Is your theory about how life works accurate? Does it work?

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When I was really small, I remember my feet didn’t reach to the floor, I remember sitting on the toilet pondering how you slap people.

To my utter surprise, when it came to doing it, I did it quite naturally. Gracefully? Probably not. But I did it. Without thinking.

It taught me something: how you do something starts with actually doing it. And then you can modify, improve, change… but you know how to do it… at least badly.

So when in last Saturday’s class the students asked: but how do you do that? I demonstrated by asking her to get on her feet. She scrambled, made a lot of noise, but she did get on her feet. Then I asked her to sit down, and she did.

I said: this is how you do it: you do it.

Maybe you need to suggest to yourself to do it, like I do it in the morning: get up… and I do. But it’s warm in the bed… but it’s too late, I am already up, because I got up.

Life is simple when you live in reality.

A newborn baby doesn’t know where nutrients will come from… they never had to do anything for it. But the moment you put the nipple in their mouth, especially if you had a drop of milk on the nipple, the child starts sucking…

That is life.

Instead of thinking about it, instead of learning about it, instead of pretending that you don’t know how to do it… just do it. Badly, well, who cares!?

70% of what keeps you in Idiocracy is lack of constructive action. Constructive. Weak or inconsequential actions don’t count as actions.
And 30% of what matters is the how. The how is the context, the attitude, the ‘end in mind’ or said another way the ‘to what end?’
Sharing the space with both is the question: how long? How much? How much power you put into the action?

Even the most consequential actions done with the best attitude are inconsequential if they are not done long enough. 🙁

Here is my sad conclusion: the eight billion, and you are most likely one of them, is complacent. Whatever is happening is just bothering them, but not enough to move them out of their complacency.

The average ambition, (the future they are willing and ready to work for) is 1%, while the average desire, what they want to happen, miraculously, without investing any work is 70%.

If on some level you didn’t think it’s possible then you’d intelligently whittle down what you want to what you have the power and the willingness to work towards.

Having high desire is the sign of low intelligence. So I didn’t even have to create a measure in my Starting Point Measurements for intelligence… now we know.

Elon Musk, lately, has gone moronic. His ambition is 30%, his desire is 70%… His IQ has dropped together with his vibration.

We have the same soul correction, 34.

The difference between him and me is the fact that I know that jumps don’t turn out well for me. He likes jumps… the latest one, buying Twitter did him in… for now. Can he recover? We shall see.

I have seen people recover

Ben, one of my teachers is an example. So yeah, people can recover. It takes work though. And getting, through looking in reality, that what you believe, what you do doesn’t work… and through iterations, get back to the way that works.

Be careful where you look. Where you look is very important when you ask the question: does it work?

Most people don’t want to work with me, study with me, because they don’t want to look what they are doing, what worldview they have that doesn’t work.

I understand. If you can tolerate your life the way it is… then you shouldn’t.

Finding out after a year or ten that what you do and what you believe can’t and won’t work, and yet seeing that you are unwilling to change must be a real sobering moment.

And that is what three out of the four people on the last Soul Correction Live found out.

Want to hear the replay?

It’s a great opportunity to answer the questions I ask of people… and answer them for yourself. It will bring some sobering moments, but at least you’ll know. It will also probably reduce your desire number…

You can get the replay… If you registered and didn’t show up, you have to buy the recording… sorry, life is cruel…

Learn how to decide what doesn’t work
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