What it is that you do that keeps you from the light

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I finally figured out what it is that attracts me to certain novels, certain movies, certain TV series… and repels me from others. What it is that I am muscletesting.

I am looking for goodness.

But goodness only exists in contrast.

So only the books qualify where the main character has both good and bad and in the struggle, the good wins… Also where the evil is strong, the pull to give up or to give in is strong.

As the Kabbalists say: only if and when you overcome the Opponent that you are good… for the moment.

The harder it is, the more resistance you have from the Opponent, the more light it will get you… just like in a light bulb: the more resistant the filament the more light it gives out with the same voltage.

And the more often you win against the Opponent, against the evil inclination, against whatever it is your soulcorrection, the more light you get, the higher you go, the higher your vibration.

The pull of complacency, the pull of wanting a smooth life, the pull of ‘not so bad‘ are the enemies of raising your vibration, becoming all you can become.

Of my students who oppose the Opponent the least often, or not at all are the ones who never rise.

Acting counter to your self-concern is the most obvious move to get light.

Kabbalah explains the light as energy, as electricity.

The higher the resistance, the more light is generated.

Same everything else… except the resistance needed.

Of course I know that I am talking to people who have gone to school and yet are uneducated… so I’ll explain.

Resistance is like friction… friction generate heat. So the higher the friction, aka resistance, the more light is generated.

It is true for light bulbs. If you still have some incandescent light bulbs, you can observe. the thicker the wire inside the bulb, the lower the wattage… Wattage is consistent with the amount of light the bulb will give out.

In ‘spirituality’, in LIFE, this is the same.

Activities that are easy will give you very little ‘light’… or no light. Light is expressed in both satisfaction and wages.

Students who go against their own grain, against their own evil inclination, against their own Opponent, get more light, and if they do it consistently, they raise their vibration.

It is as simple as that.

One of the secrets I have managed to get, so far, enough light to be well and to be successful, according to my own value system, is all my shortcomings.

Because for me everything is difficult and hard. And when it isn’t, by chance, I do what I need to do to make it more challenging, to make it harder.

Because it is true: you can only get light when it’s hard. And whether it is hard because life throws something hard at you, or because you pro-actively create challenges for yourself, like I have… it won’t matter in the end.

You’ll get a lot of light, JOY, a life you love, a life you live powerfully.

And that is what Kabbalah teaches you. The science of getting. A five thousand year tradition of getting. Getting light. Knowledge. Wisdom. Love. Joy. A life you love and you live it powerfully.

When I watch people who got it easy… for whom it took next to nothing to have what they have, there is no joy.

Just like humans cannot appreciate a free lunch, humans cannot appreciate what comes easy.

It is a lot like love: you don’t feel it when someone showers love on you. In fact it’s annoying. But when YOU love, it is like heaven. Warming, joyful, and suddenly the whole world brightens up.

The same is with everything: if it has taken you a lot of work, hardship, savvy, maybe even sleepless nights, you’ll love what you have achieved more.

In one of Osho’s talks about Jesus he talks about the sheep that got away. And god goes and finds it and retrieves it, and loves it more than the 99 that continued ‘worship’ it. Why? For the same rule. If it takes effort: you love it, if it was easy, you don’t.

And that is the main reason people don’t love their work, don’t love their life, don’t love anything. It was too easy. It is too easy.

But, of course, if you think it should be easy, then you won’t work hard on anything. And you’ll never have joy.

Angel and devil dancing on om’s symbol crypto digital painting concept of interaction among good and evil

Many children mistakenly believe that just because they want something, it should be theirs… It is part of their soulcorrection… and it needs to be corrected, so the adult can experience life fully. In my experience a number six in your soulcorrection is a good indication that you are one of those ‘children’. (16. 24. 33. 36. 42)

PS: Jewish mothers

Jewish mothers take their athletic children and enroll them in brainy extracurricular activities. And their scrawny nerdy kids in ballet, swimming, or ping pong. That was me, the scrawny kid. In my pictures I looked like a skeleton, until the age nine.

Creating challenges for the kid is the traditional Jewish way to parenting.

In a way it sounds cruel… but it is just the opposite. What is cruel is making your children’s life easy. They will grow up without any light.

A parent’s job is to prepare a child to be able to receive light. Through making it hard for them.

My parents did an excellent job at that. I am forever grateful.

So what gets the child over the difficulties? Of course it is intention. Being able to turn on intention used to be part and parcel with being human, but with comfort and ease it has disappeared from the tool box… and humans need to re-learn to turn it on.


Thanks to my being an empath and feeling what others do and what I do intimately, I now know what it is that I do to turn it on.

It is innocent, it is a physical movement, and I have always done it. So I have been intentional most of my life. Getting the work of three done… because what is missing when you dawdle is intention. Being un-distractible like my father… what was there is intention. Paying attention to what is mine to do… you know the rest.

It is your turn to learn the easy physical movement that turns on intention. It is actually the easy part. To consider that what you do, say, and your how will create what you want, so you do, say, and that certain way is the harder, because it needs a worldview change.

And that is the harder part. I illustrate the process in my Friday podcast with Bonnie. I chose her for this task because her worldview, given her soulcorrection is one of the hardest ones to correct.

Watching another person go through has been quite effective for the few people who actually listen to it to cause their own. And the ones that don’t? They find it entertaining, I hope.

Friday podcast with Bonnie
It is easier to learn from another person being coached that YOU being coached. Why? Because when you are coached, you have too much skin in the game, and that takes you out of listening… makes you stupid, resistant, self-protecting.

The value of those calls, in any ‘market’ would be about a hundred bucks each… but I charge only $5 per call, or $20 a month.

Why? Because the value is what you receive… not what is given. The same with love, caring, or anything.

Some people will get $500 from just one call. Others: nothing much.

It all depends on you. And, of course, your intention. You intend to listen gossipy? You’ll get gossip. You intend to turn yourself into a powerhouse? You will get that.


My father wrote two dissertations and 14 books on a fold-down desk right next to the television blasting while the whole family watched moves, the news, etc. He wrote there every single night, from about 7 pm till 11 pm. You could call his name, and he would not hear it.

He had his intention turned on… and it took care of his attention. He was undistractible. Not distracted from what he intended to do.

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