Waiting to be made happy, successful, rich, spiritual, knowledgable


  1. I had a conversation with a friend. I shared with him that I am selling off my books and DVD’s on Amazon.com.

    He has been at my place, and he was really interested. My place is crowded because I pretty much never throw anything away.

    He asked me: what would it be like if you got home one day, and all the stuff you don’t really need would be gone? Picked up and gone.

    I told him, that I had done that with my clothes, and I am still grieving from it.

    I like the process of choosing to sell something, or give it away, one by one. It is a growing experience for me, it is a grieving, a separation, I grief the amount of work that went into the purchase (I work for my money… surprise!) and the mistake I made, or the enjoyment I got out of the stuff.

    I don’t want to just get something I didn’t earn: you can’t have it. I would keep refilling my life with junk, I am pretty sure.

  2. I listened to two guys who formed a company a year ago, and now they are making millions of dollars a year. The interviewer asked them what would they have done differently to get to where they are at without working so hard for a whole year to go from zero to millions.

    They answered that they would not trade it for anything the learning experience they had while building this business. The mistakes, the false directions, the struggles.

    I wept as I was listening to them.

  3. T. Harv Eker said that he was not interested in the millions of dollars he was going to earn, he was interested in becoming the kind of person who can make millions of dollars.

I have been struggling in the courses I teach. People do, on average, 1% of what they could do during the sessions and between the session. I’d love to have a technical system where they could pair up, online, and share with each other, while they are on the webinar… I haven’t found a solution, yet.

satsang-2If I still had making a difference for my life purpose, I would want to pack up, or pack in. It seems hopeless.

If you read the examples above, growing, the process of becoming, is the most important part of a human being (as opposed to a human). It is the best part, even though it may not feel good while it’s happening.

Most anything that you want, for keeps, becomes yours through some kind of price you need to pay. Emotional, physical, material states, that stand the ravages of time, are earned.

99% of humanity, 99% of the readers of this blog, 99% of the students want instant results, given to them, and it is never fast enough, never good enough, never deep enough.

Luckily I don’t write this blog hoping that you start seeing the light and start becoming an expanding human being. I would have to stop writing it.

satsang... hoping that you become a human being through chantingNo, I write it for myself: this is how I do my thinking: with my fingers hitting the keyboard, or my mouth speaking.

I am happy, I am working through whatever I need to work through to grow another little bit, to earn another little bit. I am doing my work. And that makes me happy.

Not the results. They are not important to me. The sense of growth, the sense of doing what I came here to do. To become an Expanding Human Being, and as such, Expand every day, every hour, every minute.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “Waiting to be made happy, successful, rich, spiritual, knowledgable”

  1. Sophie, what you teach is real gold. A marketer could package you (and/or your work)and find a way to vastly increase your profile. You might then be fishing with a net, instead of a few individual lines. Who knows how your life would change?
    Would you become another Wayne Dyer or Deepak Chopra? (I am not recommending this, just thinking out loud. The work may be calling for a spokesperson.)

    You have products that work. If more people used your remedies, more people would have their vibrations raised and then they could begin the real work of becoming human beings.

    How will the work get done? How will this method be spread? Who knows? Do I need to become famous so I can endorse you on the Tonight Show like John Denver did for another modality many years ago? There’s nothing wrong here. But there is a wonderful opportunity waiting to be given wings. It might be time to assemble a team.

    I need to take my life and this work more seriously. Nothing wrong here, just an opportunity for me to truly live. I thank myself for finding you. I thank you for your deep integrity and humanity and willingness to go where you know you must.

    It’s been a good week, my mind is clearer. Actually, I try to leave my mind alone, and quietly tiptoe around it. It likes to nap, I’m letting it. You would be surprised how lovely it is to be thoughtless. (That’s a joke, for you newbies.) But there is much more work to be done, including generating the will and the willingness to be accountable for every moment, at every moment.

  2. Yes, Sophie, I know. I trust your approach and how you are working with Source. What is the secret to having power and not being corrupted by it? The powerful have “yes men” around them who feed their delusions. Maybe you would feel safer if you had a few trusted “no-men” around you to help keep you on track. Go for radical accountability. Keep all the numbers and processes open and public.

    I am not going to bring a giant “should” to this work. You will ask Source, and Source will guide you. At some point I may be more than a passenger. But for now, I’m just trying to get on the train and stay on, instead of jumping off every time we approach a station.

    I can see it now: “I hear that Sophie Benshiita Maven has 200 pairs of shoes, a live-in chiropractor, and a chauffeur with a Rolls on call 24 hours a day! She used to be so humble and loveable. She has one guy who only unwraps her cough drops. What kind of cult is she running?” Not gonna happen. You know, if you had been a very good girl, you would have someone bringing you blemish-free apples and fresh panty hose and unwrapping your cough drops for you. Oh, well…

    You know what? Humor is a check on craziness. You laugh at yourself. Believe me, Putin is not laughing at himself. Despots and dictators take themselves very seriously. Just a thought.

  3. very funny, John. Although the live-in chiropractor doesn’t sound so bad… how about a masseuse? I have been craving a massage… Hey, I would even go for just one 90 minute massage for now… alas it is beyond my budget… lol.

    Thank you for being so light, I laughed with you.

  4. I go to the open mike last night. I am open, free and ready. Confident, too. My context was this work, this mindset, the attitude of practice and growing. When I am there, my mind and ego gets activated. I did a good job of observing and detaching. I also managed to remain present while performing. Good stuff. The next step is bringing more skill and accomplishment, more work and more risk, without losing the sense of play, without becoming all significant about it. I am slowly learning how to coach myself.

    I am going to use today’s meditation work to locate the block that comes up when I think about practicing and getting better at my guitar. Oh, mother! my ego throws a giant temper tantrum, afraid of being annihilated by scales or learning or anything new or hard. No joke. How very interesting, my ego, I see you are trying to protect me… thank you, and let’s just take a quick look at this. Just five minutes…

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