The most important questions: what, how, why, when, who not

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The most important questions to  ask: what, how, why, when, who not… What not to do, how not to do/be, why not, when not, who not, what not to pay attention to. What’s not important. Which teachings are b.s. and a good idea to invalidate or just ignore. The no-list.

Without those questions asked in that particular way, that unusual way, your life cannot be like an arrow, cannot have a punch, cannot have a purpose.

Incidentally this is also the path of the strait and narrow… the Anna Karenina Principle.

So why isn’t this part of the culture?

The answer is simple albeit accusatory: without this way of looking at life, querying life a person lives in confusion, waiting, and disappointed, lost, and still hoping. Waiting. Wanting. Needing.

Why would anyone be interested in keeping you in that state?

Easy and simple: the confused, the waiting, the hoping will reach for ANYTHING… buy anything… because the gaping emptiness inside wants to be filled.

So religion, commerce, politics will want you right there.

They work consistently and constantly to keep you there.

Except a very few individuals.

The worst of these are the wolves in sheep’s clothes. Spiritual teachers, money making, wealth gurus, and the likes.

One of my students has embarked on the 360 degree view of the world.

A journey of 67 distinct steps. She is ‘consuming’ one audio a day and then spends about the same amount of time pondering and reporting to me.

Before she took this step she had already spent five months in intense training with me, so she had already started to see more more accurately.

This is a requirement, seeing already more clearly, for the journey…

Without that she would have seen what she had always seen.

Would that be bad? Hell yeah. She didn’t come to me for training because she was fulfilled and happy. She came to me because she wasn’t.

So in the usual digging process we dug up much of what delusional decisions she had made about herself, about people, about life, about what works and what doesn’t. What should be and what shouldn’t.

Without that she would have refused to ‘surrender’ to listening to this dude who ‘everyone knows is only about the money’, blah blah blah. That he is part of the evil Dark Side.

Whatever worldview you bring into a program is what you will listen through.

And unless some dramatic transformation happens, you will leave with the same worldview, untouched, unaltered in any way.

But if your worldview gives you your life, your actions, your everything! So then, ultimately, the job of any program that wants to deliver on its promise is to spend time to cause that dramatic transformation: the alteration of the worldview in some relevant way.

And you need to be willing for that to happen, if you want to have a life where you can go for what you want and actually have a chance to get it.

Can that happen in a short course?

The first ‘leg’ of that transformation can… definitely. But what actually happens? You see something different/ You see something so different from what you had been seeing that it can cause a transformation… but.

But what?

But for that new view to stay open so it can be the view that gives you your actions, you need to generate that view through diligent poking, diligent practicing, through diligent widening that opening. It is merely an opening…

It starts out about as wide as a keyhole… do doors still have a keyhole? lol.

And then it closes. What you saw, at best, becomes a memory. But a memory is not in reality, it is a picture of reality… it is in the mind… so in reality that opening is now actually closed.

In the worst case you go the way of the many: yesterday’s transformation is today’s arrogance… It means that you have only the memory, not the opening. But thinking about flying isn’t. Thinking about sex isn’t… Remembering transformation isn’t.

This is why, for a transformation, a new view of life needs to be wide enough and permanent enough. And for that you need an awful lot of chiseling away at that keyhole.

It’s work. It’s also destabilizing. Confusing.

If so, why do it?

The purpose of changing your worldview through transformation is to see what there is to see so you can take the right actions. So you can feel rightly. So you can take effective actions towards what you want.

What you want can be in any area of life.

  • It can be about money, fulfilling work.
  • Or about health or healing.
  • Or very often about the relationships you have… so they can be nurturing.
  • And if you don’t have relationships: so you can start building some… so you won’t feel so darn alone.
  • It can be about getting your gift finally out and to people…
  • And as for so many: to know what is your gift. What is the unique gift that you have but you don’t know. You don’t know it’s unique, you don’t know it’s a gift.

So you continue living in quiet desperation. In resignation.

Resigned yet still hope that one day some day the wings of the spirit touch you and you’ll know… You’ll know what to give people.

My latest core group has been meeting three times a week for six months. Seven people. Five of the seven are now in action somewhat consistent with that chiseled new view of themselves and life.

Are they done? No. But this is the first time in their lives where they had some clarity. Where they could see the direction they are heading.

That direction is the result of that hard earned transformation…

…where instead of trying to fix what they had, they are now ‘sailing’ in a direction that is not about fixing.

You see, until you have a direction to go, until you see that you can actually go that way, every direction seems open (or closed) and the only thing you can see doing is fixing what you have.

But you see what you have wrong because of your worldview… not because it is wrong.

90% of the work of transformation is to remove the concept of ‘wrong’ from your view.

I have been at it for years now. First in the Playground… where no one got the hang of ‘not wrong’…

Your worldview is anchored in ‘wrong’. It is the cornerstone of your worldview. It is the keystone without which the whole delusional construct collapses like an arch without its keystone.

I know it sounds too dramatic… But because the process of transformation is really a process, people have time to build new structures underneath that arch… or build new structures, new worldviews.

People in my programs who don’t do their homework, who don’t actually practice the new view won’t get the results.

And the amount of work is a lot. Most of it can be done while you are doing other things, after all it is about seeing… not doing something extracurricular.

But those who were willing to set up projects to be able to see more have been moving faster.

99% of humanity isn’t willing to take out even a few hours of their life to see something new.

This is literally true. Watching a movie, reading a book, coming to a digging session… all require the same kind of thinking: thinking that it is worth it.

Unless you say ‘it’s worth it‘ you won’t do it.

I am 75 years old. I have gone through periods when I said ‘it’s not worth it‘. That I was preparing to die.

In those times, I was where most everyone is… I was living a life of quiet desperation, trying to fix that I was alive. Resigned.

