Power, powerful… another word that has been misused, misunderstood, emasculated…

Back Pose_1What is the definition of powerful? Or power?

Powerful is a Creator’s word, or a word about creation.

Power is the speed at which your word is made reality

A president is considered powerful, but if you look, the real decisions aren’t made by the president, the president is a mere figurehead. They seem to be the person who declares war and such, but if you knew how things happen in the “administration” you would be surprised how little power the president has, and how much power the “administration” has. I myself was stunned to learn about that in The Cobwebbed, the book I am now reading for the second time.

I don’t know about you, but I am bombarded with advertising touting powerful this and powerful that.

But if you look, unless there is a strong connection between your word and the result and every stage in between, powerful doesn’t apply to anything you do.

The advertising seem to suggest that powerful is independent of you, that a method, methodology, thought, can be powerful without you.

Sometimes it is the opposite of a “distinction” that sheds the most light to what it really is.

So, what is the opposite of powerful? You have probably blurted out “powerless”. You did it on autopilot, so let’s look at that?

Are you ever truly powerless? EVER!

And when you look at that, honestly, you can see that what you call powerless is really

  • un-creative
  • unwilling
  • cowardly
  • complacent
  • settling for less
  • self-justifying

If something is possible for a human being, then it is possible for you. The question is: are you willing to invest the time, the energy, the learning, the expense, to fill in the gap between where you are, what you know, your current skill level, your current courage level, your current mindset and the skill level, courage level, mindset of the one who can?

The feedback from my students is a mixed bag, but the ones that are in some action to fill the gap say that it is a slow process.

Some communicate to me that they are taking a break, for now, gathering courage and strength. So the commitment is not dead, it is just on hold, while you are taking care of other things. I am OK with that, there is no deadline that needs to be met when one works towards to becoming powerful.

Powerful is a scale. It is not a binary switch, no matter how much you would like it to be. Wouldn’t it be comforting to say “I am not powerful” and then coast, langush, vegetate, and complain for the rest of your existance?

Powerful is the speed at which your word becomes reality.

NEVER instant. You have never said anything and that thing would fall out of your mouth, have you? Even abstract concepts, like happy, or joyful, or peaceful don’t respond instantly to your command. Even when I download an energy, there is a time for the command to arrive wherever it goes, and then connect and then download.

And the results of the download aren’t instant either… and these are the fastest ways I know for word to become reality. All the rest needs a lot of work.

And it is this fast, by the way, because of the decades of work that is behind the commands… so we are back again: are you willing to invest the work that is needed to make your word a reality?

So, next time you hear a guru or a salesman say “It is really powerful” about a program, think about what I just said. The words trigger your receiving nature: you think it can be given to you.

Instead think if you have the time, the foundation, the knowledge, the skills, the attitude that is a prerequisite for anyone to benefit from that “powerful” program of product.

You have spent tons of money on powerful stuff that is sitting there gathering dust.

Sometimes the product is just a fake, a fraud, a fraudulent claim.

But more often than not, you don’t have the prerequisites… and you are unwilling to get them. Instead you buy more powerful stuff to gather dust on your computer.

The truth will set you free… if you could tell yourself the truth, you could save a lot of time, money and grief. This is what I have been doing. And still, more than half the stuff I buy is sitting on my computer gathering dust.

I am striving for reducing it to less than 10%… but bad habits die real slowly. The “shiny object syndrome” still wins a lot of the time. Look at my next article about that

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