Takeover of the planet through taking over your mind

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gibberThe general public, including writers, can’t fathom anything less crude for mind-control than the affirmations in the Brave New World, or the microchip in Interface. A little bit more subtle is the method in Snow Crash, but not much.

The general public, including writers, cannot perceive, cannot conceive, cannot believe in the idea that mind-control is much more subtle, and it is going on all the time.

Or maybe how it is done in reality would not sell books? That is possible too.

Who is controlling your mind and to what end? What do they want that they are doing it… and they have been doing it for about seven thousand years… maybe even more.


In this regard, to what end, the novel, “Interface” is what comes closest to showing the why’s and what for’s…

The Brave New World shows the world as it is AFTER the mind control people have done their work: we can see that all control, all influence, all morals, and all principles are dictated by a mighty small number of people. The rest is relegated to the job fitting to them: their job is to produce and consume. Produce and consume.

We cannot quite see who and how they benefit… that book was written almost a hundred years ago.

In Snow Crash it is one person’s madness: he wants to rule it all.

In Interface it’s a group of people, The Network, that is “protecting their financial interests”.

What is in common in all three books is a person’s inability to feel, realize, know that it is happening to them.

It is happening and it is happening to you. It is happening to your teacher, and it is happening to your guru. It is happening to your politician… they didn’t dream this up, they are puppets on as string as well.

conformThe goal? I guess total domination, but if they want that, they have succeeded already.

In the Interface what sets off their actions is an imminent threat to their financial interests. Some knucklehead US President’s careless speaking in a televised appearance.

What happens to one that stands in the way of these “powers that be” behind the scene orchestrator of our lives? What will they do to them?

In all the books their fate is death. Or obscurity.

How are they doing it? People go “apeshit” thinking of the thought of “them” spraying from air planes disease causing, or mind altering substances.

People have stories to tell about being abducted by aliens and have their mind altered physically.

People are afraid that the food supply, the water supply will get to them.

These are very gross methods: the mind is altered by subtle energies.

What is energy? This is the most frequent question I get from people.

Energy is a wave. It has amplitude (strength) and frequency (pitch), and modulation: change in either or both of amplitude and frequency.

tv-mind-controlEnergies can combine, like I combine, aka bundle energies for easy handling and invulnerability.

When I infused the individual energies of Heaven on Earth in water, within a day all those energies were identified and countered. But bundled energies are harder to decypher: the order, the strength, the combination is complicated, just like breaking a code.

It is even more difficult when it is more than 40 energies in a bundle.

alex-jones-mind-controlThis is the real reason I have these energies bundled. They are near impossible to detect, near impossible to break, and near impossible to alter.

Not that the powers that be hasn’t tried… or aren’t trying.

Energies are great carriers of emotions: for about a year, every day some bad feeling was broadcasted… now it comes rarely, unless they can direct it, and it doesn’t come my way.

In the Interface the delivery mechanism was through radio waves, and through specific memories of the person puppetized…

3y87mI am not writing this article to scare you… you are already too scared. You are already immobilized by fear.

I am writing to wake you up.

You can snap out of the reverie and start your recovery.

My programs seem to cause a fairly good recovery, and I am tweaking and shaping them so they work better.

6I don’t know of any other program that works, not at this point.

If you think you know of a program that works as well, let me know. I’ll check it out.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Takeover of the planet through taking over your mind”

  1. Sophie, I remember watching a documentary in Russian about a guy in early 1900’s who proved that certain radio waves and signals can be used to control people’s minds. They were doing it in Russia. If it was done back then, today it’s probably done even in a more powerful way. Now, from what I hear you are saying that by taking your energy and doing energy clearing/moving you taught us at class will protect us from being affected is that right?

    I’ve done an experiment by placing your energy, water charged with Energizer and abundance, next to smart meter and next to Wi-Fi those are control devices too. Before, I couldn’t even get close to smart meter I would feel my energy drain and I would get nausea and after I placed energized water in a bottle on it, it didn’t affect me and muscle test proved it too. Body is weak next to those devices and with energy taped to a device it’s very strong. At least I can sit at my computer desk for a long time without feeling drained and weak. Thank you.

  2. I think you are onto something. I have been attacked for 10 days now, and this time they are targeting the heart. I have been putting the energized/infused water closer and the effects are weaker then. But the strongest effect is to connect. Just 20 seconds of connecting undoes about two hours worth of damage by the attacks. Very regenerative, restorative infusion of energy.

    I am thinking of teaching to connect again, but only to select people, like yourself

  3. That would be great Sophie. I watched your how to connect videos but I am not sure if I can connect. One thing I noticed when I put attention on the tangerine spot and roll my eyes backwards after about ten seconds I can’t open my eyes. I feel pressure and can’t open them only after few minutes when I relax my eyes. I don’t know if it means anything. Thank you.

  4. no, it actually means that you are trying to do physical things, like straining your eye muscles to achieve a spiritual connection.

    the connection happens through the tangerine spot, and the eyes are only to lock the connection so you can do other things while you are connected.

    the eyes are JUST a lock… have nothing much to do with the connection.

    In the beginning, when you start, it puts your attention to the tangerine spot, but then, as soon as you energetically found your tangerine spot, as soon as you opened the portal, you are connected.

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