How Can This Simple Exercise Be The Ticket To Happiness? To Achievement? To Passion?

I wrote this article more than four years ago. I assigned this simple exercise to about a hundred people, and to my dismay, all failed.

I discovered two days ago why… and now I can start teaching it again, and see if it is a lack of capacity, or a lack of intention that causes the failure.

Why am I so persistent in teaching something no one wants to do? Because, as you’ll find out, it is both a test and a spiritual practice that can take you to beingness, the dominion of heaven. I’ll add what I have newly discovered where it is needed, in italics and in the footnotes, below the article.

In this article I introduce a simple exercise that if you are willing to do, consistently, you will be able to accomplish a whole lot, probably more than any meditation program by itself. It does two things:

    • it takes you out of your head (what other exercise does that? Heh?) My bad: it turned out that getting out of your head requires a capacity in your DNA to be turned on, and most people don’t have it turned on… I can turn on the capacity for you. I also have a recorded workshop to teach you all the intricacies of that capacity: that capacity is the gatekeeper between being a human and being a human being. Available only this week…

      The Detached workshop teaches you to step back

  • It gives you access to your major success instrument: your reticular activator. You’ve been using the reticular activator unconsciously forever, but you’ve been using it to fail. Now, with this exercise, you can start using it for your success.Turns out that the reticular activator only turns on if the matching of the target is non-verbal. And we are so used to give our “minds” verbal commands… no wonder it hasn’t worked! One of the brilliant things Maxwell Maltz and the Theater of your mind (psychocybernetics) method has is this… of course, the moment you introduce words, the magic is gone.

    By the same token, listen up! when you name the color in the color exercise, you are now looking for a word, not the color… and you are not doing the exercise… you are not turning on your reticular activator.Being wordless is hard… but doable… really! You just need to use your eyes… instead of your mind.

Interested? Keep reading…

The Famous Color Exercise… It Creates New Capacities In Your Plastic Brain

Here is an innocent-sounding exercise that can create new pathways in your plastic brain and enable you to catch stuff that is hidden from your view. You know the stuff that you don’t know that you don’t know… lol

If the above sentence doesn’t make sense to you now, don’t fret: it will, by the end of this article… you will just have to read it. Now we’ll see what you are made of, won’t we?

I saw a movie last week, DVD, called Gattaca. There is a sentence in it that is amazing: “There is no gene for the human spirit.”

Which means that without a human spirit you can be smart as a whip, healthy as a bull, but you won’t amount to much.

Why? Because doing well takes the human spirit, and it is entirely up to you.

This is by design: it is part of this free will universe.

set your sights on what you cannot doThat was Vincent and then there is you: “You are the authority on what is not possible, aren’t you Irene? They’ve got you looking for any flaw, that after a while that’s all you see. For what it’s worth, I’m here to tell you that it is possible. It is possible.”

Most of us are born with at least a small spark of that fighting spirit, that Life Force. Some of us allow our environment to extinguish it, some of us use controversy, hardship, insurmountable and impossible odds to fan that spark to grow it to a forest fire.

So when I said above that we’ll see what you are made of, this is what I meant. If you are a 300-lb weakling, a “I don’t like hard” type of person, you’ll quit before you start.

 This exercise, and everything I teach will encourage you to fan that human spirit fire: it is the only thing that you need to get anywhere you desire. But to get through it you will already need to have some of that fire going.

It is near impossible to breathe life into a dead body, a dead brain.

Connecting deeply, humbly, and long to Source will do it. But it won’t do it without you actively lifting yourself up in-between meditations. It can’t and won’t do it.

Now, with that said, let’s see what this famous innocent looking exercise is about and why it is one of the most important weapons in your arsenal against business-as-usual, dead, downward spiral of repeating bad stuff that’s getting worse as you get older.

OK, here is the exercise (you can also listen to the audio where I walk you through the process!):

[audioplayer file=]

Pick a color. Not the name of a color, but a color that you can find, right by you, that you can hold in your hand, look at in different lights. It can be on a book cover, a magazine cover, a catalog, a playing card, DVD cover, a recipe, a photograph.

pick a color and commit it to memory Pick your color and stick with it.

Walk around with your sample of color in your hand, and alternately look at it and look at the environment. Compare without words. Use only your reticular (vision) center, not the mind.

Do it until you start to see the color everywhere.

If you named your color: you already screwed up: you involved the mind. Pick another color from an item, and start over. Start over until you can see that the color doesn’t have a name or description.

This part may take a long time, because of your mind’s desire to take over the exercise. But please remember: this is an exercise to get you out of the mind, not into the mind. Clear?

Spend some time and commit your color to memory. Find a color nearby, then compare the two colors to check your memory. You’ll see that this is not as easy as it sounds, without the mind. 1

When you are satisfied that you can identify the color in your environment then the second part of the exercise begins.

While driving, find occurrences of that same color on your way to work, to the market, or wherever you are driving to.

Do it as often and as long as you can.

This exercise will make physical changes in your brain enabling you to do stuff that is going to be essential to be able to change your life. These physical changes are called the “plastic change” in your brain. Your brain is able to change till the day you die. Even old dogs can learn new tricks, and it’s time for you to start learning something new. Something that is not designed to perpetuate the life you’ve been leading, but a life that is a higher vibration, brighter, happier and more successful with love and appreciation in it.

I hope you are ready. Now go and do it. I am rooting for you.

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  1. find the matching symbolsHere is a test piece, to test if you are using the mind or not. The instruction? Find the matching symbols. If you are not going from left to right, sweeping the symbols, you are doing it from your mind.

    This is so hard, I still do it 40-50 times a day… The mind is a persistent bugger…

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