How Many Different Ways Does Your Mind Keep You From Hearing What’s Being Said?

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How Many Different Ways Do You Know Your Mind Keep You Trapped In A Dead End Loop Of Activity?

I’ve told you about me, finally, awakening that there is a mosquito invasion in every window of my duplex.

So I’ve researched for ways to get rid of the mosquitoes that doesn’t involve chemicals, doesn’t involve flame throwers, and expensive carbon monoxide machines.

One recipe called for brown sugar. I have never bought brown sugar, and I didn’t feel good buying a pound of brown sugar for the mosquitoes… but I remembered that I had some black-strap molasses in my kitchen cabinets. After all brown sugar is not perfectly cleaned sugar… mostly they just mix the white sugar with some molasses… I can do that.

The mosquitoes love the molasses. They buzz above them, and then they go too close and the sticky gooey molasses trap them. They move around but can’t get out.

This reminds me that we could talk about the morass: the mind’s way to keep you trapped in useless servitude so you can’t move forward.

Sound useful? Then let’s get to it.

Ways the morass traps you

  • #1: Is this true? Is this false?
  • #2 I like it, I don’t like it
  • #3 What’s in it for you?
  • #4 How do I look?
  • #5 I like him/I don’t like him
  • #6 I already know that
  • #7 Already always listening: I know it is not possible for me!
  • #8 It may work for you, but I/my wife/my husband/my friend are different
  • #9 It is the same/similar as…

True or False?

When the mind asks the question if something is true of false, and you think you asked it, you are in trouble. Why? Because the question comes from the false belief that given what you know you can actually decide if something is true or false.

The question may cloak itself in different outward garments.
I agree/I don’t agree
It makes sense/It doesn’t make sense are the same question, completely.

The biggest issue with asking this question is that you stop listening. You can’t actually hear what another says, because you got stuck asking an irrelevant question. And therefore you are wasting your time, and doomed to stay the same.

Given the limited perspective of the human mind, the answer can never be accurate. It is simply the wrong question to ask.

The question you could ask, instead: will the new information have a chance to make a difference for me or for other people. Does it offer a different way to look at life that may be used to alter the quality of life for me or for others?

When I was first in a 12-step program some 23 years ago, we needed to pick a higher power. I, an atheist, chose to pick: whatever works. It was an inspired choice: it has allowed me to hear more than with any other interpretation of higher power would have allowed me to hear. And, although sometimes I prefer my solution to problems and issues, I can still look if what is being said works or not.

And in addition to something working, I suggest you add: will it work for me? Will it work for people I love? Because there are a lot of things that work but you are unprepared to use them… yet.

Listening from the morass #2: I like it, I don’t like it

This sounds very similar to number one. But it is asking the question from a different angle.

Now, here is the scoop: if you like something, does that mean that it is worth listening to it?

As a coach, I have asked the question: what is coaching a million times. One of my favorite answers is: a coach makes you do something that you don’t want to do so you can have what you want to have.

We insist in life to do only the things we like, follow only the advice we like. But if you want to accomplish something that has been eluding you: this may be your biggest enemy: wanting only what you like.

A few years ago I went to an introduction to a course. In the middle of the presentation they suggested that you will have a different relationship to your community. I hated the sound of that. I didn’t want a community and I was sure of that. But I knew better. I knew that if I hated something, then it probably is the thing I should go for, and urgently. So I went to the back of the room and signed up.

I loved the course. I have altered my relationship, ever so slightly, to other human beings. I became more accepting, more loving, and I spent a fabulous year with the people in the course. I was right, I needed that course.

Listening from the morass #3: What’s in it for you?

I could, probably, write an entire article just about this question. This is the question that is the last to go, this is the ego that will rejoice in another’s demise, even if it cost you everything you got.

The suspicion that someone benefits from giving you what you need is a poison you mean for another but it kills you.

The kabbalistic term for this is: desire to receive for the self alone. If only you benefit from something, then you’ll take it. If someone else benefits as well… well, then you will probably hesitate.

That’s why you don’t share your resources with others, you keep them for yourself. That’s why you don’t buy from a sales person in the store: you don’t want them to make a commission on your purchase. That’s why you gossip, undermine, discourage, call names… etc.

This is the fastest way to lower your vibration. It comes from an ego-mistake: it is either them or you… which is completely bs.

Just because someone else is benefiting from recommending you something, doesn’t mean that they are duping you.

The world, the Original Design is a you and me world. God will never take anything from you and give it to another…

So the faster you can catch that question and neutralize it, the faster you can start living in the design that raises your vibration.

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