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Mental Bandwidth and what to do to increase it

If you ordered a large pizza but you had to share it with everyone in your neighborhood, then even after ordering a hundred of those, you would barely get a slice, right? Some teenagers can eat half of a large pizza themselves, so unless you protect your pizza, you’ll remain hungry.

If an internet company sells you service, but they have all their thousands of customers want to watch a movie, you’ll get a spotty connection and miss half the movie.

That is bandwidth… it is limited and the more people use it, the less remains for you.

Mental Bandwidth

The same thing happens when you want to read, or listen to an audio, talk to someone… the more things demand your attention the less remains for the ‘main event’, what you actually wanted to do.

For humans, the dinner ‘guests’ that eat your pizza are thoughts, emotions, ideas, physical pain, and outside interruptions.

And if your attention has anything to do with what you do, then you will get less done, and what you’ll get done will not be done well, will it?

So if we wanted to get more done, faster, and get it done better, then making sure that more of your attention and energy goes to it, instead of going to your emotions.

People who get more done are not necessarily smarter than you.

They have one thing that they do better than you: they take control their attention better, and allow and ignore the thoughts, the emotions, and the noises.

In yesterday’s free workshop we kicked this ball around… the whole idea that you can get more productive, get more done in less time, and better… but how?

And more than that: you can use this to grow. Grow how much you can get done, and how well.

You can use this to free up more of your time for the things that you really want to do… hobbies, passions, because that is the real reason you may want to get more productive.


Work has a tendency to stretch to occupy the time allocated to it… so people are used to do what they need to do with as little intensity as they can, lest the ‘boss’ gives them more to do.

But in today’s day and age, and being able to produce more in less time, you can use the time allocated to work to develop skills, to get so good at something that your ‘job’ is too small for you. You can outgrow your job.

And if you don’t have a job-job, and you don’t want to grow your skills, you can use all that time to finally ‘have’ a business, instead of the business having you… and allowing you no time for hobbies, for fun, for the things you love to do but don’t make money.

I love to read. I used to work all day, all evening, and have time to read only for an hour before I turned the light off and went to sleep.

The idea that I can get faster and better by focusing all my power into a laser beam came to me just a few years ago.

I started this process by first reducing the outside interruptions, and then the inside interruption. By setting the context of what I was doing so even when it wasn’t my favorite thing to do, it became part of ‘it’s all it a day’s work‘ and therefore I wasn’t resisting it. Resistance would have robbed my bandwidth!

I still resist about 9% of the time… but the 91% of the time I am laser beam focused. And take frequent breaks, 5-10 minutes every hour. Even from reading… So I never get stiff, I never get tired… and recover all my energy in those short breaks.

But I built up to it… little by little.

It’s taken me five years to go from needing 12-14 hours a day to get the work done to needing only five hours a day for same amount of work.

What is very interesting to me is this: I didn’t realize what I was doing. I was just using repetition to get better…

Had I realized that I was building a skill it would have taken me less time to get to where I am at now.

I realized it after I listened to one of my teachers, Sean D’Souza share how he went from needing a week to get a podcast episode done to getting it done in an hour or two.

And even the idea that the only reason to become more productive is to buy myself free time, time in which I can do what I want to do, came from him.

The idea that my needs are more important than other people’s needs, including my clients has been revolutionary for me.

For me, to have a good life, I don’t need much. Yeah, I really don’t.

  • I don’t need to double, 10x, or whatever my business. I would only buy myself more work.
  • I don’t need to get a bigger house, a bigger car, entertain people I’d rather not spend time with.
  • And I don’t need to wear the latest fashion, look 20 years younger than my age, be pencil thin, and be able to run a Marathon.

I can be happy (and am) just earning enough to get by and not be wrecked with anxiety and fear at the end of the month. I can have just a few clients who love what they get, and don’t mind paying for it. And I can be comfortable and do what I love to do… damn the opinion of people who think otherwise.

And, of course, people will judge you…

…but those people are not happy, they don’t have time to do what they love to do, they are slaves to having to make more, do more, show more… ugh.

I now take my own counsel and I decide for myself what is important.

I still grow myself and my skills though. Why? Because unless I do, I’ll start declining.

That is the nature of reality: a thing that stopped growing is now in decline… has started dying.

The queen, Elizabeth, started dying when her husband died… I felt a special kinship with that queen… for some odd reason. In a world of no integrity she lived with integrity… In a family of no integrity… including his children and grandchildren. I am mourning her loss.

In yesterday’s workshop I started this conversation to develop and master the skill of honing your attention and your power to laser sharp so you can live a life of inner power, in any circumstance.

And it is not just about fast… it is not just about how much. It is also about the ‘form’.

I use that image to show how you are doing everything now… Correct form is missing.

In yesterday’s workshop we used the model of lifting weight to strengthen the biceps. But I could have used many other things, walking, running, stretching, breathing… many other things that people have never learned and never practiced doing the way they were meant to be done.

Eating, wiping your butt, writing, speaking… you are probably sloppy… ungraceful, and ineffective at them.

