Are you my ideal customer? How did you find my site?

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confrontingSummary: Now that I have lost my main source of income, I am back to the planning stage. I am back to finding out how to reach people who want what I have to offer: Energy remedies for peace of mind, freedom, power, and are willing to work for it at the same time, instead of waiting for a miracle or a pill or a magic bullet.

I am not often confronted. Being confronted always means that something or someone has breached the separation between your hidden self and your fake self.

You hide the stuff that you don’t think will work in the world, that will not buy you the image or goodies you want, the affection, appreciation, the job, the friends, the money.

lies-are-what-you-want-to-hearWhat you hide is big, what you cover it up with is a thin veneer.

Most people have an unwritten agreement that ‘I won’t call you on it if you don’t call me on it’… and on the ‘it’ they mean your b.s.

It takes a lot of work to hold it together. The fake identity is hollow, and it gives you a hollow life.

ArenallongThe below feels threatening, like the thinly veiled magma of a volcano. You walk around it as in on egg shells, to not awaken the monsters below.

Now, knowing what I know about humans, what they are hiding, this is much ado about nothing. What people hide, what they are covering up is an emotionally charge mess of trivial stuff, unfinished business, bad things you did, mistakes you have made, things you did wrong. Because of the emotional charge about it, it does feel and it often acts much like magma… Most of the stuff you hide is not even true. It never was. Not in the least.

ESCI212VOLCAN001When your depth and your surface are the same, it is called authenticity. Through and through the same. Rare, indeed. The more authentic you are, the more work you have done through revealing and taking responsibility for what you have been hiding, for what happened. The more authentic you are the higher your vibration goes. That is a constant and ongoing work for someone who wants to raise their vibration.

When you are hiding stuff, it uses up most of your energies, and your brilliance.

You struggle through life, whether it’s a visible struggle or not, you are working with your hands tied behind your back.

Your brain cells are busy

  1. to keep up the pretenses
  2. to suppress the truth
  3. to invent even stronger measures to suppress the truth about you (I mean the emotionally charged untruth… as I have mentioned above)

As a result, predictably, you are going through life stupid… and with a lack of ability to belong, with a lack of ability to commit to anything, because you don’t see that you could.

If I ask you who you are, you are in trouble. That question triggers a rumbling of the lava below the surface: you try to avoid that question.

So, when you look who you are, you really don’t know. No identity, no sense of self.

Now, here is the article that acted as a confront to me this morning:

hearing-what-you-wantIdentity, Purpose and Adventure

People will direct their attention to whatever gives them a sense of identity, purpose and adventure.

You must always remember this when crafting advertising. (Roy Williams is an advertising guru)

The fans of a sports team are the members of a club. Their team gives them identity, purpose and adventure. Political parties, too, give their members identity, purpose and adventure. Religious organizations, book clubs and Twitter feeds give their followers identity, purpose and adventure.

A grandmother adores her grandchildren because they give her identity… purpose… and adventure.

Do you know what a rock collector gets from his rock collection? Identity, purpose and adventure.

Each of us – every one of us – is on a treasure hunt. The differences between us are found primarily in the things we value. When a person doesn’t value what we value, we think a little less of them. They are obviously shallow, stupid, deceptive or evil.

Abraham Maslow believed a third of our society lives below the search for identity or above it. Those who live below the search are focused primarily on securing food, shelter and safety. This is their economic reality. Those who live above the search have a clear sense of identity and they know their purposes precisely. This is their emotional reality. Their adventures depend on nothing outside themselves.

Those who live below or above the search for identity are effectively immune to advertising. The first group can’t afford what you’re selling and the second group doesn’t care. These people are rarely prospective customers.

Fortunately for businesses everywhere, two thirds of us buy what we buy to remind ourselves – and tell the world around us – who we are. These two thirds of society are the backbone of the economy. We have needs that have not been met, hungers that have not been satisfied, dreams that have not been fulfilled.

Businesses exist to meet those needs, satisfy those hungers and fulfill those dreams.

We make and spend money primarily to discover who we are.

This would be sad
if it wasn’t so much fun.

Vie à l’économie.

