How your relationship to money says everything about you

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Just so you know, when I wrote that title I had suddenly a sharp reaction in my gut… Fear…

I’ll spend the rest of the day looking at that… very interesting. The word that set it off was the word ‘everything’… So if you reacted the same way… let’s look together!

Your relationship to money, revealed, will shed light to everything in every area of your life.

But it is harder to see them in other areas of life, while in the area of money it, they are easier to see and catch.

The movie Trading Places was funny but wholly and totally psychologically unfounded… Its authenticity ended just after the scene where the Black dude (played by Eddie Murphy) shoves expensive stuff in his pocket to make them his. That was both believable and authentic.

Everything else he did… pure unadulterated bullshit…

But even that one scene, if you look at it as a window to the primitive man: things are good if you can eat it, screw it, or kill it… otherwise ignore it is a great teaching through tens of thousands of years from the past.

But do we heed it?

Hoarding, for example, is a mistaken concept: unless it is food, hoarding anything will make it more difficult for you to move, to adapt, to be alert, and to survive.

So in the Moneyroots workshops we actually look at habitual thinking, habitual behaviors that doesn’t serve us, that weigh us down, that reduces our chances for survival and a good life.

Who is this for?

I would say for anyone who can believe that something in their habitual way of thinking, habitual way of seeing the world is limiting them from actually doing what would make them happier, more productive, to have more freedom, time for themselves, or to love themselves.

Some misunderstanding. Misunderstanding the world. How it is.

And once that misunderstanding as straightened out, they can become more… whichever way they are less than they would like to be.

It’s about life… not about money.

We use money because it is most visible when we ask questions about money. The how of it.

Who is it most useful for?

This workshop is most useful for people who are already successful, or at least somewhat successful in life.

Why? Because what keeps you at the bottom, i.e. if you are the least successful, is so profoundly jarring (if you can see it, that is) that if you are at the bottom, you probably won’t be willing to change your mind about it.

Your family, your traditions, your friends who you grew up with, your friends you hang out with all think the same way… you would need to leave them to be able to have any traction on you what you see.

I haven’t been successful at causing lasting transformation for people on the bottom.

So if you are on the bottom, I can’t promise you anything beyond the fact that you will see what keeps you on the bottom… but because lifting yourself up is up to you, and what keeps you on the bottom is that you think it isn’t… it is a catch22…

What if you are somewhere in the middle in regards to success?

I am talking about YOUR success, not your spouse’s success. If you consider yourself successful because your spouse is bringing in the bacon, you are probably on the bottom yourself, as far as your worldview is concerned. Even if you yourself have a job…

But if you have a profession or a skillset that allows you to make money that provides for you and for your family, you are likely in the middle range of success.

Will this workshop be useful for you?

Yes. You will see ways that you are your worst enemy, and will see a way to change your ways… in the area of money, and in other areas too: health, relationships, and Self.

And what if you are rich, and maybe super successful in the area of money and/or work?

Even though you are successful in the area of money, success breeds success… so you’ll get the most potential gains out of the workshop.

You may be unconsciously competent… and bringing consciousness in the mix can increase your results or your satisfaction in the area of money or work.

Also, you probably have issues in the area of relationships or health or both… and suddenly seeing that the same unconscious issues in the area of money translate to difficulties in those two areas… You’ll see who you are and will have a chance to help seeing that to find a healthier, more workable way to relate… both to people and to food or your body.

And what about people who think that they are already perfect? Can they benefit?

No, I am sorry. If you think you are already perfect then I can’t help you. Moreover, I wouldn’t want to work with you, so please don’t sign up.

Now, if you are already successful with money… why should you sign up to a money workshop?

Really reasonable question.

To answer it, let me remind you that how you do anything is how you do everything. And the ‘how’ that causes success in the area of money causes misery, discord, and unworkability in other areas.

Life works best when you find ways of being that work well across the board, in every area of life. Modifying your ‘how’ as a result of this insight doesn’t reduce the amount of money you make, but reduces your rigidity, your superiority, your unreasonable high expectations, your need to be considered boss and be served.

