Your level of your consciousness vs that of your culture

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Your birth is accidental. You are born into a family, into a culture and unless the culture is very conducive to a happy life, you may want to emulate a different culture. (Emulate: match by imitation.)

It is one thing to emulate a person… but unfortunately it is all guessing. You’ll see what someone does, even hear what they say through a filter. And because of your filter you’ll pick and choose what to emulate. You probably will emulate what you agree with, what YOUR culture agrees with. And consequently your results will not be what you were aiming for when you picked who you wanted to emulate.

On the other hand, emulating a culture is easier. It is clearer what the culture’s worldview is. You want to emulate the worldview.

Why? Because all actions, all attitudes, all emotions come from what you see… aka worldview.

Example: in some cultures talking loudly is called yelling. Yelling is threatening… So people from those cultures cower when I talk louder than normal speaking voice. I wonder what they would say when I really yell… lol. Yelling really loud? To me this is really funny. 

Yet in other cultures unless you talk really loudly you are considered timid and you are never heard. The louder you talk the more ‘the man’ you are.

Ultimately what you want is learning to live and operate under a different culture, much like as if you changed countries…

On one hand you learn to become flexible and unchained. On the other hand if you choose a higher consciousness culture to emulate, you can become more successful, happier because your consciousness will now is less chained to the low consciousness of your culture…

The human brain is evolved to support learning. The learning of everything. Human babies are born even without the instinct to suckle…

Pigs and other mammals, as soon as they are able to walk, a few minutes after they are born, crowd the nipples. No one has to put them there. They know instinctively where it is and what to do with it.

Human babies don’t know what to do. They have to learn it. They have to be put on the nipple, and have the milk put on their lips to create the association… nipple, nourishment, and only then they start suckling.

Unfortunately today’s humans, for some reason, think that they should already know things, know to do things they never learned.

Like thinking. Like expressing things they are learning. To do anything well.

It’s cultural.

If you look, parents expect their children to know things without teaching them.

Teaching children has become a lost art. And thus learning has become a lost art too. With it the consciousness that learning is needed and good… is lost.

The biggest barrier to learning is to think that you either already know it, or that you should already know it.

Knowing, by the way, does not equal information, knowing about a thing. Unless knowing leads to seeing differently and therefore acting differently your ‘knowing’ is only information.

And no information has ever changed anyone… only knowledge. Seeing differently.

To see differently, information, words, need to be able to influence how you look, and where you look.

If you only look in your mind: your actions will be disconnected from reality. The mind endeavors to be the map of reality… not reality.

Unless how you see reality changes, the information didn’t become new knowledge… Yesterday’s transformation is today’s arrogance: you’ll see and do what you have always seen and done, while spout jargon, truth-sounding b.s.

The moment you spout jargon, I know you didn’t get it… You don’t SEE it.

I will mention two different patterns I have seen recently to prove my point.

One is the predominant worldview of the eight billion: there is something wrong here.

Something wrong with me, something wrong with you, something wrong with it.

That worldview marks the lowest level of consciousness possible for humans.

This is the level of consciousness where people consider themselves an object struggling in a world of objects to survive. Struggling to survive.

In the world of objects you are always either the predator or the prey. You need to be on the lookout or you’ll be killed.

You don’t have time to look around, to be curious, to grow yourself, because the environment is threatening to you. Or alternatively the world of objects is your oyster… and you feed on it.

Either way you behave like an object, not as a person.

The consciousness of a person is not stuck on the kill-or-be-killed level.

Your human brain has evolved such that you are capable to elevate your consciousness under any circumstances… by seeing more and seeing more accurately. By seeing richly, where you can see even subtle differences in yourself, and in your environment.

The level of consciousness, I say, manifests, made visible, by how much of reality you can see, and in how many details.

In the West, meaning the ‘first world’ people, humans, structurally are stuck in the right/wrong level of existence. They are stuck in spite of the abundance they live in. Their stuckedness must be caused by ‘cultural means’, not by the environment.

It is difficult for me to know where Chinese is stuck, for example… The billions of Chinese, or the billions of Indians are stuck in survival, in actual scarcity… not imagined like ‘first world’ people.

Consciousness, the level, can be measured…

or more precisely, I can ask Source to help me measure the level of consciousness. I take my opinions, my standards, my ideals, my ego, out of the picture, and leave it to Source, a neutral Observer, to control my muscles, not me.

The measure of the level of consciousness is what I call vibration.

Does it have anything to do with frequency or amplitude, the measures of actual vibrating things? No, not a thing.

One measure of your consciousness is height, i.e. from how high, from what position you look at reality. From high where you can see further out, where you can see context, where you can see maybe how one thing causes something else, the consequences. Or from low… where you can’t see much. The street level.

The other measure of consciousness is accuracy. How detailed and distinct you see the world. How well you can tell apart similar looking, similar sounding, similar working things. Distinctions.

Distinction vs Definition

Distinction is mostly concerned with what something isn’t… In a way distinction is similar to definition in its end game: ending up with something that is fully that thing and not something else.

You can attempt a definition without being concerned with distinguishing… and that is what science has been doing for millennia. Definition. Defining.

Definition’s consciousness, the height and accuracy of exploring reality by defining it results in a consciousness level of 100.

The low height and the low accuracy of the methodology, definition, prevents scientists from seeing things rightly.

Consciousness, the level, can also be measured in what I call ‘truth value‘. Science’s truth value is 3%. Science includes medicine, for example.

