What do you think: can you learn from someone you despise?

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Yesterday I found out more than I wanted to… all bad news.

It’s all about what people can achieve working with me, working with my products.

The good news would be that they get exactly where they want to get… Which is what I teach: Feeling and being.

    • feel/be free to be yourself,
    • feel that you and your life is in harmony with all of it, with Life, with the Spirit, that you and your life are OK
    • have a sense that you are growing… a sense that you are alive, that life is beautiful, and it is worth to be alive
    • feel that even though you are not exactly where you would like to be, but life is a process, and you are in motion towards what you want

Wherever you are in the process, you are successful.

Of course, human nature has two moves in regards to success: celebration and failure. Also called winner and loser.

So the idea that success is a process and you are where you are, and that is a success… that idea is alien to today’s humans. They only notice, they only announce, they only celebrate the final step, as if there were nothing in between.

This, Tai says, is because of the media bias.

Media Bias

Everyone is biased — and that’s okay. There’s no such thing as unbiased news. But hidden media bias misleads, manipulates and divides us

The media is not interested in a process… it is not sensational, it doesn’t sell clicks, it doesn’t sell newspapers… so they skip it. They only talk about the biiiig bold audacious successes… which were the result of process, hard work, lots of self-correction, sleepless nights, and a lot of people helping.

But to the media only the end matters, and that is why we call it media bias.

When I look at my students, every.single.one.of.them have fallen VICTIM to the media bias. No matter what color their skin is. No matter what country they live in or are from.

So what happens when you are the ‘adherent’ of media bias?

You detest, hold in contempt, and disregard process.

Looking from my own vantage point, if that is your relationship to process, then you’ll NEVER get to the Promised Land… The Promised Land being wherever you wanted to get to.

Why? Because albeit getting there is simple, it is hard, and maybe so hard, you can call it arduous.

The opposite of the media bias.

I found, also, a component I didn’t expect.

You have to have contempt for me, because I teach that it’s a process. You are sure that I am simply wrong.

But what happens when you have contempt for something and also contempt for the person who you spend the most time with?

You may grit your teeth, and bear with it… but you surely won’t share about your journey.

When you participate in a program, especially if it is intense like my programs, the people around you are curious, or maybe jealous of the time you spend with the programs, the time you spend with me.

The people in your life ask questions.

And if you have that contempt, if you detest process, you’ll have nothing to say to them, nothing to get them on your side.

And they will not want you to continue, if you can’t even say why you are doing it.

They will suspect that it’s a cult. They will suspect that I am talking against them, that I suggest that you divorce them, leave them, etc.

So yesterday I started to have this conversation… better late than never.

I saw that unless you

1. get clear in your mind why you are coming, day after day… meaning what you really want to accomplish through your participation, then you’ll never get it.

2. unless what you want to accomplish is in line with what I teach, inside the domain of being, seeing and feeling, you’ll listen and wait for the magic bullet to HAVING… but I am not offering that.

If your focus is on having without having to be, see, and feel in a way that is conducive to that having, to that accomplishment, you won’t hear anything as valid in my classes.

You’ll be waiting for the magic bullet that will magically transport you to the top of the mountain, while inside you’ll be the same, while you see what you have always seen, feel how you have always felt.

But that is the result of media bias… and it’s not how the world works.

If you study people with a sudden windfall, whether it is lawfully acquired or not, they don’t change people. They will use that windfall to do, be, see and feel more of what they did before… If they were good for nothing, they will be even more that. If they were criminals, they will be even more of that.

3. Unless you can appreciate and share what you have gotten…

….getting from zero to wherever you are on the zero to 100 continuum, in the process to get everything you wanted to accomplish, your friends, your family will discourage you… and you’ll end up back in zero again.

Weekends and holidays with people in your family or friends prove my point.

Your vibration tells me from where you are looking at the world, from where you are looking at life. That ‘from where’ always drops some through a weekend or a holiday for nearly everyone.

Unless that new height of vantage point (vibration) is firmly established… it can drop…

And it drops over weekends and holidays because you have failed to do the work that is necessary to get support. You haven’t sat down and formulated what the heck to say to people (and yourself!) about your journey. What you hope to accomplish through participating in my programs.

Let’s say your process is about getting from New York to Seattle.

