I won’t do anything for money I wouldn’t do for free

work-for-moneyI promised to you to report whether the method I recommended worked or not.

The method: tell the story in a way that you completely own what belongs to you, your actions, your reactions, your attitude, your thoughts, your emotions, your expectations, your intentions, etc. And keep telling the story until all the blame disappears.

Now, just by retelling the story to you, I managed to disappear the blame. (Of course I have been practicing taking responsibility for what I own, what belongs to me, for decades! You may not get such fast result!) I started to feel energized, happy, bright, and ambitious again. I started to ask questions and get answers.

Your-KidsOne of the questions I explored if I should continue selling on Amazon. That question wasn’t specific enough, so I made it two: 1. shall I sell anything on Amazon that’s important to me? NO. 2. shall I sell anything at all on Amazon? YES.

To my surprise I have a strong dislike of Amazon… I’ll look at that in another article. We’ll see if it is OK to have dislike, if it is in integrity and if it serves me… in another article. I want to look at something important and unrelated in this article.

With regards to work, or money making activity, I have one principle that I won’t knowingly violate. That is “I won’t do anything for money I wouldn’t do for free”

What does this mean?

If it worked to sell something for nothing, I would happily do so. Meaning: if giving something to another

  1. didn’t create resentment, perpetration/withhold, bread of shame, AND
  2. if it were useful for the person, AND
  3. they would use it to benefit themselves,

then I would want to do a lot of it, it is so enjoyable and/or important to me.

So, let’s look at a few scenarios:

  • Mr. A. wants to book a private 1-on-1 with me. His vibration is 130, his dominant emotions are victim and anger. Is it inside integrity for me to see them?

    Let’s analyze it:
    I do not enjoy talking to people with such low vibration
    Low vibration means they are not very intelligent at the moment
    Low vibration also means that they really don’t want to use what I give them, they can’t see the value

  • Melatonin sells really well on Amazon, and I have an opportunity to make a bundle. Shall I do it?

    Let’s look:
    I don’t believe in putting Melatonin into your system. I believe in restoring your body’s ability and opportunity to manage Melatonin correctly, so during the day you can be alert and at night you can sleep deeply.
    I don’t like people who want to take Melatonin: I want to have nothing to do with them. They want a quick fix, they can’t see beyond the surface, they are not my people, not people that will ever a prospect for my real stuff.

  • shopping-cart-bag_A few years ago I bought a shopping bag from Home Depot. I have been using it and loving it. Is it in integrity for me to have it manufactured and sell it on Amazon, or anywhere?

    I think that

    1. the bag saves your energy, saves your time, and makes the ordeal of shopping a lot easier.
    2. Seeing beyond the moment, seeing beyond the “other people will take care of the planet” and buying a bag that is revolutionary because it makes you part of the solution, instead of being part of the problem is up my alley: it is a small step towards becoming an Expanding Human Being, an Individual
    3. Creating need/desire for something that the “normal” person would not see is right up there with causing raising of people’s vibration: most people don’t see the need for that. I love challenges…

I wonder if you got the yeses and the nos correctly…

Will I sell on Amazon again? It is still up in the air. Ordering the manufacture of the bags needs me to have capital, which I don’t have.

I know about crowd sourcing, but sourcing this may not be of interest to the general public on these crowd sourcing sites.

Let me know if you are interested in investing in buying a few hundred bags for resale… They are selling well on ebay and on Amazon.

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