How do you escape the current paradigm of hate?

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Paradigms explain why you don’t see, don’t hear what is right in front of you.

Paradigms are, like the ancient Kabbalists presented it, like the Tree Of Life.

From every branch you can look down and see everything… and you can look up and see nothing… or better said: you see yourself reflected.

Werner Erhard used a different geometric model… concentric spheres. Your sphere includes the smaller spheres, seamlessly. The upper border of your sphere seems to be endlessly reflect all the lower paradigms.

The boundary between paradigms is a one-way mirror… like a curtain with reflective surface.

Now, why is this both interesting and important to you if you want to evolve as a human?

We, in common parlance call is growing, but it is really evolving… YOU don’t become bigger, what you see becomes bigger. And because what you see gives you your Lebensraum, your playground, your dance floor, the more you see the more you can do, the bigger your world becomes. And the less cluttered, the less disturbing, the less troublesome at the same time.

The less you bump into other people, the less conflicts you have.

Imagine trying to dance on a very small dance floor with thousands of others… Their sweating, their flourishes, their noise… ugh.

But if you can enlarge the dance floor and each couple can have their own space, the conflicts are decimated, and the possible fun of dancing increases by ten-fold.

There are many different ways paradigms can be defined by their content.

In my classes we are working on a 3-tier model.

The busy dance floor is on the level of the systemic. Slow/fast, good/bad, nice/nasty. The paradigm of hate.

Everything there is either one thing or another thing.

Maddening. And feels entirely dangerous. The competition is fierce. Everything threatens you with annihilation, pain, shame, being left behind.

Eight billion people crowd this paradigm, while only one thousand live in the next one… with occasional brief visits from the lower paradigm.

The visitors stay for an hour, a day, maybe two… and are amazed how much space they have. How free they feel, how joyful it is to not be trapped in the tiny crowded space… But they don’t quite know what made them able to cross the barrier, so they unwittingly walk back to the crowd.

At least that has happened to two of my students… Both clueless in a way…

One is also a private coaching client, so yesterday we kicked this ball around.

I never know what lands and germinates in a client’s soul, so I was pleasantly surprised that the private call landed for this client, and she started to explore the bigger paradigm.

She is a smart cookie. She added the 67 steps to her practice, one step a day, and by serendipity the step lined up for her could be really heard to confirm what we talked about, be heard in the higher paradigm.

You see, in the systemic paradigm the thinking is that things should be instant. Change, growth, transformation, understanding… everything.

Here are a few examples of what ‘SHOULD BE’ instant in the systemic paradigm:

  • Healing… instant…
  • Knowledge… instant.

Except that nothing is instant in reality. But looking at anything from the systemic paradigm, you can only see the start point and the end point, and nothing in between.

So in that paradigm you cannot see process. You are blind to it.

There is nothing between being right or being wrong. Nothing between good and bad. Nothing between important and nothing. Worthless. Useless. Weak. Cowardly.

So in the systemic paradigm you may make weak ‘I am trying’ moves to grow, but then you abandon it: it didn’t happen in a day or two… In an hour or two.

Where I started to see this is in the area of energizing the water. Energizing it so it can energize you.

People come to me. All has a favorite INSTANT way to make water drinkable… but it doesn’t work. Because making something incoherent coherent takes time, takes a lot of energy to ‘comb out’ the incoherent bits.

If you have curly hair, you know it. Your mother tried to comb your hair out, and it was torture… because of all those knots, whirlies and whatnots… that is what is invisibly inside water.

And as the world is becoming more and more systemic, as the world is becoming less and less coherent, the water in this world follows suit.

And the energizer has a stronger and stronger competition… If you were good at math in school… the two opposing energies cause energizing take a longer time.

It is a lot like trying to fill a bath tub that has the drain open… it either won’t happen or it will take a long time. The Energizer is the faucet, and the world with its low dark side vibration is the drain.


So yesterday I asked Source if it could give me an energy that would be like having 2-3 faucets trying to fill the bath tub.

I didn’t hold a lot of hope… but Source surprised me. The answer was yes. Then we made an agreement to call it down with the code word ‘overcome’.

I just tested it on a container of five gallon energizable water. With the old Energizer it took 5-6 days to bring it up to 600 vibration, and then it has been, for the past month, stopping there… It could not overcome the Dark Energies of the world.

So I put my palms on the container. I connected on the second level to Source, and said in my head ‘overcome’… and felt the energy flow through my head and to my palms.

I downloaded the energy over and over and over, and after a few minutes I muscletested the water, and wow, it was coherent. 653 vibration.