And by the same token, you probably do everything so-so, like the girls in that picture: without grace and ease… Just to get it done, so you can get to the good parts, which you also do without grace and ease.

So when you embark on this journey of increasing your skill level so you can become a laser beam, one of the challenges is the ‘form’…

I bet you have never thought about ‘the form’…

But with incorrect, sloppy form you cannot become your best.

On the top of his career Tiger Woods realized that his form was hurting him. So he spent a year to change his form…

When I muscletest where he was with regards to all his power in tennis, the number will surprise you. He was at 10%.

Let me test Serena Williams: also 10%.

Steve Jobs: 10%. Warren Buffet: 30%. Elon Musk: 7%.

So you see it is neither easy, nor common. Not something people work on.

What will happen when you reach 10% of ‘all you can do’? Your innate capacity?

Given that at this juncture you are at most at 1% of your capacities, you would be able to produce the resources, the free time, the satisfaction, the fulfillment in every area of life… at not ten times more, but 100 times more…


Some people in yesterday’s workshop refused to use their imagination to see what may become possible.


The mind, the Egomind doesn’t like you to change, to grow, to become more of who you can become. The more self-righteous your Egomind is, the less likely you’ll embark on this journey. You want to be right exactly the way you are and exactly where you are at. No change.

Lastly: what would happen if you managed to increase your effectiveness just to 2%? Double it…

If you managed to get twice as much done with twice the quality in the same time? If you increased your attention, your integrity, your health, your relationships, your peace of mind, your grace and ease only by 1%?

It sounds like nothing… but it would mean doubling it.

Because it is impossible to work on everything, you would only work on one thing at a time.

And it would take you potentially years… but it would be worth it.

Unless you have nothing to look forward to.

Unless you have a blank where the answer to the question ‘what would become possible?’ could be.

  • For me it was ‘be able to read more and love it’.
  • For the participants it was being able to finally own a car, provide for themselves fully, and enjoy the plenty of time and money for their hobbies, like Latin dancing.

What would it be for you? If you just merely doubled your effectiveness in life?

With the simple concept of developing the skill of putting all power in all action.

I asked for energetic support for you from Source. And I got it.

You can find out in the workshop…

I am testing some methods in my current core group of students… and will likely launch a program for those that want to go for doubling.

Why being in a program? Because like in competitive sports, unless you have a coach who looks at your form daily, who holds you accountable, you need to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger to do it. And how many people are like that? Maybe ten in the world.

If you are reading this article, you are probably not in his league… So you need a coach.

A coach who won’t let you flounder.

But I am not ready yet, and neither are you.

If you asked me what you need to do first before you’d embark on a program like that…

…I’d say you’d have to look at the gap between where you actually are and where you’d like to be. To look at that with sober eyes, and see it.

Make sure that where you’d like to be is realistic, and not a pie in the sky.

If you don’t have a pot to piss in, no skills, you may not want to aim to become a millionaire in the next month. That is not realistic.
If you have had no integrity, no work ethic, if you have been sheltered and lived not on your own efforts… hoping you’ll be able to work an hour a day and make all the money you make… uh, that is not realistic.

Could give examples of weight, examples of fame and fortune…

If you are not sure of what would be realistic for you, ask me…

It is individual. Please make sure you give enough information so I can see clearly where you are at. Clearly.

Anyway, you can get the recording of yesterday’s workshop… including the magic word that activates the energy to help you focus.

Get the Lifeskills workshop
The workshop was 2 hours long.

After the workshop I reviewed T. Harv Eker’s sales video and course: Secret of Inner Power.

Hundreds of thousands of people have done Harv’s courses… and no one has grown from them.


Because the BRIDGE from idea to result has been missing… for Harv, and most everyone, every course, every workshop.

The actual small actions performed regularly and consciously… under the supervision of a coach. Or at least a spotter who makes sure you do it and you do it right.

In the olden days if you wanted to learn a craft, you went and became an apprentice… and if you were diligent, and if you showed willingness, the master trained you… i.e. made you do things that trained you.

You can only learn skills through doing. No thinking, no visualization, no watching it on video. Through doing.

But, because you have zero skills due to the kind of education of our age that focuses on feeding the mind, you have no skills, no mastery, and thus no fulfillment.

You don’t know how to master your attention… you try to do everything at the same time.

You have FOMO, and YOLO, and many other entitled habits that rob you of even the little that you would have.

That is why the first lifeskill you want to learn to master, doing whatever you are doing, nothing extracurricular is needed, is to direct your attention, and to pull your power back from everything other than what you are doing. What you are doing can be anything… including playing, writing an email, watching a movie, reading a book, reading an article, or even pooping, making yourself a cup of tea or coffee…

What the doing is doesn’t matter. What matters is that you pull your power back and put it in that… and get better at it as you go.

The goal is to practice it while you are doing the things you are doing.

If it is being sad… put 100% into it.
If it is arguing: ditto…

As you see, this is a ‘how’ not a ‘what’ issue.

Now get cracking. This is the masterskill… for life.

For a life you can love. For a life where you can love yourself. Really.

Start with listening to the workshop so you know what it really is that you need to practice so you can master it.

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