What’s Missing In Teachings That Most People Can’t Get Any Results? Fraud? Deception? Blindness?

no money, no love Why is it that once really effective, brilliant, and spot on spiritual and transformational teachers are not able to come up with technologies and distinctions that would transform the participants in their courses into accomplishing, fulfilled, and satisfied mavens? Why is that?

I had some unexpected glimpses into this today, and I am going to share them as fast as I can, before they disappear for me.

Because the nature of glimpses into what works, what we are swimming in, is fleeting, like the memory of “water!” for the fish that once jumped out of water… and saw it, until he was back in it again.

I have been wondering why what people teach doesn’t work. It doesn’t just not work for the masses that don’t use it as a system, but pick and choose, mix and match, until what they are cooking is unrecognizable and can’t work.

No, I don’t mean the 98%-ers. I mean the 1-2 percenters. When they test it, it doesn’t work.

I shared a major missing step with one of my teachers today, and when she heard it there was this long silence. I let her sit in the silence. Then she said: you know, as I look back, that is exactly what I did: but I never thought that I did that. Not only that, whenever I start a new project: I do that. It is in my nature, but I never thought of teaching it to anyone.

Great catch. Now we identified, at least one reason why what people teach doesn’t work.

What is this magical step, you ask? It is called: clearing the deck.

I am an architect, so I’ll use an example from building, but then I’ll find you one from cooking and gardening: it’s going to surprise you how come you never thought of using the same principle when it’s about your life!

So, when we want to build a building, we first survey the area. We either get a geological map, or we drill down to see how the soil is, and what kind of and how deep foundation we need. We find out if there is ground-water.

We find out what are the regulations, distance from neighbors, maximum height, how many cars need to be on-site parked, you know, legal stuff.

If you listen carefully, most students that I talk about, haven’t the faintest clue about these (or parallel conditions in their lives.) How about yours?

The an architect designs a building to the owners’ specifications. Advises them to design within their budget, advises them to rather plan for expanding than blowing all their funds on building a castle that will be expensive to maintain, and won’t be needed for a few years. Fastest way to be house poor: have a big house but no money to live.

Or if it is a business, make sure you have money to advertise your new business and market it for a long time, not expecting any returns: that is the nature of the beast. Most businesses don’t even break even for 1-3 years… will you have money to continue?

Then we clear the grounds from trees, bushes, top-soil, rocks, bricks, debris. We don’t start to do anything until we do that.

Why? Because you need to build on solid ground, otherwise what you are building won’t stand.

Here is how it is in cooking: you clean the counter. You clean the stove. You remove the dirty dishes, wash the stuff you are going to use.

If you didn’t, the leftover of yesterday’s lamb stew would surely spoil today’s chicken fricassee…
And in the garden you pull the weed, remove the rocks and pebbles, pick out the visible pests. You won’t waste your new plants or seeds by putting them into something that will prevent it from growing optimally.

Now, what do people do in their lives? They want, let’s say, more money. They decide to start a business.

Starting a business is a lot like building a house. You find out what you know, what you don’t. How much time you have to invest. What are the skills you have and what will you be willing to learn. What would you love to do? What will you need? How much will it cost?

Most people, listening to the Law of Attraction teachers, spend a few minutes fantasizing about what they saw on TV’s wealthy people shows, decide that’s what they want, and then wait for it to appear.

I know people that are not willing to read a book that would help them to do a business that probably will require to read 30 books. “30 books? I have read two in my life, and that’s enough for me…” they say. “No need for books, I’ll just create things as I go…”

Right, I say.

Now, why don’t these teachers teach that you need to do inventory, and exploratory work, and removal of debris and anything else that’s there?

Because they are afraid that if people find out that work is involved they will run.

True. They will. But how can you live with yourself looking in the mirror knowing that you have mislead people, that you have added to the misery on the planet to make a few bucks?

That is the question.

And you, the buyer of bs: how can you live with yourself knowing that you are only fooling yourself?

Magical thinking is for children. If you are an adult, you will need to do work to have any results. No exception. No matter what the Law of Attraction and other unscrupulous teachers tell you. They worked long and hard to be where they are. Or did you think they just suddenly got there? Think again!

Oh, and to answer the question I started with: you need to struggle with something and find a solution and then turn around to teach it for it to be effective. Smooth talking arrived teachers can’t teach. Just like people who were born with the capacity to connect can’t teach you to connect. People whose high vibration is due to having a near death experience can’t teach you how to raise your vibration.

On the other hand, someone who has never found the solution can’t teach you much either. People whose vibration is under 250 or even 295 can’t teach you how to raise your vibration. They never consciously did it themselves. How could they teach it?

Did I manage to confuse you completely? Please comment below.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “What’s Missing In Teachings That Most People Can’t Get Any Results? Fraud? Deception? Blindness?”

  1. Hey Ernest, it is never too late to have a happy childhood! Happy birthday. What is it like to be 90? Obviously you have a computer and you read posts… please, share, share share
    Lots of love. Sophie

  2. About 75 years ago, I was a teenager growing up in Nürnberg, Germany. Kurt Schulherr and I were members of the local Habonim — a Zionist youth group. Kurt understood calculus. I didn't. I asked him if he'd help me to learn what it was about and how to “do it”. He responded by questioning my ability – adding that it would be a waste of his time! He was able to emigrate to America (USA) and build a successful career based on a Ph.D. in chemistry. Finding him on the Internet some years ago, I saw that bitterness followed this highly gifted man much of his life, even into old age. As they say, “What goes around, comes around!”

    My own path was never “easy” but blessed by what I believe were “coincidences” that I felt were truly miracles:

    I left Germany with the very last 'Kindertransport' out of Frankfurt, two weeks before Germany invaded Poland and thus started the war. We could see that coming, and I prayed that my visa would arrive at the Nürnberg Jewish office in time for me to join that predictably-last Kindertransport. Well, I prayed for a MIRACLE when there was no visa on the last Friday before the Monday deadline to join that predictably final Kindertransport. Edith Abraham was running the Jewish community's office. She told my mother not to worry — that I would be on the “next” transport. I prayed for a miracle, convinced there would be no “next transport'; Miss Abrahem “happened to be” in the office that Sabbath when the mail arrived — and she spotted what looked like the letter that could contain my visa: IT WAS!!! And that changed the rest of my life…

    I must leave the rest of the story for another time.

  3. Ernest, your parents were smarter than my grandparents. They all stayed put, like sheep.

    Did your parents survive? Or are you on your own? Were you adopted? The Kindertrasport went to England, right?

    Some of the time I was a pompous prick too, and I was paid by the Universe in kind… low vibrations do do that. I am really happy to hear that you were a Mensch… given your miracles.

    Amazing how well you remember names from 75 years ago. How about your short term memory?

  4. No sugar-coating. Like that. Still, we have to make a leap of faith to work with you. I’ve done a few things so far, and only felt very little movement, and the methodology is not that easy to follow. Will I give up? Not now. in the end, this is my path, stopping in here may be a dead end, a side road, a bridge, or even a tower. But I am on the team, not here to waste your time or mine.

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