5 thoughts on “The myth of “wrong” and its relationship to greed”

  1. My mind says: What? Nothing wrong? I WILL NOT capitulate to evil. If good people do nothing, then evil people win. I can accept Nature, because nature is good, or amoral…beyond judgment. But half the stuff men do is wrong, bad, sinful, unwise. These actions, and the impulses to do them must be eradicated.

    And, of course, any evil I see, is also in me. Any capacity for good or evil also exists in ME. My own nature is sinful and fallen. I must fight; there is always a fight. Oh, it’s okay to get blissed-out in the yoga studio, or in prayer, but in everyday life the evil, the bad, and the wrong exist, and must be rooted out. And, of course, punishment and justice must follow.
    Thank God for the Ten Commandments, for laws, for the police, the military, and good people everywhere.

    We have consciousness, we have consciences, we have the gift of free will, we can see difference between right and wrong, good and evil. We must see clearly and choose wisely. This is the path of our souls’ growth; this is the way to God.

  2. I am experimenting right now. The tenant called to say the house is cold, and they are sleeping with their coats on. Hmm. Well, I’m over an hour away. Is something wrong? Well, the situation is what it is. If the thermostat is too low, or their is no oil, it will be cold. A condition, maybe not an ideal one. I can see that there is no “wrong” there. It’s just a set of circumstances. I will investigate and I will respond. It’s hard not to make or wrong, however. I am observing. And not breathing. Oh, Lordy!

  3. The mind is always screaming because it is like a run away horse. Once you realize that you are not yourself, not your body, not your mind, not the screams, not the thoughts, you gain control over them. Once you gain control over yourself, you gain the power to perceive and influence reality.

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