Two ways to live… and, of course everything in between

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There are two ways to live. Blindly or consciously. Two ways to relate to things: cowardly or bravely.

The brave inherits the earth and whatever it has to offer… In this Bible context inheriting means: enjoying. Benefiting. Emotionally, spiritually, and maybe even materially as well.

But how do you know that you are cowardly?

One foolproof way to see if you are…

…if you are able and willing to stare down evil, or ugly, or disgusting, or ‘wrong’ and stay sober, stay looking and seeing…

The cowardly doesn’t look. They close their inner eye… because they claim that they can’t… can’t take it, can’t look at it.

Whatever emotions you need to go through to look, to be brave, and those emotions are mighty unpleasant, but they pass.

Some people are very cowardly, others somewhat cowardly, but in my experience, nearly everyone is cowardly to some degree.

The Work is to develop courage. To develop the ability and willingness to look ugly square in the eye, and see more than your opinion about it, see what it is really like. what it is about.

  • Sometimes you see that same ugly in yourself.
  • Other times you see it is interesting.
  • Maybe you look long enough to have compassion. For yourself or for the other.

There are enough ugly in the world, so you never run out of people, attitudes, behaviors or things to practice this ability.

The more you do it the freer you become. The more room you’ll have to be yourself, be at peace, be whole and complete.

We, essentially will call this soul correction. Why? Because each soul comes with their ‘favorite’ things, behaviors etc. to make wrong. So being able to BE with anything, remain sober, remain OK, not separate, but connected. That is what soul correction is.

In tomorrow’s soul correction workshop we’ll go deep into this… and you’ll be able to see how it is done. October 1, 2022

This is the ‘move’, this is the spiritual practice that takes one to the Promised Land. The only thing you need is your willingness.

But don’t forget: it is a process. The more ugly you can stay present to, and not run from the more of you can be in the Promised Land.

The workshop will be at 11 am EDT, and will last approximately 3 hours.

If you have the recorded Soul Correction Workshop, then your attendance is free.

If you don’t… then it is inexpensive, because I want you to come, even though your rent or mortgage is due on the very same day.

Here is the link to get into the course:

Learn how it’s done

And, of course, today’s article takes you through the moves… where I work on being able to look at and see the state of the world today. Ugly.

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