Healing Crisis, Healing Events

HealingCrisis1We suppress our emotions. Many of us don’t even breathe: we can’t because our chest isn’t willing to move any more, because we have put so much toxins into our muscles.

Suppressing is toxic. 1 The opposite of suppressing is not “full expression” as it is in vogue to say, meaning becoming a raving maniac, the opposite of suppressing is allowing, feeling, being “with” it=being well while you are feeling bad..

Rare, indeed. On my calls people hold their breath regularly, whenever a feeling comes up, fear, anxiety, trepidation, these are the type of feelings that come up on a normal call.

They don’t want to feel the feeling because it is bad, and so they suppress it. Holding your breath is a sign of suppressing.

healing-crisisHealing crisis is when some suppressed emotion, or better said the toxin, the actual chemical toxin it produced, gets released. The cause of it is as varied as it can be. It can be released during a chiropractic adjustment, a massage session, a result of losing weight, an energy treatment, an energy remedy, an activator that suddenly gets through to you.

A healing crisis, if you have the right attitude, the attitude of “happy” as taught in my previous post, is a really welcome event, a cause for celebration.

I used to have a healing crisis every time I attended a transformational event. At the time I didn’t know, and I blamed it on air travel, or being in the same room with so many people.

I had a healing crisis a few days ago, lasted about six hours. And I am having a healing crisis now.


Healing-Crisis-symptomsWhat are the symptoms? Often they are symptoms similar to a cold. You may even get a fever. But it lasts much shorter than a cold, and is not an illness, it is a reaction to the toxin. A clearing of the toxin. So peeing, pooping, blowing your nose, sweating, or crying are great ways to get rid of toxins.

I was blowing my nose last week, and this time I am weeping.

If your attitude is “it shouldn’t be” you will not welcome it. You will avoid the activity that preceded it, and you will continue living inside your head, miserable and self-righteous.

If you can welcome it, it is a great guidance.

One of the things I learned from last week’s healing event is that often a failure, an unpleasant setback is what you need to snap you out of your automatic direction that is going fast to nowhere. Of hell, in my case.

And the healing event that is happening now, is my body’s brave attempt to eject the toxin I created by making myself wrong for having been raped, at age three and a half.

While I was doing the homework I gave to my coaching group yesterday, practicing the who and the what… namely “happy”, I started to notice that underneath it all, deep-deep inside, I have been holding a “core” being that has never changed, that I am a worthless piece of junk… It is like the sand that irritates the oyster, and it grows a pearl around it.

But it doesn’t change the fact that the core of the pearl is an irritation.

Now I have a chance to either release it once and for all, or to reduce it… I have no control over it, when it’s ready it will go.

I can just make it easier by allowing it, and the weeping that goes with it.

Weeping is good.

PS: all detox products and programs should come with tons of healing events… If what you do the detox yourself doesn’t cause you healing events, then it’s worthless.

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  1. In western medicine, a lot of our focus in on suppressing the symptoms we experience. However, that act is actually more detrimental and causes a build up of illnesses at a later stage in life.

    However, in using natural cures, the symptoms are good signs.

    In fact, the symptoms often times seem to get worse when your body is healing.

    Their common reaction is:

    ”Has my treatment failed?”
    “Is this treatment inflicting more harm!?”
    “Should I stop the treatment?”

    On the contrary, these symptoms and signs indicate that our body is actually clearing toxins and impurities from our system for healing to get off the ground.

    This phenomenon called healing crisis or Herxheimer’s reaction.

    Though accepted in the holistic health community, most folks are not aware of this health fact and may think that their illness is getting worse and that the treatment is actually causing more harm.

    Healing crisis happens anytime your body is healing. That can be triggered from a range of activities from natural cures such as energy healing therapy to just an initiation of improved diet, or starting an exercise program to attending a life changing training!

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  1. Hello Sophie thank you for this information. I just remember after our coaching session where you downloaded the Unification, after the session I had a gassy stomach that lasted all night so did not sleep well.
    Two weeks ago, I started having joints and muscles ache and pain on my left arm then running nose, nasal bleeding then flu like. I also been lethargic, had headache heavy headed, rashes on my face, itchy skin and bottom. These are what I notice with myself and I have been asking what wrong with me? Now I know what going on that I am having a healing crisis and I am now allowing and welcoimg it. xoxo

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