Prison Break? What prison are you in unbeknownst to you?

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Prison Break or the Art of Questions…

What could someone do when the world, your health, your body, your relationships are not going the way they should… do anything other than be complacent, resigned, live in quiet desperation?

I always had this question, but reading the Fatemarks series the question is getting louder in my head.

On the internet

  • I am seeing complainers
  • I am seeing SJWs… social justice warriors, who shout. Who are angry. Who threaten. You can imagine that if they could, they would slash-slash kill.
  • Seeing the unhappy and just as vocal right-wing… intolerant and the mirror image of the SJWs
  • and, of course, the positive thinkers… ugh.

So far I haven’t seen anything that would or could make a difference. I am looking in several countries given my associations there.

And darkness and greed and power hunger is darkening the Earth.

Now, if you really look, we don’t have much if any control outside of ourselves. But what is outside?

There are two layers of ‘outside’…

  • At the core is the Self.

Even the spirit is outside of that. Independent of it… independent of the Self.

The next layer is still things you habitually call ‘my this and that’ and that is the correct wording. You have all that… and you have some control, some semblance of control over it. At the minimum you can say: I have that, I am not that.

Like you have a country, a nationality, a favorite football team, but you are not your country, you are not your nationality, and you are not your favorite football team. If and when you consider your Self to be that: that is incorrect.

  • What belongs to this ‘having’ layer is in no logical order

evil inclinations


This is the layer that you have SOME control over. Some. You can change some things about them.

And then there is the third layer where you have absolutely no control.

the weather
other people
past mistakes

Most of our energy goes to this third layer, the uncontrollable. We fret about them (trust me, I know), pray to some deity or some magic to change them.

But the moment you are WILLING to accept that they are uncontrollable, you can calm down, start breathing, and put your energies where they can be useful.

To the degree a client can do that, to the degree I can produce results with them.

Don’t discount human nature. Human nature is not pretty.

Whether it is because what Kabbalah says that humans, the human souls were originally created to be purely receiving, or because it is just so, human nature is not pretty. In fact it is ugly.

But it is yours to control. Your own human nature. Your own desire to receive for the self alone. Not other people. Other people are outside of your control.

Some books are brilliant at showing the inner workings of people. The Fatemarks is excellent at it, and is excellent at showing the instances and the thought process when ‘desire to receive for the self alone’ turns into ‘desire to receive for the sake of sharing’. Temporarily.

It’s thousands upon thousands of pages, so I don’t recommend it, unless you have the time.

There are no good people. There are people who manage their human nature more diligently than others.

And humans are pretty shabby at the art of managing themselves.

They think, their minds think, mistakenly, that what is done remains that way. Nothing does. EVER.

The nature of reality is that the only constant is change.

Everything changes, inside and outside, except the Self… the core.

You can call that the god-self, if that makes you feel better. But it is not active, i.e. it doesn’t DO anything, it just is. So if your idea of the god-self is that it commands, controls, gives, or whatever, then it’s some fancy, created mystical unreality.

So what can you do that is the BEST you can do? The best any human can do.

Gandhi said: BE the change you want in the world.

I will reword it so it is clearer, given that homo sapiens has NO access to BEING. Gandhi didn’t have access to being either.

What you can do is attend to what is YOURS TO DO.

Attend to what you SEE. So you can see more, so you can modify the MEANINGS you have given to things in a way so you can BE empowered.

And then DO what the new view gives you that can change your life for the better.

Now, given the impoverished, narrow cone of vision, the way people live today, jerked by the media, you may need to widen what you can see, what you can think, so you are not left with just a very few options… like most people.

What? Yeah. Most people. If you are not one of them, then just consider that even if you COULD see many options, you probably are not LOOKING. Habitually not looking.

Unless, of course, LOOKING is required by the profession you practice, novelist, copywriter, screenwriter, puzzle designer…

Most professions prefer that you have answers, not questions.

Otherwise you are locked into a small box. Whether you have raw material outside of that box or not, won’t matter much. You don’t have access to it.

In my Podcast call yesterday with Bonnie, this came out really clear.

