

I listen to it on my headphones every minute when I work. I have it on half-volume, even when I watch a movie, lead a workshop, or coach. Or play Freecell… lol. I don’t know if I were as efficient as I am without it. I am afraid to try.

Get healing, mind and body

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