Roy H. Williams

Roy H. Williams creates advertising addressed to people’s surface… and he is spectacular at it. I ‘play’ to people’s REAL desire, and — HERE IS THE CONFRONT! — may not be talking to the people, may not be reaching the people who are ready to become an Expanding Human Being. That is what the Soul wants, and not what the surface, the identity…

Here are some of my raw observations:

  1. People who come to my site want money, health, getting smarter, or a combination of that. Most people come to the site through one of my vibrational reviews. Then go and buy the stuff, even if I wrote that it was worthless, or didn’t work.
  2. The reason people want that, money, health, getting smarter, because they don’t have it. They hope that getting that will make them happier, but this is not how it works.When your vibration is low, your money, health, smarts are low.Your vibration is low because you are using your life force to suppress.

Giving people what they want is what makes money. But it has no integrity for me. It would make me inauthentic.

People who were looking to find money, health or smarts aren’t interested in doing the work that is needed to raise their vibration… not until they have handled the lack first. Catch 22.

Which means that unless I find something that fills what people want, I won’t make money.

If I can give them something that they need and want, I can have a customer for life… but what is it?

People love to go to retreats, even if they are confronting, because they have bonding, they see that they are not alone, and they do the release of the magma pressure in like company.

When they leave the retreat they are smarter, healthier, and can make more money, for a little while. When it gets bad again, they go to another retreat, so they can be cleaned out a little bit again.

But it doesn’t raise their vibration, because it is like cleaning your house a little bit every once in a while: the nasty stuff is still there under and inside.

Confronting, isn’t it? I want to deal with a crowd that wants what I have, and instead I have been attracting people who want cheap closure now…

If you care about me, at all, please share with me how you got to my site, and what it is that you’d have liked to find, instead of what you did… You can email me if it is more comfortable, sophie at

I really would like a lot of feedback this time. Thank you.

PS: I just realized that the new energy will strengthen your desire to fulfill your need and weaken your desire to want and want and want… useless crap.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “Are you my ideal customer? How did you find my site?”

  1. Sophie,

    I found you through a video link on the side of another YouTube video, probably about growth or enlightenment. Then I went to your site and started reading articles. I was happy to find enough magic/mystery/healing energy to keep me intrigued. Then you laid all the practical/hard work/ real world stuff on me. Things I actually had to do! Did not like that.

    A bit like an avant-garde artist, you have to create your own audience. I may have been receptive to your promised goals, but certainly found your thinking quite unorthodox. But it was compelling.

    It still would not be easy for me to make a “killer share” about the effect of your work on my life, even after a year. It’s a long, slow, gradual ramp up. And I had a lot of resistance.

    (You have a product line now. Maybe you have to get out there. A New Age conference, a talk at the New York Open Center, an appearance on local or national radio. I wonder if there is a website that caters to energy remedies. Or maybe a company to represent you to New Age stores. Maybe you could create a promotional package including a point of purchase display for your products.)

  2. I believe it was February last year when I found you. I can’t really remember what exactly I was searching for. I just remember that I was dealing with a client who had lots of health issues and I was reading up on some stuff and researching disease and looking through different healing modalities. In one of the searches your website came up. I checked it out, read few of your articles and I stayed. And since then my whole life changed and a lot of my misery disappeared. It’s not an overnight thing. It’s a lot of work and dedication sticking with what you teach and reading all your articles daily. Thank you.

  3. Yeah Amy, it is becoming clearer and clearer that people mostly find me looking for healing. Luckily you were looking for healing for clients, so your relationship to yourself is different, and that is why you are producing better results than most.

    I’d love to have more people like yourself.

  4. Thank you. That’s true Sophie, more people are getting sicker and more are looking for instant healing. They figured out that drugs are bad for them and herbs work too long and changing diet is too hard so they are looking for something fast acting, instant, this moment…. That’s how they end up searching for energy healing and healers. Everyone wants to be happy, wealthy and healthy without any work on their side. Thank you for teaching the hard way to happiness.

  5. If my purpose were to make a difference I would be even unhappier than my students… lol. I have to remind myself every couple of days that I am pissing in the wind.

    Yeah, the instant healing bs… thank you for reminding me.

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