I remember watching one of the Star Trek series on Netflix, years ago. In one episode a doctor, not human but humanoid, diagnoses and treats a ‘terminally ill’ patient, someone a human doctor isn’t able to help. But this humanoid doctor could… This episode Simply illustrating the truth value difference between the two species’ consciousness and therefore science.

A culture also has a consciousness level, or truth value.

Interestingly, if you successfully emulate a different culture than the one you were born into, your consciousness level will rise or lower to the level of the emulated culture.

One of the signs of a culture’s very low vibration, very low consciousness, very low truth value is how many things they consider, rigidly, true. How many rules of conduct, how many right and wrong ways they teach and enforce.

How many different ways they codify behavior so people never have to think for themselves.

Christianity, as a whole, clocks at the consciousness level of 70, and its truth value of 1%.

Certain Christian churches have even lower measures… Imagine that!

The United States is a culture that codifies behavior so people don’t have to think for themselves… So its consciousness is as low as Christianity’s. 70.

Russia and Putin are in the headlines now… so let’s look at them. Russia is a perfect match to the USA… consciousness of 70.

How about China? India? Pakistan? France? Germany? England?

Are any countries’ culture has a higher vibration than that? The sad answer is no. They are the same or they are lower.

Just because a culture’s consciousness is low, it doesn’t mean that people who grew up in that culture will all have the same vibration, the same consciousness.

Not at all.

After all the human brain, the human DNA is evolved to operate at the consciousness level of about 800, with individuals achieving even higher consciousness.

This is every human’s brain… every human’s DNA. You, your president, Putin. Everyone.

But design is design. Unless you are in harmony with it, you are s.h.i.t. out of luck.

Just like a human has to learn to suckle, a human has to learn everything. And if you have been paying attention: at this point in time, humans don’t think so.

At this point in time humans think and behave as if they should already know everything. Without learning it.

And at this point in time most humans think that understanding is where it’s at… And this way they never get to knowledge, never get to seeing, never get to distinguishing.

Understanding is the booby prize.

If you stop there you are at the basement of your being… you are where the culture wants you. An object in a world objects, always scared. Hide, run from, try to outsmart, and never face… never learn… you cower or attack.

I just watched an episode of Perry Mason, the original series. In it the murderer was a very fearful dude. No one would expect him to be the murderer. As he explains: ‘I was afraid, you see. I was very afraid. I had to kill him!’

One of the symptoms of very low vibration is the new thought movement. New Age. Positive Thinking. The Law Of Attraction.

All of these make the low consciousness even more duping, more palatable. More enslaving of the spirit.

You see, because the spirit in all people wants to fly. So the individual needs to be duped, or god forbid, they will allow the spirit to fly.

The spirit flying is a threat to the culture of objects.

These new thought movements give the illusion of flying, while they kills the spirit. They do.

The consciousness of those thought movements is 50. Lower even than the culture.

They endow the adherents with the illusion of superiority and spirituality, while they hide reality from their view.

And, as I am finding, those self-duping ‘new thoughts’ are hard to get rid of… because they do have a momentary soothing effect, much like alcohol, much like recreational drugs. Soothing.

The Work is to elevate your consciousness.

If you remain anchored to a low consciousness culture and you are either unable or unwilling to cut the rope that ties you to it this elevation is literally not possible.

Why would you be unwilling? Why would you be unwilling to elevate your consciousness?

I have found that a machine-like invisible dynamic can explain that. Or it at least allows it to make some sense.

That invisible dynamic (the racket) is like a bank balance sheet: on the plus side it has a payoff… a virtual benefit, and on the minus side a cost, a cost that is not virtual at all.

One of the typical payoffs is being right… being right about what’s wrong. About what is or who is wrong.

On low consciousness levels, where people live, being right about anything or anyone being wrong makes people feel good about themselves, for the moment.

You are always right about something that is not true. What people are right about in this machine is something that was never true. But being right about it makes the machine feel good.

For an object living in the world of objects, being right seems like a ‘get out of jail‘ card. The more someone insists on being right, the less they are willing to open their eyes and look in reality.

Looking in reality is missing. It is missing even more than seeing rightly. Because without looking in reality, changing what you see is impossible. If you always look in the same place, you’ll always see the same thing.

This is what keeps humanity at low consciousness, in my experience, and this is what keeps my students unable to elevate their consciousness.

Looking in the same places…

I am on a crusade of sorts.

  • This Saturday ( September 24 11 am), in the Moneyroots workshop we’ll look through money issues to get how you are anchored to low consciousness, and will suggest ways you can cut the cord.
  • On Sunday (September 25 11 am) we’ll examine an area of life that if we manage to expand what you see we may use to raise your consciousness from the right/wrong paradigm to the one above it.

The two paradigms, like a staircase are connected, but to get from the lower level to the higher, you need to get through that door… and that workshop will assist you to at least see that you can get through that door. This workshop works exclusively with your face

  • Next Saturday (October 1 11 am) we’ll look through a different filter: your soulcorrection. How your soulcorrection jerks you and makes you behave in a way that you hate… See what YOUR soulcorrection makes you do… so you can compensate for it.


I realize that people are too busy being afraid, or being arrogant saying: they don’t need what I offer. I understand. At the current level of culture, if you are immersed in it, you have no choice. You can’t see above your current eye level, You are a driftwood… and I feel sorry for you and for the wasted potential.

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