If you are still waiting for miracles… Unwilling and yet expecting

cat_waiting_for_a_miracleI expect to receive a lot of hate-mail for this article. Why? Because it is not politically correct. Because it tells the brutal truth, naked and ugly as it is. Don’t read if you can’t deal with the truth. You have been warned!

I find that I am afraid. I find that I wish people didn’t read this article. I am afraid of getting killed…. and yet, I am hitting the publish button…

Real Learning is really hard

It is not your fault that you don’t know how to learn. It is not your fault that you have never developed the skill.

neal stephenson cobwebAmerican English is intentionally (?) keeping people dumbed down. I guess it is easier to manage sheep than people. In the Neal Stephenson book I read, you can find out why and how…

Many important words mean two opposite things, like the words expectation, expecting.

Expectation can mean: I expect the sun to get up tomorrow on the East… i.e. certainty, given physical laws that are proven.
It can mean: I expect you to keep your word, given our relationship… meaning that although we have a good relationship, if you don’t keep your word, you are in trouble.

miraclesIt can mean: I expect to be late, given that I am starting late, so don’t expect me to be on time, sorry. meaning that looking at the circumstances, calculating probabilities, I can see what to expect, like a prognosis…

…and, or course, according to positive thinkers, having positive expectations, it can mean that you are not looking, you are ignoring past performance, circumstances, probabilities, and you are going to jump. Much like the drunk student jumping head first into the empty swimming pool from the trampoline… But here it seems to mean “I hope”.

Of course, being able to think through all the meanings of an “innocent” word is not most people’s habit, as I am finding out.

waiting_for_a_miracle_by_melindaphantomhiveYesterday I decided to terminate the Carrot and Stick webinar series. Not because it has fulfilled its promise, but because I have found out that you can’t teach people Ph.D. level classes who are on kindergarten level.

I am continuing the Path coaching, but now, finally, I know what I am up against.

Waiting_for_a_miraclePeople who are attracted to my site mostly come through other people’s ads, other people’s programs, other people’s promises.

They want to do something about their miserable life,

  • about feeling bad about themselves,
  • about feeling purposeless, lost, or
  • angry and judgmental all the time.
  • being afraid of change
  • feeling like a victim
  • feeling lost
  • Some come through a health problem and they want to fix that
  • Some want to get wealthy and prosperous through some magic.

https://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-image32313759They think, that given that I have activators and energies, they will be able to get what they hope to get through the activators, not having to do any work. And even the rare ones that feel ready to do the work, can’t understand what is the work, no matter how many times it is spelled out to them.

They have a track record, an experience of themselves, and a rightful expectation (if they don’t have it, they should!) that they are unwilling to do the work, unwilling to take risks, unwilling to go beyond what’s comfortable, unwilling to try anything more than three times… they won’t have much to offer, and therefore, if it is up to them, they are not going to get much… if anything.

waynedyerI see this kind of delusional thinking in all the successful “gurus'” or teachers’ “circle of influence”, the crowd that is Unwilling and yet expecting:

Let us consider that Jesus lived, or someone like him. His disciples went around talking about this person’s miracles, because people were interested in miracles. Not yesterday, not today, two thousand years ago.

waiting-for-a-miracleI have read the different gospels attributed to Jesus, and I understand that I am not the first person in the history of the planet to find myself at a place where the people who need what I teach are unable, unequipped to get it. Neither emotionally, nor intellectually. They don’t have the tool, they don’t have the ability to fully understand, to act on any of the teachings, so I might as well stop now.

Why do people come back again and again and again? You ask it, I ask it, and I am puzzled. Does not make any sense to me. Are they still waiting for a miracle? Without understanding even the most basic of distinctions, even the most basic of instructions?

Learning is hard

jailI had an “interesting” experience today, as in “May you live in interesting times….” the Chinese curse.

1wm3I send out the products you buy from me using US mail. I print the postage on labels, stick it on the envelopes or packages, and the mailman picks them up. Perfect arrangement… except…

My mailman is on vacation. The “relief” mailman didn’t deliver mail, didn’t pick up mail all week, so by today I had a lot of packages… so I set out to drop them in a mail box.

paintingI live on the top of a high hill, really high. I can descend from the hill through the street, or through a long, snow covered public stairway. I chose the stairway… treacherous, dangerous, fun? I was out of breath by the time I got to the bottom of the hill. I asked a woman if she knew which way I should start out to find a mail box. I have sore legs, so I didn’t want to walk too much. She informed me that the Syracuse University students had vandalized mail boxes, so the post office removed them all. Hm… there must be at least one… so I started a two hour –trudging through snow — trip around the University area, and she was right: not one mail box. At the end of the second hour, I saw a mailman’s truck, I flagged it down and gave him my mail. Begrudgingly he accepted it.

On the climb up the hill I met the relief mailman who claimed that he’d delivered all mail.

1798199_734692173230809_950905166_nI started a suspicion well up in me: there is a box on the side of the house, that from time to time I find mail in… Lo and behold I found the mail for the week, and even a package in that box. Darn. I never would have guessed.

I printed a sign: “not a mail box, bring mail to the front of the house,” stuck it inside and outside of the box, and “celebrated” a learning experience.

waitingI had to go through all the assumptions, all the accusations, all the feeling like a victim, to actually learn something, and do something consistent with that learning.

