It is not who you are, that holds you back. It is the understanding you lack.

the understanding you lack is in between the things you knowYou often get your answers at the places you least expect it. This happened to me today.

I bought a marketing software and it came with a webinar recording.

The guy, the speaker, said something that I should have said, but I could never actually verbalize it the way he did:

It is not who you are, that holds you back. It is the understanding you lack

It is brilliant for several reasons

  1. Most of the time you completely misunderstand things. I have been writing about this for days, it is maddening. Somebody says ABC… you consult your mind, and it is similar to something you store there, and you say: oh, it is the same as CCC… and you settle for that. Sounds dumb, doesn’t it? After all if something is ABD, then thinking it is CCC won’t do you any good
  2. You fill in the blank, instead of learning the missing pieces. Ask questions, etc… If you miss A and B, then what there is to do is learn it… duh
  3. If you have a filter that you should already know that, then what you will get is ZZZ… not useful, is it.

face-vase_1Most people, when they find out (rarely) that their understanding is lacking, call themselves names… as in stupid, or slow…

Instead of going there, they could look different, listen different, look at different places… i.e. do the intelligent thing.

One of the most useful ways to look for solutions is looking at the spaces around and between things.

We tend to stare at things with our dumb eyes, and see the same and the same and the same. Our cone of vision narrows until all we can see is the thing that is not working.

If you look around the thing, you will start seeing different things. (Read the story about the narrow mountain road and car accident story –> here)

One of the things you will see there: what’s missing that if it were there it would make everything work?

Find What’s Missing… it’s not change!

Mostly what you do is stare at the thing that isn’t enough, isn’t working, isn’t what you expected, stare at it and try to fix it. Change it, tweak it, eliminate it.

If it isn’t it… would fixing it work? You can’t fix what isn’t wrong. You can’t fix the taste sweet by adding lots of salt… You can’t fix a circle by making it a square. There is nothing wrong with the taste of sweet, or a circle… they just aren’t the answers to your issues.

The answer lies outside of what’s there.

You never considered that you lack understanding, have you?

Understanding lies outside of the things you are looking at.

Doctors do this a lot: they are trying to fix your blood pressure, instead of looking at something else… a place where it makes sense why you have high blood pressure. Maybe it makes perfect sense… and it doesn’t need to be fixed.

People that can’t sleep try to fix everything about sleep: their bedroom, their sleep hormones, blah blah blah. But the source of this moment’s misery doesn’t like in this moment… it lies way outside of it.

Everything you already know is in your way to have what you want

Let me say that again: Everything you already know is in your way to have what you want.

That’s horrible, right? You have read so much to know what you know. Asked all those questions, watched all those videos. You are teaching it to others… and I am saying that it is the stuff that’s preventing me from having what I want? That is horrible, and you can’t accept it… right?

Before you can get the lacking understanding, you may need to let go of what you know as the truth.

It feels like dying. The Dark Night of the Soul, they call it, for the obvious reason.

So you go back trying to fix yourself, and gather more knowledge… And your life stays the same. Your vibration stays the same. The planet stays the same.

What helps?

Every person is like this, more or less. I obviously let go of some misconception, some “knowledge” when I started to take the Effortless Abundance Remedy… It knocked me out of my “already knowing” and knocked me on a brand new path. And is still knocking me every time I do things from an “already knowledge” which I do, periodically… lol.

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