Self-Awareness and are elephants paint themselves as their self-portrait?

There is a video that is making the circles on youtube and facebook about elephants painting.

There is a lot of ooh and aaah, fascination, love of animals, and the paintings can sell for a lot of money...


So I first researched, then muscle tested if in fact the elephants are

1. self aware
2. if they paint the pictures on their own accord... because it just didn't feel right.

Elephants are self-aware, and they recognize their image in the mirror as their image, not as another elephant. OK... but that does not mean that they can paint without being trained.

There is a huge jump between being able to follow instructions and paint, and painting from inside... Best example for this is Helen Keller. She was blind and deaf. She could sign in your hands... i.e. repeat the same complicated finger moves, exactly, but she didn't know what they meant: she had no concept of language, or words.

Only when she finally connected the signing and the objects they stood for, as a stand-in, that her signing became self-directed.

And she was a human! So this elephant myth is bs... unless the elephants have the capacity of language, the meaning the zoos and the videos give to the phenomenon of elephants doing some learned moves, is a hoax... and most people fall for it.

Most of the things you hear are of this type of information, b.s.

You should start practicing your critical thinking faculties, and also start using muscle testing... please.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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