Your current “core” identity. How to find it, how to build a better one?

your core identityI have written in a previous post that I discovered that my hidden identity is “worthless piece of junk = unwanted”. I use the word junk, because this expression is a translation from my native Hungarian. In the original the expression is closer to “nothing” than anything, by the way. But in English, I am afraid, that won’t communicate. “I am nothing”, does it?

From time to time I notice it “informing my mood, informing my actions.”

I found a blog that I enjoy reading. The writer of the blog is intelligent, inventive, and although we have a different base world view (he prays, I don’t) I like his blog a lot. I researched him this morning. All the pictures on his blog are white folks… turns out he is a good looking Black guy from Florida.

Hm. What must be his “core” identity that he won’t show his face on his blog?

dressing-the-part-lgIf your “core” identity is something that works against you being whole and complete, you will compensate for it.

Compensation means: you resist… Resisting means you made it wrong first.

In my course, Soaring Method, I teach how to find your “core” identity. It is important to know it, exactly, or you will be stuck resisting it. Resisting it makes you ineffective in life. Your life will be build on mud, and whatever you build will become, at best, the Leaning Tower of Pisa… or rubble, as it was in my case with my Amazon business.

Focus_ignored-aspectsSo you see, even people as aware as myself find some stuff they are unaware of… So please make sure you start out on a hunt to find your “core” identity.

It is not a belief, by the way. Belief is defined best by it’s opposite. Belief is the opposite of doubt.

Core identity is cemented: it has no opposite: it is not a belief. You have no doubt on your mind that it’s so. You can have only one powerful way to deal with it: embrace it.

Of course you want to find it with all your might. But fighting it will cost you… because fighting what is not true is futile.

Your core identity is not true, and yet it acts as if it were true.

As long as you are able to embrace it like a broken faced idiot child you borne, as long as you don’t try to get rid of it, or fix it, it will let you be, it will let you do anything, go anyplace, be happy, successful, whatever anyone else can be.

But the moment you ignore it, the moment you fight it, it’s over: it takes over.
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