At this point you are in Michigan. But you think that is nothing… that you are still a failure… because the language you speak is ‘I am NOT where I wanted to be’…

And even though it’s taken all you’ve got to get to Michigan, you discount the achievement. So you won’t celebrate, you won’t be proud, you’ll be defiant when people ask you about your results… because you must be a complete loser to not having gotten to Seattle in a day or two.

When I tell you that it took me 30 years to get to where I could start enjoying my life, you say in your head: ‘maybe because you are stupid. or because you… whatever bad things you can say about me’

You are badmouthing me in your head…

…and maybe you are badmouthing me to your friends. And then you are surprised that you can’t accept my guidance… Who would want to be guided by a loudmouth b.i.t.c.h. who uses the f-word!?

Congratulations, you just made it impossible for yourself to learn from me.

4. Unless you formulate answers to snide, sinister remarks and questions ahead of time, you expose yourself to be discouraged.

One of my students wants to feel like she is flying. So someone could ask: So are you flying yet? <smirk,smirk> If you are prepared for that attack, you can answer: does anyone?

Consider that at the vibrational level the world, your friends, your family are, they are only interested in pulling you down to their level… the crab bucket effect. So learn how to counter that.

5. Unless you have expression for partial success, you will think you haven’t moved at all. One of my students really liked ‘I am getting it in some way. I am moving in some way. I am succeeding in some way‘… the phrase ‘in some way‘ is nurturing and truthful.

An example of mine:

I am attempting to heal my stomach. What I want is that I never have heartburn, I never have that pain that tells me I’ll die from my stomach… that I have to take pain pills to be able to do anything.

So am I succeeding? In some way, I feel I am. Yesterday I had the pain, but only for a few minutes, so I didn’t have to take any pain pills. I had a little bit of heartburn, but not too much. And today, to my utter surprise I am moving as a young woman… walking tall, walking pain free. Is there any connection? We shall see.

You see, your language matters. Your language gives away your attitude.

If your attitude is that what you are doing is worth it because it takes you where you want to be… then you’ll be able to notice that you are gaining ground, that you are higher on the mountain, or closer to Seattle…

But if your attitude is that you should already be there… and you are doing what I asked you to do only to please me, to avoid being called to account, then you won’t see any results… because they are not what you wanted.

This is it.

There is one more thing I want to suggest:

If something is working today, make sure you do more of it tomorrow.

The biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is this: when something is working, maybe even working famously, then they start something new. And they fail. Go back to zero.

Everyone has a different methodology that works for them. Your job is to do more of that. Keep doing that. Any of my methodologies can take you where you want to get to. Really.

What works for most people is finding more words to say about the same thing… and see as the thing changes in front of your very eyes.

The ones that don’t move don’t do any of that or any of the methodologies I suggest.

When I scratch the surface, I find them despising me. Feeling that they are smarter than me. After all someone who uses the f-word so abundantly has to be trash, stupid… right?

OK, this is it for today. Coming attractions:

Tomorrow, Saturday, we’ll have the third installment of the Moneyroots workshop where we look for hidden attitudes through the special filter of money.

It always amazes me how many things people manage to hide… Intentionally or not. The two areas where I have noticed we can see those clearly are money and sex.

I don’t want to do a sex seminar… although back in 1986, in a sex seminar, I learned an important thing, and obviously haven’t forgotten it: people, men and women, are so focused on having an orgasm, that they don’t care about anything else…

This is also media bias… ignoring process.

But life is process. If every minute of every day is your life, focusing on where you want to be, orgasm or any other goal, takes the beauty, the joy, the spirit out of the moment, and you live a dull, meaningless, life that is not worth living. Ugh.

I remember when I first got a glimpse of this.

It was June 1987. I was driving south on the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey. At around exit 100 I noticed, for the first time, that there are trees and there was a sky. I was 40 years old.

I was lucky. Most people never have a moment like that. Because I got that I hadn’t seen the trees and the sky. I got that I was never in the present moment, joyfully there, before.

OK, back to the upcoming events:

Moneyroots: Saturday, September 24, 11 am. $10 for you if you have done the first two sessions. Just buy it and I’ll manually refund $10.

Feel your face: Sunday, September 25, 11 am

Soul correction: Saturday, October 1, 11 am.

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