If you need encouragement to become X you’ll never be X

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  • If you need encouragement to become X you’ll never be X
  • Work sets you free
  • If you need encouragement to become an entrepreneur you’ll never be an entrepreneur.

Context, of course, is decisive… Arbeit macht frei is true… but…

On the gates of hell, on the gates of Auschwitz, Dachau, Theresianstadt that principle feels like mockery. The slogan: Work sets you free through Crematorium number 3. Sob, sob. Weep, weep.

If you need a reason to work, then you’ll never do work.

Reasons, like encouragement is outer. Money is outer. Praise, success: all outer. The work that sets you free is inner.

And yet, work sets you free… but what is free and what is work?

Let’s start with free… is there freedom without another word? No. There is freedom from, and there is freedom for…

So what does work frees you from… and what does work free you for?

And what is work? Why is it that some activity looks like work but isn’t? Homework done with the homework attitude isn’t work. Hm.

Looking at the participants in my Prison Break program (or really any of my programs!) something mind boggling is happening, something I didn’t expect.

They want to skip the work.

So obviously they think that there is something on the other side of the program, independent of the work… and not the result of the work.

Work, done correctly, is what earns you being worth a damn… or whatever you had in mind when you signed up to the Prison Break program.

You do the work, and the work you do works on you.

For most people this would be the first time in their lives to actually do work. Would be. It will remain a ‘would be’ unless some understanding penetrates the cultural misunderstanding of life: work is what creates you being worth a damn.

The work you skipped in favor or ‘getting it done, the homework attitude’ creates you, leaves you not being worth a damn. It’s that simple.

But which you? There are two! Which you am I talking about. Which you does the work would create, on which you would the work work?

If you need encouragement to become an entrepreneur you’ll never be an entrepreneur.

If you need encouragement to do work you’ll never do work. Even if that work would set you free.

But why? Because work comes from the inside. The energy of work.

Most of what you need in life to become happy, fulfilled are from the inside. Encouragement is from the outside.

So thus far every single person that has been doing that program, has done ‘work’ from the outside… None of it comes from the inside.

Because your connection to your inside can be damaged. Damaged by all the things a child does not easily deal with. Loss, fear. And so, today, instead of having the healthy drive from the inside, you have unhealthy coping mechanisms from the outside. Drive from the identity you invented for yourself.

Unhealthy coping mechanisms are coping mechanisms… they are not who you are.

To restore your connection to the inside, where the inner drive comes from, we need to remove at least some of the coping mechanisms.

This is when we manage to disable them one by one… when we manage to chip away at them, one by one, at some point the inner drive can be felt and can guide us. At what point? Muscletest says when you can reduce the blockage to 30% or less.

Your connection to your inner drive you block by calcified habits… the identity you made up for yourself.

In a recent ‘experiment’ I didn’t intend as that, I saw something new.

One of the really alarming symptoms I managed to make visible is the identity that you are good, blameless, guiltless, and better than god.

In the ‘experiment’ I talk about resentment. Resentment against me. I offered a $250 gift to those who contact me to discuss it.

Only one person responded to my request to contact me to deal with the resentment that was blocking our relationship.

We had an hour long call…

  • About 3% of the call was about how and why he resented me or what I said or did that offended him.
  • The rest of the call was about why and how nearly everything offends homo sapiens.

How and why homo sapiens has no chance for happiness, fulfillment, etc. as long as they think that who they are is the sum total of their feelings, actions, attitudes, their looks, their social affiliations, their sexual orientation, etc.

Because all resentments disappear, when you can tell your self apart from all that stuff. They are not the same, they don’t even overlap.

OK, maybe for you they are, if you consider that you are the sports team you root for. That you are the car you drive. That you are your IQ. Or that you are heterosexual. Or fat/skinny/etc.

If you insist on that that is who you are, I am OK with that. But just please know: that makes you the dog that is wagged by the tail.

And when you don’t open my audio that teaches you how to be happy, because you are afraid to be the person who resents anything… then you just opened yourself up, again, to be insulted.

You see getting this whole ‘what is your self and what is your precious I, Frankenstein’s monster like precious I, false self’ requires, needs, presupposes a certain level of comprehension.

And if your ‘Precious I’ says that you are smart… now you are sh!t out of luck, because when I tell you you are not, that you are just feeble minded, that your comprehension is pitiful, you’ll get offended.

You’ll argue and hate me, because you think I attacked you.

But I am talking about the not-you. Your level of comprehension is not you.

You are you, all intrinsic values, all good. And you are not what you do, what you say, or god forbid your IQ.

