Why would feeling your face raise your vibration?

emotional intelligenceWhy are all the measures in the Starting Point Measurements important?

Why would, for example, someone with more words have an advantage over someone who has fewer words?

I am going to explain it here… But judging from my core group’s response, I am warning you, it will sound Greek to you. Unless, of course, if you are Greek… lol.


Why? I don’t know, so I am going to say it, in different ways, until I find out what about the concept is conflicting with your worldview now, what about it that the ego or the mind or whatever it is that is blocking it, finds so intolerable that it won’t allow you to wrap your brain around it.

My first hunch is: you are not willing to cause.

Why would that be? Isn’t what you have always wanted, to have a life where you have some role in how it turns out?

To my surprise most people will pretend that that is what they want, but what they really want is being GIVEN a great life.

Why? I think that humans, at least humans I deal with, don’t want to consider that they caused their own misfortune, mishaps, misery.

If you accepted that you caused your own misery without knowing how you did it, without knowing how to cause your happiness, that is not really a useful knowledge… in fact it makes you more miserable, because it adds guilt to the misfortune.

And even though humans CAN cause, they don’t know how.


I think that unless as a child you were encouraged to do projects of your own then as an adult you won’t have any sense of you causing anything. And most children never have, never create, never pursue projects of their own making.

The ones that do become billionaires.

So what happens if you are one of the eight billion who has never really learned to create, pursue, accomplish projects of your own? Can you start as an adult?

Yes. You can start. But you’ll only succeed if you manage to see a project as a process… not something that should happen fast.

The more your worldview is the McDonald’s type, where you don’t do every part of the project, you really just consume, the less you’ll develop the sense that you can cause.

So if you forget that the purpose of doing projects is to awaken your sense that you are a cause not an effect, you’ll abandon the project, or do it shabbily.

Here is an example from yesterday…

In the Core Group I saw that your misery is 90% due to your lack of flexibility in what you call things, especially emotions, emotional states.

Unless you learn to express, recognize, appreciate different emotional states that are around your base discontent, around your base ‘the wrong that was done to you’, you’ll be stuck in the right/wrong paradigm, where you cannot cause anything. Where you are a hapless victim or wrong… The paradigm where things happen to you. Where things are supposedly instantaneous, and there is no process. You don’t cause anything, because that is not the nature of the paradigm.

The right/wrong paradigm where your job is to be thrown about by every wind, every whim, every circumstance, like a leaf.

The eight billion lives 100% of their lives in that paradigm.

So if you ever want more out of life, if you ever what to feel powerful and a match to life, you need to move and start inhabiting the next higher paradigm where you actually matter. Where what you do matters. What you think, what you say, how you are matters.

They don’t matter on your current paradigm, even if you are judged for it. And of course you are: judged.

As you climb higher, the invisible ceiling holds you back.

The invisible ceiling is words.

You see only what you have words for. And you see how the words tell you to see. The words are like a projector in your eyes… If you call everything anger and yelling and forceful, for example, then you are justified to be afraid.

But if you learn to have words that are shades of emotions, shades of how someone talks, behaves, then you can let go of the fear and actually become a person.

Fear and person don’t appear together… A fearful specimen isn’t present to their personness, isn’t acting as if they were a person… they are 100% in the grip of object-ness… ‘I am an object in a world of objects‘ that is why they are afraid.

So unless you get out of calling everything ‘afraid’… and have words to say: concerned, alarmed, uncertain, cautious, etc. on one side, and petrified, terrified, frightened on the other… you have an impoverished vocabulary and therefore an impoverished ‘object-like’ life. Therefore you cannot even consider causing. Causing anything.

I have a student who does an awful lot for others.

What he intends to ’cause’ is validation of himself. He fails to get any of that.

Why? Because causing doesn’t work that way. Causing is also a process, like everything in life. In addition to that: the recipient is also a part of the eight billion. So unless you give them words to let them know what they are getting, they won’t even notice it, or what will register is that they got what they expected… without any thoughts, any regard that YOU gave them the service… They can’t see it. Just like you can’t see 99% of what is there, neither can they.

The job of the specimen who wants to become a person is to start having more words, start with that project, so they can cause with their words. Their own mood, their own emotional state, their own personness.

So how do you do it?

Here is what I recommend: get a bunch of pictures of certain emotional states. Graphics are better, because they are easier to see what parts of the face moves and how.

Re-arrange your features to match the graphic. Don’t use photos. Don’t use videos. Don’t rush through it.

It’s OK to spend a whole day with just one new emotion.

Doing this as a project for however long it takes will do many things for you.

  • It will increase your self-awareness. You’ll know about your face… how it feels when you move a part and how.
  • When I ask you how are you, instead of saying fine, or I am anxious, you’ll say something that is actually outside of your fear-safe impoverished vocabulary.
  • And if you do it long enough, life will start to follow suit. Your life will, imperceptibly become bigger, and you’ll become more at home in it.

Seemingly you are causing your vocabulary to get richer. But you are causing much much more. You are causing yourself, what you see, your own internal state.

So don’t be stupid and take on this project. Put the picture of the day where you can see it many times during the day… and every time you see it, rearrange your face to match it, and call the emotional state its proper name.

You’ll start noticing a shift after seven days, but don’t stop. The richer your vocabulary the higher you can climb on the Tree of Life.

But please don’t forget that you are doing it to cause yourself, your freedom, your happiness, your personness.

So what should you buy from me today? What would help you a lot?

Interestingly the Bach Energies would be an advanced form of doing this project… but I don’t think you are ready for that.

emotionally innocentIf I measured your Bach profile, the dominant bad-feeling emotions that you are stuck with, would show me how you limit your freedom, how you limit yourself. Then if I measured you let’s say a month into this ’emotional intelligence’ project, you’d be surprised that you get controlled by much less, maybe no emotion… that you are free to be. You are free to be yourself. That you feel whole and complete. After just one month.

Could you become all you can become and not have a rich ACTIVE AND ACCURATE vocabulary for emotions? Not possible.

I hate to be the one to break it to you.

In the Feel your Face workshop we’ll endeavor to move parts of the face, the brows, the lips, the nose, in particular ways and feel what emotions they create… and see that you can actually cause you to feel in a certain way.

Causing is the key to personal power. Without the ability and the willingness to cause you are stuck at the lowest level of being an object in a world of objects.

Feel your Face

I’ll have this Feel your Face workshop this coming Sunday… at the time of my Core group session…

That means the Core group doesn’t need to pay… If you want to join, and learn to feel your face and cause your emotion, here is the link to pay.

Feel your face
Time and date: Sunday, September 25 at 11 am EDT.

I intend for this workshop to be a lot like a guided meditation… Priceless.

PS: You may not believe me, but unless you FEEL your face, you will be like American actors: inauthentic, phony, and shallow.

Shallow? Yes.

In this context shallow means: you have a limited range of expression. like a thing. Life an object. A person has unlimited range of expression… that is what makes a person a person. And, unfortunately causing and personhood rise at the same time, like seeing and meaning… You can’t see without meaning.

I priced this ‘workshop’ super low, so everyone can make it. Unless it’s a wedding or a funeral, unless you are in the hospital, make it your business to come and be there.

Question: can you benefit equally from the recording? Source says: no. Fuuuuuuuck… right?

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