Rules of engagement on the horizontal plane

my-best-friendI like French movies. For the most part they are off-kilter, and not obvious. Which means that they may not come from the mind, they may not come from the horizontal.

But, from time to time, they slip through a movie that pushes the band wagon, pushes the societal conspiracy to enslave you.

The movie that has been coming up in my mind with a sense of urgency, is the movie “My Best Friend“. 1

That is a move where the main character, an art dealer, forced, by a bet, to befriend someone.

He is fine and happy having no friends. His life, with every person he has contact with him, is pure, honest, he and they are clear about what’s the purpose of the contact.

The bet, the societal conspiracy forces him to pretend that he wants something that is beyond what he really wants, and he needs to hide his real purpose: winning the bet.

I am looking at this whole phenomenon: friends.

The idea is that friendship means loyalty, acceptance, support. But the idea ignores reality: humans are primarily interested in “looking good and making it” and when loyalty, acceptance, or support conflict with that, they are more likely to choose self-interest than friendship.

In marriage, which is a purely legal contract, you promise to stay and support the person, maybe even “love them”, and even there, where you, legally, committed to that type of behavior, people violate the contract.

In parent-child relationships there is no contract, but there are laws, different per jurisdiction. Only societal opinion makes most parents do what they are “supposed to do” and not love, not an innate drive to do well by their offspring.

There are exceptions; I do know some fathers that love their children. Just LOVE them. I don’t know mothers that love their children… at least I have never seen any: it could be because I can’t see it… hm. I’ve never experienced being loved by a human being.

The reason I am “harping” on this topic, because 90% of your misery, 90% of what hinders you in becoming an Expanding Human Being, is around love, being liked, being well thought of… and groveling for it.

Pretending, even just a little bit, even just in some parts of your life, completely robs you of your power, robs you of your freedom.

Just like you cannot selectively suppress something, like a feeling, an emotion, once you suppress one thing, you suppress everything… pretending is a kind of suppression: suppressing the truth… and there goes your life. there goes your life force.

The most effective, dramatically most effective activator I have ever downloaded, is the Unconditional Love Activator. The whole activator deals with this issue. Its goal is to take you out of the horizontal, pretentious, society and mind defined paradigm and transport you to the vertical, where what you feel is what you feel, what you want is what you want, what you value is what you value, what you appreciate is what you appreciate, and it is completely and totally from you.

The freedom and the increased vitality from the Unconditional Love Activator, is what makes all my remedies so hard-hitting and successful (there is no Unconditional Love in the Sleep Rescue).

Yesterday I realized that I have been listening to the Unconditional Love Activator, the bundled version, and not the Effortless Abundance Activator.

And my aliveness, my willingness to stand up after a disappointment, my energy level, my creativity are at an all time high. My ability to coach, to “lose” a student, my ability to take criticism are at an all time high.

And I am now infusing the Unconditional Love Activator into water. If you would like to get on this remedy, and finally experience the power of the Unconditional Love A(it works better, far better infused!) then get in on the 2-for-1 deal.

I will ship the product, so your Amazon Prime won’t matter, you will have to pay for shipping. But the second bottle is free for two weeks. And if you like it, I would appreciate a review.

If you want to order, go to page Order 1 bottle and I’ll send you two bottles till the end of March 2014

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  1. I have downloaded the movie, let me know if you want to watch it

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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7 thoughts on “Rules of engagement on the horizontal plane”

  1. I love it when you share movies with us. So I would appreciate access to the one mentioned above! Thank you!

  2. Placed my order. I’ve been playing the Unclove Bundle on one player, and Effortless Abundance on the other, both 24/7. I feel great. A nice sense of ease and of being present. Still stuck in my mind, but trying to move my attention to the witness when I catch myself.

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