Understanding your diagnostic assessments

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I had an interesting and diagnostic experience yesterday

I linked to a page on my old training site in the article. It is free to see that page, but you need to register as a free member. So the link took you to a page said: you need to register.

One person logged in and watched the video. Accidentally or coincidentally, it was the same person who connects successfully and has been for many years. He also had the intention switched on…

The rest said, ‘Oh well‘.

I said ‘Oh well’ once in my life, and I am still ashamed of it. It happened 34 years ago.

It was when I gave up my dream to lead Landmark Educations courses for good.

So my readers, by the hoards, say ‘oh well‘ habitually. As a habit, as a ‘this is how I live my life, if it takes any action on my part, then f… it.

No curiosity, no wanting to find out what the heck I am jabbering about… No. Just ‘oh well‘.

I had a dude email me about two reports I sent out to him eight days ago. He didn’t bother to go to his spam folder to see that maybe it got caught in there as spam. No. Instead he assumed that I didn’t do the work for him for eight days.

If you ever wanted to know what people with low vibration do, here it is, two examples.

They don’t consider that they didn’t see everything, that they are making decisions from insufficient data.

If you only hear a small percentage of what I say: that results in insufficient data. You act on it and of course it doesn’t work.

By the way the dude who successfully learned to connect to Source has, by now, also learned to activate his intention. Of course, I say. But you don’t understand why… Why does he when you don’t?

Maybe because he is not as happy as one could be with what is. How his life is going. What he is accomplishing. How he feels about himself and his life.

Maybe that is all he needs. That is all he needs to find and use the tools I offer.

He may be like me in a way. He may not be able to see much future for himself, but not much future is better than sitting on your ass doing nothing… daydreaming about castles in the sky. Because that is what most people do…

If I were allowed only two measures to take of a person, their desire number and their ambition number, I would already know where they are in the continuum between low vibration and high vibration.

Desire is a parasitic energy

Desire uses the mind. And in the cave of the mind you can imagine all kinds of things: it cost you nothing. As you are imagining the good things, you already experiencing them, don’t you? And that is the point.

All you had to do is fantasize. No work, no effort, no risk taking is needed. And you can already have what you imagined. In the mind, but in feelings too.

So what will you do what enjoyed what you imagined? Do you know?

You will do nothing… Until your desire is high enough, and then you just go and imagine it again… and like masturbation, it fulfills you somewhat…

What happens to your life? Nothing good. Nothing productive… Maybe you spend too much time on fantasizing. Maybe you spend some of your workday with it, and the quality of your work suffers.

There is a Jewish saying: you dream of eating chocolate, but when you awaken you find your hands only hold the content of the potty… not chocolate.

So yeah. If your desire number is high, I already know who you are, even if your ambition number is somewhat higher than the masses’.

Every MORON teaches you to whip up your desire, to whip up your WHY…

And when you look, they give you the key to the kingdom of hell. Masturbation… not fulfillment.

At a point in my life I had a side-gig of being a sex therapist. I had two kinds of cases: incest survivors and porn addicts.

I had great success with the incest victims, and no success with the porn addicts.

Desire and partial fulfillment of that desire through fantasizing is an addiction.

This reminds me of what I read last night. Let’s see if I can express it to my satisfaction. It was a writing of Sigmund Freud…

Yeah, I read Freud last night and learned something invaluable:

If you want to get rid of, or at least diminish the destructive effect of a trauma, and we all had at least one, you need to go back to it and cry your heart out.

Most of us didn’t cry when it happened. I know I didn’t.

And I am sure you didn’t either. You locked it away… and now it runs your life.

I am talking about the trauma when you decided how to be in life… because what happened told you that you were worthless, not lovable, not worth keeping, not anything, not important, not accepted, not deserving.

It hurt. But it burrowed deep inside, and it was never fully expressed.

  • When your parents were so busy talking that they didn’t notice you stopped blocks behind. They didn’t notice until they got home that you are not there… And although they went back to fetch you, you forever feel worthless.
  • Or when your father slapped you because you were admiring one of his CD covers… and didn’t want to give it back to him.
  • Or when you saw your mother beat your older sister and you knew that you were next.

The sadness it left is on the top of grief… that needs to be expressed, or that incident will run your life forever… Sobbing. It needs to be expressed.

You may need to trigger it by saying: it was horrible… or something like that.

I can cry at the drop of a hat just by saying that… And as a result I am able to have that worthless thing, and it doesn’t have me.

Need someone to help you with that? I am willing. We’ll make a sobbing party… I’ll sob with you.

I don’t know what I am going to do, teach, coach till I die. I feel that I am done, and I have done the work I committed to do.

But before I go I want you to have The Wave… Of course I want you to use it, but most won’t, and that is life.

The Wave that switches on the power… The power that separates human beings from mere homo sapiens.

This Saturday (December 3). At 10 am EST. I know it is early. Few will be there… you need to be willing to work for it… or it is just mind candy.

Learn to activate the wave
It is only open for people who can already turn on their intention. I know who they are, because I taught them.

If you can’t… you still have time to learn it. Buy the ‘learn to turn your intention on’ videos.

PS: One important thing I should say here about desire vs. ambition:

Desire imagines the end result. In 99% of the cases, the person doesn’t see the path: the work, the blood, sweat, and tears or attaining the end result. So if you have high desire, you most likely never do what it takes to actually have what you desired, have it in reality. You’ll continue having the gaping hole, or the fantasy, or both. But not the result.

Ambition, on the other hand looks at what it takes, with sober eyes, and rolls up its sleeves. And gets to it.

The most telling measure of the Starting Point Measurements.

This morning I woke up to the shrill sound of the alarm. I wasn’t ready to get up. So I forced my eyes to stay open and pondered this. Because the time to ponder this is when you have a choice. When you see that you have a choice. When the choice is to lift the nice warm blanket and sit up… or imagine having a nice life, with all the trimmings.

It did take me seven minutes to get up, but I did. It was hard.

Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of ‘hard’.

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