Then I allowed something, an idea, a conversation, a glimpse of something to dislodge that desperation giving way to seeing that I can.

If I can see that I can then that is an indication that I should. That I can succeed…

Almost any accomplishment of mine grew out of those periods of quiet desperation, of those times of resignation, waiting to die.

Is that how it is for everyone?

I think so.

I have had a theory for a long time, except I never considered that my periods of quiet desperation and the subsequent victories were a proof to the theory.

The theory is that you need to hit bottom.

That you need to land on firm ground, where flailing makes no sense. And when you can feel that firm ground under your feet, then you EVENTUALLY can realize that you can kick off in a new direction, and start floating up… no flailing this time. It’s swimming. Moving in the direction of your choosing.

The idea of hitting bottom is terrifying, unless someone understands the idea that only at the bottom is there firm ground to kick out from.

So unless there is enough trust between me and the participant, unless they get that I am fully and wholly for them, for what they want, they won’t allow me to take them to the bottom. The bottom from where there is only one way to go: up. And where they can take the time to look before they kick out.

Take time to look… Look to see

This, taking time to look is about as rare as anything…

The ‘city’ where my 360 degrees journey student is at right now is all about looking. Looking before you kick off. Looking to see. Not looking FOR something. No. Looking to see. What? Whatever is there…

A number of years ago I did a Landmark Education evening seminar, Inventing your Life. 99% of that seminar was about looking to see. Not looking for something… no. Looking to see.

Thousands of advanced students participated. Not one of them was able to grasp the concept of looking to see.

Animals have it…

I used to have cats. They would come into the room and look. And look. And look. Eventually see… or not.

But humans are arrogant. They think they know what to look for, what it would look like… but all that stuff comes from the past.

If that stuff from the past were useful, then your life would be ecstatic, beautiful, and very very productive. But it isn’t, is it?

All the things you do, all the things you see are from the past. Things that you have seen before.

People who can go beyond looking for stuff are rare.

They are the Einsteins, the giants. Because they looked to see, not looked for something that they can recognize. They saw what they saw. The thing didn’t have a name. It was brand new. Like everything for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

These giants are expanders of reality…


In Landmark Education they call what you saw when you looked to see, they called it possibility.

In common parlance possibility is merely a thing that you have seen before, maybe more, maybe better, but not new.

But a possibility is always from the beyond. If nothing else, it is a new combination of things that are more than the sum of the parts. Non-linear. Unpredictable. Consciousness lives in that non-linear. It’s speaking, it’s showing… not the mind.

So hanging out on the bottom is mandatory if you want the unpredictable…

If it is predictable it won’t be fulfilling.

I am, admittedly, at the same place. It is time for me to declare that I have hit bottom.

How come?

With the dropping of the world’s vibration, less and less people are interested in what I teach. Many are still interested in health… but ultimately they are not interested in getting well… they are only interested in trying to get well. They argue with me.

My methods will get them well… but they require to make some drastic changes… and today’s humanity is not willing… Outside of the handful of people I have gathered around me… I think.

So my income has dropped to untenable…

I am declaring hitting bottom before I am starving to death, before I am thrown out of my apartment, before the services are cut off.

So I am hitting bottom by declaration only… because I have foresight. I can see that there is where I am heading.

My job now is to look. Look to see.

I catch myself wanting to look FOR something…  I let that go every time I catch it.

So I am looking… looking to see. And I am calming myself so I can be coherent AND looking. The fear is there. The thought that unless I find something I’ll have to find a way to die. I make all those thoughts OK.

I am not saying all this to get sympathy, or anything from you, my dear reader. I am almost certain you cannot give me what I’ll find…

If I’ll find, if I’ll see what is next for me, it will certainly come from the beyond… Or at worst it will be a combination of what is on this side of the beyond.

Luckily I have a little time, a month or two or three before I am dead.

As I am writing this I am starting to get excited.

Psyched. Scared a little but excited at the same time. I haven’t done anything really new in such a long time. Yaay… love it.

Some 36 years ago I learn this slogan: ‘Move towards the fear. Call it excitement

I am not a fan of ‘positive thinking’ and that sentence suggests renaming something to positive. I prefer to say that fear is guidance. It shows where the tiger is that you need to face… That unless you face it you’ll continue living in quiet desperation, in resignation. Living a life that didn’t blossom.

Tomorrow at the Face the Tiger live workshop we’ll have a chance to look and see what fear we haven’t faced. What tiger we are hiding from, try to outrun, outwit, but not face.

  • Where in life we are not acting as adults, where in life we don’t have access to our adult capacities because we call something wrong…
  • See where we cover up the fear with trying to look good, trying to be right, dominating, trying to win, or justifying…
  • Where we live in resignation… Having given up.

The workshop is almost full, so I won’t solicit more participants, unless it’s urgent. Unless you are ready to ‘hit bottom’…

Instead I’ll recommend the Soul Correction Workshop. Why that?

Because, for reasons unclear to me, people of the same soulcorrection share an eerie commonality in their ‘evil’ inclination… their dark side. It is as if their inner terrain share the same slopes, the same tendency to handle stuff.

And once you know what your dark inclinations are, your attention can be directed to them. Because what keeps you stuck, what keeps you unmoving are those moves by your dark side, predicted by your soulcorrection.

This is one area where knowledge is power.

Once you see it clearly you’ll be able to see what is your first job to do if you want to become all you can become, and live a life you can love. Soul correction, not attended to successfully, will keep you on a merry-go-round, on the hamster-wheel, without ever accomplishing anything worth accomplishing.

And that would be a waste of your beautiful self.

The Soul Correction Workshop has a recorded part, and a live session where you can ask your questions and get answers on October 1, Saturday at 11 am EDT.

Get your soulcorrection clearly

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