She has access to only one option to solve an issue.

I was lucky: I’d just read something and that gave me an opening to see more options… but…

The nature of humans is to be locked in, and get glimpses of the outside only occasionally. And not even willingly.

We feel that we are locked in, but we don’t seem to know that we can take journeys outside of the ‘prison’. At will.

Take trips. Trips that we ask for, that we insist on, that we commit to.

I remember a few years ago when I was still mobile, I went shopping every week. And every single time I considered it a chore, or an adventure, depending on the day.

And every week I was surprised that there is life outside of my cell…

Or I used to go to evening seminars… they were a trip outside of my cell too.

Depending on my willingness to consider those trips as ‘oxygen therapy‘, they were a bother or an enriching experience.

Enrichment? What do you need enrichment for? This is a real question, and I bet you think it is to FEEL different.

No, no, and no. It is to be able to see more options than what you are seeing now in your cell.

In the cell you have one or two options, and that is that.

But the world is big, and thousands of options are possible, except that you don’t see them.

Step 54 of the Prison Break program teaches you a methodology where you sit down and ask questions to open up options and follow them down the rabbit hole as far as you can… while still sitting.

It’s like cooking in a way. You have two-three ingredients and you can only think of one or two dishes that you can make with those. And you hate them both.

Unless you get more ingredients you are stuck at eating what you hate… ugh.

The program itself, the Prison Break is a multi-month program that takes you on a journey, much like my seminar evenings.

Every visit is long, interesting, and widens your view, for a moment.

To the degree you can bring what you saw into your cell, to the same degree your pantry gets more ingredients to cook your life with.

If you do the trips with ‘let’s get it over with’, you will get no new ingredients.

It takes exactly as much time and as much effort to come back with ingredients as it takes to not.

One way enriches your life, helps you see more ways to be, do, feel, and be happy, productive, and healthy. The other way will do nothing of the sort.

So, for most people, the first thing that is inside your power is to manage your attitude towards the visits, towards the program. From dutiful to joyous.

Unfortunately if your body lives in scarcity, in survival mode, you cannot do the program joyously.

Illness, cell dehydration, money troubles can cause a scarcity mindset, robbing you of your ability to enjoy the trips.

Me too… Here is one of the times I did not, could not enjoy the trip.

Once I was in California for the weekend. I was invited by friends to show me around. I was jetlegged, and I sleepwalked through it. I saw nothing.

I didn’t have coherent water with me. I bet my cell hydration was very very low.

That is how I am, how we all are when the body is in scarcity mode, in survival mode.

A client of mine, when she neglects to attend to her cell-hydration, she becomes belligerent. Argumentative. Explaining. Justifying. She is in the program, but barely. I just muscletested her cell-hydration and it is 1%.

She is a ‘don’t tell me what to do‘ when her cell hydration is low.

So I may be forced to take her out of the program… maybe that is what she wants…

To feel in control in her small cell.

I have no problem with that. If that is what she wants, if that is what YOU want, it’s OK with me.

I can help the people who want to be helped.

Even ‘god’ is like that… help yourself and then you can get help… or however the saying goes.

And another saying: ‘Those who have much will get more, and they will have much more than they need. But those who do not have much will have everything taken away from them.‘ It seems to come from Matthew…

Anyway, if you would like to work with a pantry that is fuller than poverty, so you can have more options, this program, the Prison Break, may be for you.

It is a combination of 67 audios by Tai Lopez, and my process to help you to take home what you got… to enrich your pantry… and give you more options.

Enroll in the Prison Break

PS: just one additional ‘benefit’, if you don’t mind. About opportunities…

Opportunities, in anything, don’t become visible inside the cell, unless you have trained your eyes, and have seen much of the world. SEEN…

What you see currently as opportunity is greed-driven, not SEEING driven. Not even looking. No choosing… instead jumping. Mostly into an empty swimming pool.

To SEE, you need to have many questions that help reveal what is there… And in my experience, you have no questions… no questions that would reveal. Your questions come from the mind and therefore are useless.

You know who you are…

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