All people are stingy but don’t know it…

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All people are stingy but don’t know it. (stingy: unwilling to give or spend; ungenerous)

Why? Because when you say stingy, you also need to specify what way. How. What they are not willing to give, reciprocate, provide, spend or invest in, because that is what they are stingy with.

And unless you know what lands as stingy in the world, for another, you cannot change it because, I think, you are justified.

You don’t have enough. You don’t see that it is necessary. Or it would render you below another… somehow.

Or maybe you are giving much, maybe too much in some area, so you are justified not to give in the other.

I used to have a friend. She was everyone’s driver… the helper of older people…

That activity proved to her that she was a good person. A driver.

And anyone who wanted any other form of generosity was left high and dry. Like myself, who, occasionally, would have enjoyed being heard. Having my gifts appreciated. Being told ‘Happy Birthday’ on my birthday… even if it took some reminding that it WAS my birthday.

But no, none of that. Driving? Yes. Everything else: no.

It had to be all about her.

So one day, after my latest birthday unnoticed, I said good bye to her. It still hurts.

After all it is so easy to be generous! To me.

But what prevented her, a 28 soul correction, to give generously of herself?

It was forced self-importance, and a good enough attitude. A need to talk, a need to be considered. A need to be right. To be the only person to be right. Either/or. Everywhere.

That is one ‘flavor’ of stinginess.

27 is stingy in a different way.

They live in scarcity, where their experience is that they don’t have enough, so they don’t have anything to spare, anything to give away, lest they will have nothing.

Interestingly, they don’t do anything to have more. They maintain this being in limbo, on the verge of being bankrupt.

What is not given is trust, partnership, and acceptance. Gratitude is given, but not appreciation. Appreciation is considering the other valuable. Gratitude is considering what one got as valuable. Not the same thing.

Even though 27 wants abundance, this unwillingness to do for it gives the fact away that there are goodies in always being on the verge… because they think that if there were no immediate need, they would do nothing… laziness? There is no appreciable inner need to perform, to produce, to be the best they can be… so they turn to manufactured need.

So as soon as the deadly danger goes away, they stop generating.

32, 23, 33 are stingy yet again differently.

Why is it important to know how you are stingy? And even how different soul correction people are stingy?

Because when you know how someone is by their birth numbers, it is easier to accept. They are not bad, they just can’t help it.

This doesn’t mean I would enjoy being friends with a 28, or even a 27.

But it is important to know for yourself. Why?

Your stinginess, your specific stinginess is what keeps you from living a life you love, a life you live powerfully.

Our examples, 27 and 28 share one important element: the unwillingness to become a producer, to do something for their inner fulfillment. To consider it a need.

To have it as a need you need to prime the pump. You need to give yourself enough experience of fulfillment to experience real fulfillment.

Both 27 and 28 say ‘good enough’ and they say it after a little bit of effort invested in a little bit of time.

If fulfillment were a tree, they reached the lowest branch, but never continued climbing.

Snacking. Never eating a full meal. Never developing hunger. So this way never developing the inner guidance. The inner guidance that takes them to a life well lived: health, wealth, love and fulfillment.

Sustained effort is the key, and saying ‘good enough’ is the killer of that.

When you know what robs you of a chance of a good life, you will have a choice. Not before.

My 27 and 28 students hear this for the first time… if they are hearing it at all.

If and when they do: they have a choice. And choice is what you want, right?

When you don’t find out how you are stingy, what holds the fullness of life out of your reach, then you’ll have a choice.

Not many people can separate the important from the unimportant. Good guidance is hard to come by.

The Soul Correction Coaching workshop I ran a few years ago doesn’t address the stinginess.

Because stinginess is like a switch…

it needs enough force applied for long enough time, but then it flips and the abundance of life is suddenly available.

It’s like a door… once you step through it, it’s a whole new world.

Not many people can do it on their own.

So how can I help?

I can help you see how you are stingy. Without seeing it, deeply, you cannot change it. And then, when you see it, I can help you open that door, turn that switch off… So you can enter the world of abundance and live in it.

I do it in a new Soul Correction Coaching format.

It is important that you are working on something… If you can’t think of anything to work on, if you don’t have a long term project, then I recommend the 67 steps… It will bring up how you are stingy really fast.

And the benefit of that is that it all happens in email…

And because how you do anything is how you do everything, how you do the 67 steps is how you do relationships, how you do your job, how you do your health.

Find and correct your stinginess

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