What Is Soul? Is The Soul This Perfect Small Indestructible Ball Of Light?

Soul spirit neshama ruah nefesh What is Soul? I don’t know. Although I know a lot about Soul, I don’t know what Soul is… as much as I don’t know what Source is.

In the Old Testament the word “know” had no intellectual knowledge meaning: it actually meant “get intimate with.” Sexually, or otherwise.

You get intimate with a jacket by trying it on and wearing it for a while. Same with a pair of shoes.

Intellectual knowledge is not knowing, it’s knowing about: a world of difference.

Do you know the dish roasted potatoes with rosemary? You can know a lot about it. Maybe you even think of differentiating between this type of potato or that type of potato. Dried or fresh rosemary. Made with olive oil or some other fat… etc.

Does that mean you know the dish? The only place to know it from is the intimate relationship of eating it.

Now, let us take to the area of your world view: knowing Source, knowing Soul… knowing your Self.

How many of you spend any intimate time with yourself? Not many, I assert. I once heard someone brag that they had a wonderful trip to Europe, they spent some time in two capitals, in 3 airports, and flew above 8 others…

Laugh, but make it the laughter of recognition. Add a hint of embarrassment to it… done? OK, you are at the place where you can start reading this article. Thank you.

We know, about the Soul, how it was created and what for… The Creator, Source, needed something to hold its benevolence, receive its light, and for that purpose it created the Vessel. The nature of the Vessel is to receive. The Souls are the fregments of the original Vessel… still with the base nature to receive.

In the Big Bang incident an impulsive Vessel refused to receive the light of the Creator and declared that it wanted to earn its light.

Bold statement. No capacity, innate or learned, to actually do so. Going against its grain, going against its design.

The Creator complied and a new agreement was born: the Soul won’t get any light unless it either earns it or requests it. That is the agreement that is still in effect.

The Soul that has taken up residence in you is interested in two things: it is interested in receiving, because that is its nature. And it’s interested in earning its light, because that is the pathway to receiving light. Not an enviable position.

The Soul’s job is to enroll the human to do it together, but it has formidable competition for the attention of the human… and also teachings that are counter with what would work.

For the most part the human ignores the existence and the needs of the Soul. Or it doesn’t know about it. Or it knows that there is no such thing, as it is for half of humanity…

So when people think that the Soul is this hardy little indestructible being, able and willing to take any abuse, physical, or emotional, they are wrong.

One of the things I learned from Theta Healing is to visualize Soul and then re-build it, reattach parts of it that it lost to earlier attachments, abuse, trade… etc.

The Soul that I saw was a few shards from a whole sphere… not even able to spin evenly, it was wiggling, limping.

I worked on rebuilding, restoring the Soul to its original glory, using Vianna Stibal’s method, and it took me 5 sessions, more than an hour intense meditation each.

Two thirds of the fragments were lost in previous lifetimes… but because nothing disappears, I could reclaim those fragments as easily as the recently lost ones.

So there goes the hardy little indestructible being theory… does not hold water.

Now, why is it good to “know” Soul? Because when Soul gets what it needs, your life goes easier. When Soul can earn its light through your actions, you both get light. When Soul doesn’t: you both starve for the light.

The reason humans die is because they are disconnected and their power source, their battery, runs out of power.

If you want to live longer and have more fun, your best bet is to know Soul, work with Soul, and help Soul earn its light.

Your vibration only rises when you do that. You only get light from Source when you do that. Watching countless individuals from all different cultures, it isn’t easy. But it’s possible.

This is what I teach. This is what I excel at. This is what I was born to do. And, ultimately, this is what YOU were born to do, though no one ever told you. But it is not too late.

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