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It has been responsible for 70% of my growth, 70% of what I have accomplished, 70% of what I have been able to distinguish.

Every single Freecell game has a solution, except 8.

I have been playing Freecell since I was a child. And I didn’t know, didn’t suspect that it can be played better than I played it… or my mother. My mother cheated. I didn’t. Different soul correction

Anyway, I thought I was very smart and I won as many times, I thought, as it was possible.

I also thought that smart meant knowing…

Just like T. Harv Eker says: When something isn’t working, there is something that you don’t know.

That is the concept I had, that knowing more means smart or smarter, so I studied, read, listened… master’s program after master’s program, so that I can get very smart.

I spent my first sixty years being sure that smart was a knowing thing… the more you knew, the smarter you were.

Something happened around my 60th year.

A guy whom I knew only online make the long trip to actually meet with me. One of the things we did is we played Freecell… I know, I know, not very romantic, but that is what we did.

And he played Freecell better than me.

He wasn’t smarter than me. He didn’t know more than me. So what was it that allowed him to play better?

So now I had a question…

A few years later I was driven around by a client. I didn’t have a car any more. I noticed that he never suspected that there was anything to see when he was making turns from side streets to other streets. And frequently he got us into dicey spots.

I realized that maybe it is looking that is the secret sauce… Looking to see.

And I started to test it on Freecell. Freecell was my laboratory. And it still is.

Your essential nature comes out and becomes visible, if you have the eyes to see, when you play Freecell.

How you do anything is how you do everything…

Just like I didn’t know that virtually all Freecell games can be won, people don’t know, don’t suspect that there is more to see. And they don’t know that the more they see the smarter they are

Because they don’t know this simple principle, they don’t win in life.

Thinking is not a substite for seeing. What you call, what most people call thinking is having thoughts.

What someone, like Einstein would call thinking is building something to see in their brain and observe its behavior.

It is all about seeing.

So if we want to make T. Harv Eker’s saying useful for us, we would reword it to say:

When things are not working, there is something you don’t see.

Because, between you and me, the original sentence was useless… because if you don’t know it, then you don’t know it. But you don’t know what you don’t know, so you can’t go out and learn it. And it was, to boot, from the 99% of all knowledge, from the part that you don’t know that you don’t know.

The way I have seen people use that original T Harv Eker statement, is that they bought every book, every course, so maybe they will find out what they didn’t know.

When we reword it to say: ‘something you don’t see‘, then you can start looking. And develop the habit to look to see.

And extend the amount of importance you give to seeing, and reduce the importance of knowing.

Knowing without seeing is useless. It will get you into trouble. Because it is mind knowledge, Tree of Knowledge crap, useless, and in 91% of the times it is not just useless, it is harmful.

Yesterday I decided that I won’t do any more group coaching, workshops, courses.

Why? Because unless you start taking what you have heard, what you have read, taking them to the ‘white board’ of your brain, and start seeing it, and seeing it everywhere, it is not only useless, it is harmful.

People take the gold I give them and turn it into mind knowledge, toxic.

As long as you have ‘smart’ as a knowledge thing, I can’t help you. Nothing can help you. No one can help you. You are stuck.

And unless you start practicing looking to see, and take every single thing there, you will remain there… in the ditch of your mind.

The ultimate difference between the 1000 and the 8 billion is that… way they are smart. What they call knowledge. Whether they look to see, or look maybe occasionally to confirm what they already ‘know’.

I don’t recommend using Freecell or even chess to develop this capacity, this behavior.

If your life has nothing going for you, if in your life you are not looking, don’t even have much of anything to look and see, then that is your first and most important task: to get stuff to see.

Most people are boring. And they are boring because they are living their lives in a puddle.

The job is to get wet… and get wet… and get wet… to start to swim.

The program I find most useful is the 67 steps… when you combine it with the daily reporting. Looking done in writing… I would call it.

Forcing yourself to look and see beyond being a consumer of the audios. Taking it way further, way wider, so you practice looking to see at least an hour a day.

It will be slow in the beginning. But judging from one participant who is at Step 42 now, around step 38 your eyes become flexible and start looking. And seeing.

If you do not FORCE yourself to do the reporting, you won’t look, and you won’t see.

You need to be self-managing, and do the work in writing. And the idea that I’ll read what you wrote, unpleasant as it may be, because I will grade your performance in a way, is crucial to you doing what is not your habit: look and see. Look to see.

When I look at past participants, they all quit, i.e. stopped reporting, and I guess stopped listening to the audios, at around the same place, where the magic can happen. Where the magic happened for the person who is now at step 42.

If you don’t know or forget why you are doing the program… if you think you are doing it for knowledge… then, of course, it is disappointing that in 38 hours you got nothing. No useful knowledge.

The purpose of the program is not knowledge. Not even self-knowledge. It is being taken to a long journey to practice looking to see. Looking and seeing.

Looking and seeing? Why? To what end?

So you can become all you can become. Whatever that means to you personally.

If what I hear from people is accurate, what people want from life and from themselves is to be able to be free who they are, doing what they do, and experience life fulfilling. To live a life they love and to live it powerfully. To be well, to be financially comfortable, to be with people they love, and to feel good about themselves.

And that is what people don’t have… primarily because they look into what they know, wanting to learn more… but not looking and not seeing.

That is the most important learning you can do. This is what separates Men from children. That is what is at the root of a life you love and live it powerfully.

What does the 1000 do that the 8 billion doesn’t?

I wasn’t taught this by any person, any course, any guru, any book.

This is not known to people. Even the 1000 who looks and sees would be hard pressed to see clearly what made the biggest difference…

And from that number, 1000, you can guess that it is a rare habit.

T Harv Eker may be rich, but he is not a 1000.

If I were to create a happiness measure, where happy is the degree that you live a life you love and you live it powerfully, T. Harv Eker’s measure would be 7%.


Elon Musk’s happiness measure would be 1%, Bill Gates: same 1%.

If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard. But if you are willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy.

I don’t know what Harv says is hard to do in that statement… but this is probably true everywhere… but especially when it comes to learning to look, learning to look to see. To create connections. To create clumps, see and recognize patterns, to see distinctions…

It is hard. It is not what ‘they’ teach you to do. Not because they are evil, but because they don’t know. Really…

But you know now. So get to it.

The best course I can offer is the 67 step coaching… where coaching is really you doing all the work, and I only read what you write, and I say a word or two… to focus you, redirect you, or say: continue doing what you are doing.

You need to keep in mind the purpose of the program: to give you opportunities to look and see. If you do it for any other purpose, it is good entertainment, but will make exactly zero difference for you.

OK, here is the link.

I get the program for you…

Get your look-and-see developed

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