But when you think you are all those other things, then your IQ is, by necessity, becomes low… because the ‘self-concern’ hinders, blocks real thinking… You being so concerned for the precious I, for the not-you.

OK, I’ll cut you some slack.

I first heard this in 1986. That was 36-37 years ago. And I just got it fully during that hour long call…

I am talking about the real self… and the not-self, the false self. The false self the part that you have but not are.

Until that call… ugh. I really didn’t get what the two selves really are.

I felt that there were two selves. And I could also feel that they were at odds. Taught and meant that self-love, the two selves embracing meant integrity, being whole and complete, and a crucial ingredient for happiness…

But I didn’t see, couldn’t see, didn’t even consider that the real self doesn’t include all the things you have, including the good things.

But I think I have arrived to the final and true view of how the two selves are.

The real self is innocent. It just is. It is worried about nothing.

And that is how you were as a baby.

But then life happened. And things happened that were threatening the child with loss of love, loss of life. So the child made up behaviors that reduced the threat, or at least looked like they could reduce the threat.

And the false self, the inauthentic self was born, the one I call precious I.

And the real self had less and less power to get through to your attitudes, to your actions, to anything that interfaces with life…

So today you live your whole life as that inauthentic self, protecting it as if your life depended on it.

‘I am good! I don’t resent anything. And I am not angry. I am smart. Look how well I am doing what you asked me to do!’

But of course it is all pretense.

I actually have no problem with any of the pretenses you have… except that they are preventing your inner self from ever being able to express itself.

Ambition. Loving work. Loving. Caring. Brilliance. Curiosity. Courage. Consistency. Not any of these are available to you… because all of these come from the inner self… which is walled away.

And that is what I have a problem with.

Unless you get, unless you grok, unless you at least intellectually grasp that what we are up against is the false self, the false self that you are protecting, the false self that is not you… my work is wasted on you.

And like with everything that blocks the flow, the job is to chip away at the wall.

Chip, chip, chip. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

It is useful to go back to the originating incident of each, even though they are traumatic. They are. You need to be prepared to weep. I am weeping as I am writing this.

I am talking about going back to the DECISIONS you made when you felt hurt or threatened.

I made several decisions in MY originating incidents.

I decided to never need anyone. To never be a burden. To not even want to belong. And many more… and guess what: these became my false self. My armor. And they left me alone. Not connected. Not enjoying intimacy, love, shared anything.

You have made a hundred decisions. Each created the false self… the Precious I… and you are screwed until you get that living life in a protective armor is not graceful, not easy, not dance-like… and it is time to take off at least some of that armor.

For me it began with learning to express anger.

I had been afraid to express… because my 3-year old mind decided that my anger killed.

It took me years… but it was worth it. Today when I get angry it blows out in mere seconds, without me needing to manage it… or hide it.

You have to start somewhere.

Authenticity, inauthenticity is all about the real self expressed.

To the degree you express your Precious I, your not-self, your false self, to the same degree you are inauthentic.

When you look at my many vibrational reviews, from the number you can get at least one thing: the level of inauthenticity of the guru I review.

You can visualize the gap, the space between their real self and the person they are presenting… The bigger the gap the lower the vibration.

Kabbalists believe that opportunistic diseases take advantage of that space… and fill it. Diseases like cancer.

I have managed to reduce my inauthenticity, and increase my happiness in these 36-37 years. My inauthenticity is 3% now.

Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood had 30% inauthenticity… and died of stomach cancer… and a broken man.

The people of the world are getting more and more inauthentic, more and more identifying with their false self… and thus everything seems like an offense, an attack, a slight on their self.

My clients, the people I am trying to teach, the people I wanted to have that audio, clock in between 70%-100% inauthenticity.

The higher that number, the less intellect is available to the person. Especially when they detect threat… Which is more often when inauthenticity is higher……

So in a way it is nothing to be surprised about that only three people have actually listened to the audio. More downloaded it, but didn’t listen. Because it felt like a slight, it felt like an attack, it felt like a danger to their established self-view… so no, they didn’t want it.

So, as I am known to say, stupid as the stupid does.

Imagine yourself on the open see. No land in sight. Sharks. A boat comes by and throws a lifesaver at you. You duck. And you swim away… The lifesaver feels like a threat… You are OK… lol. The sharks rejoice.

So now what?

Now I SELL you that audio, that is what. You didn’t want it when it was a gift? OK, I am OK with that.

Oh, now you want it? Now it will cost you.

It is now part of my ‘self’ course…

Start chipping away at the not-self

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