Learning begins with understanding the issue, fully and completely. Any assumptions are probably wrong, but even if they aren’t… they need to be declared wrong until proven right.

I could not imagine that a mailman considers THAT box the mail box… not in a million years… But live and learn: people live in a world of their own design, and not your design.

And unless you get into the world of their design, there is no communication.

Everything I teach is from a “world of intellectually up to snuff people who are well and successful.” It is a design inconsistent with the “world of wretched, and miserable,” and inaccessible with the tools of that design, the design where things come to you just because you want them.

So what am I going to do now that I am clear that I teaching people who live in a world of their own design, where the design is “give it to me simple, give it to me so I don’t have to think, give it to me so I don’t have to do much of anything”?

I don’t know.

Don’t misunderstand: the energies, the remedies, the activators work, and work well. But they can’t do the work instead of you. But they are better than most things you can get anywhere else, so I am going to continue, and test test test.

Yesterday I started to train people in thinking… I never thought that in order to be able to teach what is important to them, I will have to teach people basic skills to be able to get it.

If you want to understand what is the issue, you can get access to the recording of yesterday’s session. Just sign up to the Carrot and Stick webinars: you will be able to watch the replay.

It is not your fault that you can’t think. Thinking is a skill that is learned. That is what gives me some hope that I can teach some of that skill.

I know you want to raise your vibration… I want it for you.

Start with the liquid remedies. Get them from me, or make your own.

You may find that you are not willing to make your own… even that is too much effort for you. Use it as a feedback about yourself…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “If you are still waiting for miracles… Unwilling and yet expecting”

  1. Sophie, what you teach takes a long time to absorb because your teaching is not for the mind and we come to you with nothing but mind. I know I am learning and I am moving, moving away from my mind, working through the crap I’ve been sitting in and covered up with. A year ago I didn’t know I was blind, living in the mind, covered up by the trash but you shone the light. I slowly started to see myself the way I am and how far I am still from the solid ground. It takes time to get out of the mind and see what you see. The years of schooling, years of religion, years of mind dumbing down, useless education and guru’s knowledge really covered up my view, took away the thinking and life.

    We live in a society where thinking is not appropriate…food is precooked, TV and computers replaced good books, pets for comfort and love, cars make us go even when we don’t have to go, everyone one is selling and offering something that we think we need, we were petted too long with nice words and nice smiles and wrong beliefs.

    I remember when I came to your webinar for the first time and I heard you yell that scared me because I’ve been programmed to pretend and be good. Now I see that’s all b.s. I like when you yell and call names it helps me see it and hear it. It’s like a hammer…wakes me up in to reality and I need it.
    I’ve been catching myself holding my breath way too many times and then I drink your energy water, beat my self on the chest, cough it all out and then there is a break through. I also use the neck exercise you taught it does the trick for me too. If before I wasn’t catching anything, now I catch my self in my mind very often. It is a progress for me and if it will take a few years of work to raise my vibration higher it’s all worth it and I am very grateful to you and for you.

    Thank you so much.

  2. thank you for your feedback. I like the part where you say: “we were petted too long”

    that made me think. I was never petted, or if I was, I heard it as petting and nothing else. Somebody trying to do something to me that has an agenda thinly veiled in it.

    It is difficult to be discerning if you want to be liked, if you want to be approved of, if your self image depends on how people react to you. That is what the Unconditional Love Activator deals with, so you can set yourself free, and provide yourself all the love you ever need.

    I hope you don’t do that “petting” to your innocent children… or maybe they are already NOT innocent… 🙁

  3. I suppose kids suffer because of parents who live mostly in their mind, it’s just impossible for them not to be contaminated. Years before they were born I’ve learned from parenting books to treat kids like little pets. All about “don’t ruin their self-esteem”. Now I see it and reaping the results. I stopped petting them several months ago and started reading them your articles and making them think. It’s not easy but I see better results. It used to be Oh, sweety, what happened? Do you need help? and blah, blah.. Now, it’s more of a “Stop crying and do your work”. For a while my daughter would say you don’t love me anymore, you became a mean mama. Now, after few months of retraining, if she starts throwing a fit I tell her you have a choice to be either miserable or a happy human being and then ignore her cryings. She is not a baby but a big six year old. Funny but less and less crying. Most of the time she would start and quit few minutes later. It’s not that I became mean all of a sudden but I just stopped being a fake mama. We actually have more fun we do more creative work, accept failures and still have time for play. I still have lots of re-learning to do but I keep charging my water and drinking it and in the meanwhile catching my self… Thank you.

  4. I come for the practice and the coaching, it’s a process. These teachings are as subtle as they are powerful. I have had to drop a lot of judgments and learn to leave my mind behind to stay with it. I am probably not worthy to be your student, but I am worthy of that which you teach. I will do more. I will do my work.

  5. Sophie, it’s our one- year anniversary. Let’s say March, 2013. A good year. More process than big results.

    I just sat down and did a nice meditation using the HOE and Unclove meditations. How I know I have connected is an activation in the center of my chest. Now experiencing much pain. I just pressed and coughed, it helped.

    You know I’m very resistant by nature. Still, I have a open mind. It has taken a certain amount of effort to stick with this work. What works is stepping back and removing my interpretations and expectations…just witnessing. I am willing to continue doing the work.

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