The secret why the 8 billion isn’t successful and can’t be

If the caterpillar planned to become a butterfly, there would be no more butterflies.

What does that mean?

Planning to become, having a goal is counter productive. It takes your eyes off the here and now, and fixates them on some future pie-in-the -sky idea…

As a result you’ll be wholly ineffective in the here and now, and will never become that which you planned to become.

The same is true about your vibration. People who want to raise their vibration literally won’t do their work that could cause that in the here and now, even when I tell them what they need to do.

What does this mean to you? It means that when you are in the caterpillar stage, your job is to be the best caterpillar possible. Do it to the best of your abilities, diligently, mindfully, striving for excellence.

This is the key, this is the secret to be an expanding human, to be growing, to becoming more. To achieve the ultimate state: become all you can become.

The ‘culture’ emphasizes goal-setting, because the culture doesn’t want you to become all you can become…

Art Williams said: All you can do is all you can do. And all you can do is enough.

What he didn’t say is this: if you do all you can do now, tomorrow what you can do is more than it is today. If tomorrow you’ll do all you can do tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow you’ll be able to do more.

Some days you won’t feel well, and will do less than the day before, and yet you can still do all you can do… And that is the point. Doing all you can in the here and now.

The operative words are do, and can. Not think, and willing.

This is how you become all you can become.

Your job is to keep your attention 99% of the time on your three-feet environment… and only 1% of the time, occasionally, check if you are going in the right direction. It is a checking and setting the direction or re-setting.

If instead you want every step to be ‘the right step’ that will get you the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you’ll end up as most of my students: no skills, no results, no life to write about. The sure way to live as a failure and a loser.

That is how the 8 billion behaves: never quite present to what they are doing, because their eyes are somewhere else.

Thinking: the grass is greener there. Thinking that would be a better thing to do. Or counting their chickens before they hatch.

And they give mighty little attention and energy to what they are actually doing.

Results: at best mediocrity.

Interestingly, the smarter you are the more likely you’ll be trapped in this horrid place.

A million or so people have listened to Art Williams. How many, do you think, has absorbed and practiced what Art taught them?

If you said: a few, you are actually mistaken. Muscle test says: zero. None of them grasp the genius of Art Williams.

Maybe for a little while some did. But to be like Art Williams, to do like he teaches you is so counter-cultural, that few can stand being so different.

You are trained to be like everyone else… and if you are not: you are alone. And that seems to be the worst thing for people, to be alone… They are so afraid of being alone, that they sell out everything that they would value in order to ‘belong’.

In the Face The Tiger workshop we confront what is between us and who we can become… what we really need to handle so we can actually grow, expand, and have a life we love.

The workshop includes two recorded sessions and one live session. The live session isn’t scheduled yet… it will be most likely be on a Saturday.

If you buy it before August 29, I gift you a 50% off coupon (TIGGER), and between August 30 and September 4 another coupon 25% off. (TIGGER2)

Let’s remove what’s between you and the good life
PS: everybody talks about the compounding effect of 1% a day growth, but no one tells you how to do it.

But Art Williams does… If every day you do all you can do, you’ll grow 1% a day. And that will cause a 370% growth a year.

But if you continue to do every day what you’ve been doing, then there will be NO growth.

If and when you are not growing, you won’t feel successful…

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