Reclaim your power? From what? From who? For what?

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I keep on explaining people that the only way to get to a good result is through bad results, failures, but I don’t think I am heard.

It is true for everyone… it is definitely true for me… and I don’t have to like it.

Yesterday we worked on distinguishing misdirecting our power vs leaking our power.

Power is what you have to get things done, to accomplish things.

It is a finite amount, although you can grow it over time… but in any moment what you have available to you is finite.

Now, most people use 1% or less of their power to get things done. Exceptional people use 10-30%.

It’s a similar number to how much of your brainpower you use to do what the brain is designed to do: solving problems. So you shouldn’t be surprised.

But what about the 99%? Well, that is what you either misdirect, misuse, or leak.

One of the ways you can detect is time… time you don’t use productively to life or work or relationships, etc.

But you misdirect and leak most of your energy, even when you are doing something for your life or for your work.

Now that I distinguished this phenomenon, I find myself looking through that distinction to all of life. How I leak or misdirect my power.

It was cold last night and I got myself a sore throat, the first in as many years. It was warm under the blanket when I woke up at 2 am. I decided to stay under the blanket. But the trade was: get up, and spray my throat so it starts healing… or remain in the bed and not be able to fall back to sleep…

I fell asleep again two hours later… So I leaked 2 whole hours of my life.

It’s 5:30 am and google is still limping like an old lady. It is refusing to send my mail…

Frustration. Helplessness.

Another huge leak. A combination of misdirected attention and leak.

Finally I find an alternative way to send out reports people paid for… But now I am teeeeeeense, my shoulders hurt, I find I am gritting my teeth. Lots of power is leaking.

Without power, without increasing the amount of power that goes towards creating a good life your life cannot get better.

I think that the most important thing for you, if you want a better life, is to learn how to allocate more of your power to having a good life, instead of leaking it or misdirecting it.

Most of this misdirecting and leaking doesn’t happen in the visible domain of reality

Most of it is underground, invisible, and therefore not within your conscious power to change, unless someone helps you to see what is in the invisible that is causing the mischief.

For example for a number of participants, including myself, the leak happens because of the unwillingness to be appreciative. To appreciate what is… however it is. Neither the good, nor the bad.

Today’s exercise in frustration with google is a visible component, by the way. A visible sign of misdirected energy but not of why, the root… that the root is that inability or unwillingness to appreciate what is.

To want reality to be the way reality is. Even saying that sentence gives me a tooth-ache… lol.

The frustration has been sticking to me like water would stick to a duck’s back if it weren’t a duck… and sink it.

Luckily, unlike humans, ducks shake off the water… it rolls off their backs.

I ‘normally‘ have 91% of my energy and power available for life… but I just muscletested: it dropped to 70%.

The more of your power you have available for life the more you can get done in the same amount of time

The more attention you can have, the more joy you can have…

And what is even more important: you can have time for yourself where the time is for you only. To do what you want with. For me it’s reading… I love reading.

I love reading… but the less of my power I have available for reading, the less able I am to actually be present to what I am reading.

Last night I caught myself having to reread a lot of the pages: My attention was pulled to somewhere else… It wasn’t with what was on the page. My eyes were reading, but my brain wasn’t with it.

So yeah, I can only imagine what it’s like to read with 1% of your attention, your energy, your power available for it. No wonder most people cannot hear more than 10% of what they read or what they hear.

I am sitting here, leaking even more of my Life-Force, more of my power. I am grieving over who knows what. Hearing a bird’s baleful cries, I see why humanity is so darn weak, so darn less how we fancy ourselves to be.

I can tell the difference how I am while the Big Bundle energy is playing into my ears.

I just put the headphones back on my ears. Wow, I am feeling that I am straightening up, instead of slouching like a real loser. I am suddenly able to breathe… I didn’t even notice that I wasn’t breathing.

Now I feel that I am thirsty, so I drink some coherent water and allow the sadness, the beaten dog feeling to leave me. And I am laughing at that expression.

Beaten dog… priceless.

The more of my power I have available in the moment, the funnier the world look, the funnier my thoughts sound. So I laugh.

I say that taking back your power is the Master Skill. Taking it back from thousands of hungry places…

We are experimenting in the Core group on finding effective and efficient ways to do it.

My first ‘needed’ tool, it seems, is the Big Bundle. Why? It helps me to identify myself more with The Witness, The Observer, with Consciousness, more than with the self that feels like a leaf blown in the wind… powerless.

And from there, from the Witness position I am powerful. Now I have a choice. I am driving my life.

I have a student who is chronically deficient in Lithium, an essential mineral. So I recommended that she takes it as a supplement. She has been refusing. She says she doesn’t want to depend on it.

I wonder what she will say about the Big Bundle… 

  • The Observer says: I want reality to be the way reality is. I want the world to be the world is. I want YOU to be the way you are.
  • The windblown leaf says: I want reality to be the way I want it to be. I want to be the way I want to be.

I listen to the mournful bird. It seems to say the same thing… Complaining.

And nothing gets done.

Everything feels like an imposition for the windblown leaf… If there were no wind, we would see that the leaf is really dead. No motive power, nothing to move it from within.

And that is the human condition in 2022.

How is it working for you?

If your answer is: not too well, then maybe you want to reclaim some of your power.

Many of you would see a great improvement with just 1% of your power available… because you have even less now.

But where do you find the power?

Instead of trying to DO things differently. Instead of engaging with the visible, I recommend that you look in the invisible.

Target your internal dialogue. Reclaim your power from the little voice. The little voice that creates the emotions that wreak havoc inside you. That little voice (we call it IT) that suggests that you do what is easy, instead of doing what would work for your life.

The Bach Energies address 48 of those emotions. It is a good idea to know what they are.

I can muscletest it for you… and provide you with your Bach Profile.

Then you can address them one at a time, or you can address all of them, but know what is your Achilles Heel… your vulnerable spot where you leak most of your power.

Find out what steals your power

The Bach Energy causing the lack of appreciation, the lack of gratitude, and therefore the lack of joy is the Vine energy…

I, occasionally am able to pinpoint what is the dominant Bach Energy for you. I am quite accurate.

Once you get your profile, you will have the matching energies in audios…

The three kinds:

  • each Bach energy has its own audio. Each audio needs to be looped… In fact all of my energy audios need to be looped.
  • The Bach Style HOE… it has 38 energies… one after the other… The audio makes me feel every emotion as it cycles through them. I bet you won’t feel anything… dead people don’t feel much… just like dead doctors don’t lie… not funny but funny.
  • The HOE… the bundle has all 48 energies…

You have an option to add a live workshop type webinar, where I work with each person, answer their questions, and strategize what they can do to help the energies.

The more you use these audios the easier it will be to redirect your energy, to keep it on what you are doing.

PS: I also have an energy where I combine the HOE, the 48 emotional energies, and the Big Bundle. I call it the Big Big Bundle. It is tooooooo darn strong for most people…

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