Tiptoeing… treading lightly vs not rocking the boat or making waves

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1790I am a wave makerI am a boat-rocker, a wave maker… I get banged up a lot, and I don’t even notice it. It is my nature to be bold and speak openly what I see is amiss.

And in other situations I tiptoe… I tread lightly… quite out of character, wouldn’t you say?

I watch you tiptoe in situations when I speak and speak when I tiptoe… i.e. do the opposite of what I do and what I recommend that you do.

200px-Mind_parasitesAlmost 30 years ago I read the book Mind Parasites by Colin Wilson 2 . There was one thing I got at the first reading, and there was one thing I have carried over to be used in my life, even though it is against my base nature: treading lightly.

Your inner or outer environment may not be on your side for you to become a human being. Misery loves company, and people in your life won’t want you to make waves, won’t want you to rock the boat.

And that is just the people in your life…

The biggest enemy to you becoming an Expanding Human Being is inside: it is the Mind and it is the Ego that will do anything to keep you the same… wretched.

The Soul has hardly any energy… and it needs the Will to emerge as well. In my empathic experience, the Will emerging is what “mystics” call Kundalini rising, and although it is dramatic, although it is unsettling, although it is rare, it is not mystical at all.



f46bc0d7b46298604fbbb61fc92de95bSo, how does tiptoeing work? Why would I want you to be masterful at that?

The “job” of ego is to keep you the same.

The symbol of the ego is a triangle resting on its side… takes a lot of energy to make it turn over.

Bragging, bombastic speaking, greed wakes up the ego and makes it alert that something dangerous is going on. On the other hand, if you tread lightly, if you tiptoe, i.e. refrain from bragging, refrain from Landmark type of sharing, then the ego thinks you are just doing the same things… and doesn’t swing into counter action.

What is a counter action? Crashing your flight… simply put.

  1. I have been much better healthwise, better than I was at any point in my life. I bragged about it yesterday… Result: woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat, the first this winter season. Did I do anything different? I didn’t notice. So it must be an internal switch thrown by the ego… danger damage control, ddc.
  2. I have shared this before but you will hear it in a different context this time: I was selling well on Amazon, and I fancied myself being able to double sales every month… and I told everyone who cared to listen…

    I felt so secure, that I was ready to expand my product line. I listed Bright Focus that is perfect for scattered, pleasure seeking activity, for add and adhd types… really perfect.

    It was flagged as violating Amazon’s terms of service. After I recovered from the threat of being kicked out as an Amazon seller, I researched. I found tons of products that openly say: add/adhd treatment alternative in their listing… so I was, somehow, inviting, encouraging the reaction from Amazon: the power of the ego’s DDC, Danger Damage Control.

    These are the situations when you want to tiptoe… but here is another one:

  3. You are awakening. You raise your vibration. You start to see that you can do something with your life. You speak about it… to people who want you to stay the same. Why? Because your success as a human makes them look bad. This is really frequent. So, this time, you invited THEIR ego to fail you… because that is what is next: you failing, dropping, and unless you have the personality to get up, dust yourself off, and start over again, you are done.

8fa6e91eb1a0483a3b380a9bfd981682It can be a friend, or it can be a family member… like in my student’s case: her husband prefers that she stays the same… And losing family is a big threat, it is not for the faint of heart.

What people do that don’t understand how this whole raising your vibration process works, is they start to withdraw, and follow a new slogan: don’t rock the boat. Don’t make waves.

If they knew that they could tiptoe, and tread lightly around the ego and around the so-called “loved ones”, they could raise their vibration, be happy, without all that bragging.

Can you learn it? Of course! Will you? We shall see…

If you do, drop me a line… make sure you don’t brag! lol

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  1. read the pdf on my site
  2. read the pdf on my site

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