Although those are the ways you made your money, those are also the ways you have no intimacy, no friendship, no fulfillment in life…

My goal for you is to have a life you love and live powerfully.

That you love yourself. That you fully express yourself. That you have appreciation and gratitude for the abundance you get. And that the people in your life thrive.

Unless they thrive you cannot be happy. Why? We humans are built that way.

You need not cause their thriving… by the way. You are environment for them… an environment that either allows their thriving, maybe even is conducive to their thriving. But not causing.

If your life is about yourself, then you won’t allow them to thrive. And you can’t and won’t feel good about yourself.

The Moneyroots workshop is a monthly 2-3 hour long online workshop. It will go as long as it attracts enough people to participate.

Every session is tailored by the questions or issues of participants. It’s dirt cheap because it is an exploratory course… helping me create a BIG money course, if I ever decide to create one.

But the main idea is to see to what degree it is true that how you do anything is how you do everything… for me to see that your how is the same everywhere. So it is a selfish course… I really enjoy poking around and seeing.

My life is about poking and seeing what happens.

I do exactly what humanity doesn’t… Expand what can be seen from the beyond with mortal eyes. I enjoy it. I thrive doing it. It fills me with joy and satisfaction.

And it is useful for the people who help me do it.

I price my courses not by the value they offer, but by the value the typical participant can realize.

The typical participant… in my case, is someone on or near the bottom.

  • This workshop, in the right hand, can make someone a millionaire over time.
  • Can make someone finally find their purpose in life.
  • Can make someone start living the good life by starting where they are and building on that.

This issue: starting where they are, is the biggest issue for most people on every level.

They don’t want to spend the time and energy to really stand firmly on the ground under their feet… Because it is not always pleasant… In fact, it is never any pleasant.

But only standing firmly on that ground is the only place where you can start seeing what you can do to elevate yourself. By refusing to start there you’ll never be able to move up.

And everyone wants to move up, in one area or all…

So I price my workshop to match the result the participants who cannot accept and therefore cannot move, can afford. Not by what is possible for the participants who will take wings.

The workshop and the insights are like the wind. It can be the wind under your wings, or the wind that bothers you. It depends on you.

This workshop, session 3, is only $40… I only take 6-7 people in a workshop… so I am working for a lower hourly wage than a janitor does… but my work is satisfying, fulfilling, albeit often frustrating.

I attract the most ‘financially successful’ people through my health services, by the way.

In my conversations with them it is clear to me where and how their dominant being in business doesn’t translate well to the area of health, to the area of accepting guidance.

I had an opportunity to observe leaders for a quarter of a century. They were successful in one area of life… in being a leader. That success didn’t translate to the rest of life. They had broken marriages, and more of them died of cancer, than the people they lead. Ten times more.

The same thing that made them successful in leading didn’t translate well to the rest of life…

The Moneyroots workshop is designed to shed light to the aspects of your mindset, thought process, behavior that while they make you money, don’t make you successful, happy, or healthy in your life.

Get the 2 previous sessions and the live one
It is mandatory that you buy and listen to the previous two workshops… or you won’t have a foundation, you won’t have anything to stand on.

I won’t promise to return to issues fully explored in previous sessions, unless there is a demand for that… For example one evergreen issue is lack of appreciation, lack of gratitude. That, I predict will come up in every session, and rightfully so. Another potentially evergreen issue is people’s inability or unwillingness to see things non-binary… to see shades, to see them from another angle and see them differently.

You can make a list of issues that you have, and bring them to the workshop. I have no agenda, no syllabus, no lesson plan.

It is a workshop that is entirely lead from YOUR agenda, not mine.

So get cracking and make a list of your issues with money, or any other… so you can bring the list to the workshop… that is if you sign up.

See you there… in about 10 days.

September 24, Saturday, at 11 am.


I had to reschedule the Face the Tiger workshop to Saturday, September 17… I forgot to put it in my calendar originally. Putting things in your calendar so you don’t forget to prepare is a good habit to have. I have already emailed the registration link: check your spam folder if you haven’t gotten it.

And the Soul Correction Live is now scheduled for Saturday, October 1, at 11 am. Email me for the registration link if you already have the recorded workshop. Please.

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