Power tools: Human Evolution is powered by hate

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Power tools: Human Evolution is powered by hate

I searched google to see what others have to say. But every article, every site only talked about the physical evolution, and none talked about the inner evolution: where humans conquer their animal nature and truly become human.

And the sites, books, etc. that talked about spiritual evolution, all touted love as the strongest energy to cause it. But love is only available AFTER a considerable level of spiritual evolution is achieved. Until that point what we call love is craving, lust, urge, but not love.

Whereas hate is readily available. Not hate of another. Not hate of another human, or group. No. Hate of not being enough. Hate of stupidity, bad feelings, misery.

If you are in the habit of ameliorating, avoiding, etc. misery, like Freud says in his famous essays,  Civilization and its discontent.

The life imposed on us is too hard for us to bear: it brings too much pain, too many disappointments, too many insoluble problems. If we are to endure it, we cannot do without palliative measures. … Of such measures there are perhaps three kinds:

      • powerful distractions, which cause us to make light of our misery,
      • substitutive satisfactions, which diminish it, and
      • intoxicants, which anaesthetize us to it.

To cause self-evolution on the personal level, power tools are needed…

…not the tools Freud says we are already using. What is currently offered in the marketplace is weak, ineffective, and at best consolation.

I have found, and I had 37 years to look, test, evaluate, that a power tool only qualifies to be called a power tool if it can be used out of the box. It needs to be learned… and maybe other things unlearned…

And it needs to be able to raise a person’s quality of life (and consciousness)  by at least 10%. Although I saw, in yesterday’s Moneyroots, that a simple tool well chosen, can increase that quality of life by 50% if learned correctly and used diligently enough.

Here are the power tools that I teach.

Are there, could there be more? Muscletest says: no.

  • Tools where a myth needs to be corrected before it is a tool:

wrong… from IS
because… be cause

  • Tool that is visualizing a situation: hitting bottom
  • Tool where the power source is regret/hate

To my utter surprise, possibility, purpose, meaning, everything Landmark Education teaches don’t qualify as a power tool… why? because they are positive thinking weak energies. Because a possibility’s shelf life is short… and unless a person has lots of support, the possibility disappears.

Whereas hate requires no words… it is there whether you want it or not.

Evolution Is Powered By Hate

Of course in order to be able to see what drives personal growth, personal evolution, one needs to be able to stand to the side… and look from there.

Helen Keller, a proponent of looking into the future, looking into the light, and not looking into the darkness, the shadows, the current reality. And counter of what she propose, she herself started to become a human when the hate and frustration of not understanding, not being able to communicate became too much to bear.

The idea of light and love, and other kaka came with the Tree of Knowledge, not through experience.

If you are not evolving, if you are not moving in your life, it is because you don’t hate anything enough to make it a power tool.

I hated pedestrian living. Hated it with a passion. But couldn’t see what to tie my life to until I heard the Rainer Maria Rilke poem: The spirit is only interested in flying. Who is doing the flying the spirit only has a passing interest.

With that intriguing poem a second hate clicked in: I hate to be not the first. I hate to be an ‘also ran’… I hate to be one of the many. I need to be The One.

Fueled with hate, I started to rise.

I was 38 years old.

I found more things to hate, and each added a little more push to my journey.

In my 26 years in Landmark, when I look back, what came out of my mouth was fitting in with Landmark’s technology, but wasn’t what drove me, wasn’t what I used to excel.

It was hate.

I hated to be a loser… for real, or in the eyes of others.
I hated how people related to sexuality…
And I hated how people didn’t do the doing, but talked the talk.

I hated to be sick and weak and depressed all the time.
I hated to be the meek little gray bunny in relationship
And I really hated to be seduced to do work for people who just wanted to get

I hated these and still do. That is the secret: I still do.

Recently I managed to unstuck myself from some dependencies… because I hated to be dependent on someone other than myself.

There are more areas where I can stoke hate to help me move.

Can the human brain think of the negative?
Research shows that our brains evolved to react much more strongly to negative experiences than positive ones. It kept us safe from danger. But in modern days, where physical danger is minimal, it often just gets in the way. It’s called the negativity bias.

The ‘law’ of attraction vs the jet engine technology

The ‘law’ mistakenly says that your thoughts create an attractor, and will attract more of itself. So if your thoughts are negative then you’ll get reason to expect something that you didn’t want, don’t want.

It is the exact way the masses think, getting a grain of sand and making a mountain out of it. Like humans tend to do in the area of health, especially when it comes to weight. Only about 10% of what is being disseminated is accurate, the rest is b.s.

But I digress…

Let’s look at your thinking:

If you think you can’t, you may be absolutely right… you may not have the skills, you may not have the energy, you may not have what it takes.

But considering that ‘I can’t‘ means ‘I can never‘ is rigid mindset. It is like considering that because it rains now, it will rain forever. Is reality like that? Not at all…

Here I had to google ‘WTF is negative thinking?‘… because I don’t actually categorize a thought: positive/negative. I may categorize them empowering/disempowering, so we’ll look at that too.

OK, I found some on google: ‘I am a liar,’ ‘I am a loser,’ ‘I never do anything right,’ ‘No one would ever like me,’ I am a klutz.’

Yes, I would consider these sorry excuses for not making any effort. Giving up before you start. And that is what they are, excuses. And by that token, they are promises. Declarations. You promise to remain a liar, loser, etc.

Instead of trying to change them more optimistic sounding statements, I would recommend that the person looks deeper inside and tells the truth: they want to get away with doing nothing valuable in life.

And if they have any ‘goodness’ in them, I doubt it! then this can be their jet-engine… Going away from being a liar, a loser, a never do well.

But in my experience they don’t want to. It is a comfortable state where they are secretly manipulating others to get away with murder.