Now, it still needs to be tested if it works through a recording too. So today I am going to record it and make it available for download to whoever already has the Energizer audio. And I am also going to test if it works remotely. So if you are a student in good standing, and already have the Energizer audio, please send me a picture of your water container, and I’ll test it on yours. If your water is not energizable, then, of course, it cannot be energized.

Now, if you see, even with energies as strong as this ‘overcome’ energy, this is a process… And inside the systemic paradigm, people, you, have no tolerance to process…

OK, back to the paradigms… the one way mirror… and the student who managed to stay in the higher paradigm since yesterday.

That higher paradigm is calls ‘extrinsic’, but maybe it should be called the paradigm of assessment, while the lowest paradigm be by the name of its currency: judgment or hate.

  • Judgment is binary. Yes/no… this or that…
  • Assessment is a scale. Gray scale, color scale, effectiveness scale… a scale. A process is a scale-type phenomenon. You go to the ‘goal’ step by tiny step. Effort. Thinking. Problem solving. Experimenting.

Edison lived in the assessment paradigm. He supposedly made 1000 experiments to create a workable light bulb… and never despaired, never thought it should be instant.

  • It takes as long as it takes.
  • It takes as much effort as it takes.
  • OK, it is worth the effort.
  • It’s all in a day’s work.

These sayings only make sense in the assessment paradigm. In the systemic paradigm, unless it’s instant, it is not even worth trying.

People, the eight billion, live in this instant paradigm where they know what stuck to them, truth or not… even puzzling out what may not be true is too much effort there… it is not worth it.

All the movements you can watch in the news or in videos are prime examples of this not even thinking to puzzle out if you are on the side of Life, if you have the right to deprive others from what they want, if really there is only one group that is deserving: yours.

So you see, if you are trying to ‘dance on this overbusy dance floor’ you cannot be happy, you cannot be safe, you cannot be whole and complete… no chance.

And for many, it seems, that one could assess instead of judge is invisible. Whaaaat? they say, and continue judging.

After all in the systemic paradigm if you take your eyes off what seems to threaten you, if you take your eyes off your self-concern, it feels like instant death.

You can’t see, you can’t hear assessment.

Everything anyone says about you feels like a major slight, a slap in the face, an invalidation, an attack. So even if I say something about you, you spend half of the class licking your wounds… and remain where you have been: in the systemic paradigm.

I call it the horizontal plane. The competitive plane. The Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Why? Because the shadow of death is everywhere. Every action feels overly significant. Every action is taken to avoid death…

You are not allowed to be slow. You are not allowed to be anything less than significant, winner, brilliant, generous, outstanding, the best… If you fall short you feel like you just died. Ugh.

In the assessment paradigm all these are part of the process… no biggie. Not significant. Not the end of the world… But to get to that assessment paradigm you need to practice assessing all the things that you ordinarily judge.

It is a process. The more willing you are, the better you get at it.

Willingness is a skill. Seeing is a skill. Assessing is a skill. Following a process is a skill.

But your view, what you see, will only alter, so you can enter the assessment paradigm, only when something inside changes. It is like a switch is thrown… when you are not just following instructions, but actually start seeing that in fact the world is scale based…

So it may take months…

To illustrate the systemic paradigm and how it sounds, here is a ‘comment’ someone submitted just today from Alberta, Canada. The email address is fake… the sentiment is entirely systemic: full of hate and judgment. But it is YOU! unless you learn to assess instead of judge.

Here is the comment:

Excuse me Miss 930 … how is your negativity and irrelevance working for you nine years later while Caroline is proven true and has thousands of students who’ve set their egos aside in order to learn what you said was fake and impossible? Light workers don’t urinate on those they’re jealous of. Angry, jealous white women do. Spirit chose to elevate Caroline and leave you in dusty obscurity. Still wondering why?

I re-measured that Caroline… she is 200 vibration… on the cusp of systemic and extrinsic. She would not appeal to thousands of students if she were in the extrinsic fully, by the way.

People want their own vibration reflected in their teachers…

The fact that I have ANY students is an miracle…

In two days, Saturday September 10 ad 2 pm EDT (New York) I have an Open Microphone session. The topic is life skills, human skills, that are transferable.

If I may suggest a skill: practicing assessing as a skill has the potential to raise your vibration and elevate you gradually to live in the extrinsic paradigm where you are not threatened, where you can achieve anything through process.

Here is the link to sign up to the free webinar… the format is questions and answers.

You can just listen if you prefer…

Let’s talk on September 10

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