So I can’t see that it is a law of attraction thing. I can only see no one taking any responsibility, any ownership for what they say… as if it were happening TO THEM. Denying their ownership of those seemingly negative statements.

No looking, no consideration, no foresight, no will in the first kind or ‘negative’ statements (I can’t), and lying through their teeth in the second kind (I am a liar).

So the law that the attraction people set up is

  • encouraging lying.
  • Encouraging people to take no responsibility to what they use as guidance.
  • And encouraging evilness. Because the second category is the users, the moochers, the deadweight on others.

So back to how this jet-engine energy gets stoked…

I am almost entirely powered by jet-engine energy. My desire number is 1%.

Yesterday as I was preparing my grocery delivery order I looked at a lot of prepared food that muscletest said I better not eat, unless I want to feel bad and die sooner that I should.

I was, for a change, experiencing my own emotions. Most of the time I experience others’, but this time it was clear: I am feeling that sadness, that sense of being limited in what I am allowed to do.

It was an accurate response, in a way, except that I choose to live that way. I choose to stay alive.

Why do I choose to stay alive?

I actually enjoy a lot of the things I do, writing, talking to people, reading. I even enjoy my new experiments in cooking Hungarian.

And I haven’t figured out what to do with my ‘legacy’, so until I do, it is not a good time to die. lol. I’ll see my choices when I see them. There is no hurry on the creative plane.

By the way, I have the same ‘no hurry on the creative plane‘ relationship to writing an article, making money, creating a course curriculum. It will come when it is good and ready.

I never have to anything. I never need to anything. And only occasionally want to… anything.

Which means I keep my power with me, don’t delegate it to a have to, a need to, a want to. I do things when I choose to do them.

But that also means, listen up, that when I don’t want to, I don’t feel like it, I am too tired to do it, I can still choose to do what there is to do and be done with it. Meaning: I choose to do what I do, not my feelings, not my circumstances.

The so-called law of attraction sneakily robs you of your personal power, and relegates you from cause to effect, from boss to inferior employee.

The purpose of life is to live consciously, and to pull our personal power to ourselves. To make yourself be all you can be, all you can become. To grow, to evolve.

Moreover, to live like a human being also includes to allow other people to choose, to have free will in how they live, unless they encroach on you and yours. And to take, desire, wish for nothing that belongs to another.

Where did I learn all this?

One of my favorite books is Jack London’s White Fang. A book about a wolf whose life, whose journey through life shows humans how to become all they can become. Absolutely moving, beautiful, and inspiring. And obviously fiction.

I love fiction.

Humans don’t learn well from words.

Between words and being, between words and doing there is no effective ‘translator’. But humans can and some will learn from watching others act, from others’ mistakes, from others victories. No translator is necessary. Empathy is in every human’s hardware.

But only fiction, and biographies bring that kind of opportunity.

That is why I read a hundred fiction books a year, and only maybe 10 non-fiction… Because I am still interested in becoming the best human I can become. There is no ceiling in that. You can always become better, you can always increase your personal power, personal authority.

In the movie Duma that I wrote about earlier today, we can see that even the cheetah learns to be a cheetah from another cheetah, it is not automatic. Humans learn to be humans from other humans…

I have endeavored to learn from good people, productive people, people who go through stuff and come out OK on the other end… I see such people, mostly, in books. Novels. Occasionally in videos, films, series.

Almost never in reality.

Why? Because in reality you don’t see the progression, you don’t see what exactly they have to conquer, deal with, and overcome. You don’t see what they actually do.

People who settle to learn from what they can actually see in their own life, 99.99% misunderstand what they see, and build delusions from that.

And because 99% of humanity are non-readers, this is the real source of misunderstanding what works and what doesn’t. You are trying to reconstruct the whole story from tiny fragments.

Even psychologists and psychiatrists are non-readers.

They could find out a lot more and a lot more useful things by reading.


  • Coaches: ditto.
  • Teachers: ditto.

Is any fiction, all fiction useful?

No. When I pick what to read, when I picked who to read, I muscletest. I am not sure what Source pays attention, but now that I am thinking about fiction as a valid life-training tool, my hunch is that Source picks authors who have a better understanding of life, of people, of inner and outer dynamics.

In my experience men are better at this than women. Women, I think, are too self-involved, and that leads to massive misunderstanding of reality.

So in my whole career as a reader, I think I have read nine fiction books written by a woman. Nine. And I have 600 books just on my kindle. And that number doesn’t include the more than 500 Kindle Unlimited books I have borrowed and read, books that I have returned in the past five years since I have Kindle Unlimited.

When I was an architect I didn’t read.

We are talking about 22 years of not reading. I thought dealing with just the material things was going to be enough. It wasn’t.

I was at my wits end to the degree that I needed hospitalization, about 20 times in those 22 years. None of that before, none of that after. None of that during the times when I was a reader.

Arguably reading is work. It needs time set aside.

But non-readers are mostly bumbling idiots, while readers aren’t.

What returned Ben, one of my teachers that went off the deep end when this shutdown began, what returned him to sanity is reading biographies. Biographies of creators, that is his are of interest.

Reading how those people, worthy writing about, handled adversity, upheaval, etc. knocked him sane.

In yesterday’s Moneyroots we kicked the negative energies, the jet-engine energies and how to keep them, how to stoke them. And spoke a little bit about Landmark Educations possibility centered technology… that, in my experience, compares to the jet-energy like horse compares to an intercontinental airline…

Not bad, but not strong enough. The horse needs too frequent ‘feeding’… lol.

Power tool: hate, regret, shame.

Get the recording of yesterday’s Moneyroots workshop… where we discuss this and more…

Get the recording of Moneyroots…

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