Love: the lies, the misdirection, the inaccuracies, and the birth of unendurable misery

wanting loveYou are taught to love. You are preached to love. They say love has a high vibration. They say love will transform you.

But what is love? Love is a state of total acceptance of what is. Not condoning what is, not succumbing to it, just accepting it for what it is. And that love is the keyhole through which you attain happiness.

When you read about love, you always mean “people”. Love has nothing to do with people, and has nothing to do with the warm fuzzy feeling of safety that you crave so badly.

cat_doesnt_want_to_be_petted-26945That warm fuzzy feeling is something else. We could say “drug induced” because hormones are drugs. Potent drugs.

Watch a cat: once it had its fill of warm fuzzy purring “love” it wants to be left alone. And so do you.

The love you crave is a temporary condition, much like hunger.

But real love is nothing like that. Real love is really hard work. A moment to moment acceptance of what is, accurately. More often than not, it is catching yourself hating.

Many first time visitors recoil from my writing, and say “your anger, your hate is low vibration”… blah blah blah.

They are students of loving everyone and saying nice things about them, specifically lie about them and what they do.

Yeah, that is your life in a nutshell: you are taught to lie through your teeth while you hate most things and most people. Wonderful. Your vibration is low, because … not because you hate, but because you try to love on the top of it, or at least pretend to love.

As I go through a normal day, I go through a wide range of emotions. A lot of it is anger and a lot of it is hate.

For example, I bought something last year in May… almost a year ago. It is a subscription that is impossible to cancel: the people don’t answer, paypal doesn’t care, etc. etc.

I am angry. I could eat for a month with the money they siphoned out of my paypal account, and I feel trapped. Hate, anger, I feel my chest tighten, my harmony disappear, incoherence, storm, tightness in my shoulders and upper arm, difficulty breathing.

All signs of resisting how it is. Not signs of hate or anger, signs of resistance.

So, how do you get back to coherence? How do you accept what is unacceptable?

I am asking this question “live” because I don’t quite have an answer yet, so I am looking. The Mind says: “if you accept it, you are a sacrificial lamb and you’ll be further victimized.”

Hm, is that really so? Dumb mind… no matter your life is dumb, your chief advisory board is dumb giving your dumb advice, that keeps you tense, resisting, ineffective, and unhappy.

Time to move counter and look for guidance from the “Beyond”, the “invisible” the 99% of reality: To return to power, to your full intelligence, you MUST accept that the facts are the facts. Not that it is right to steal money from me, it may not be right. It may even be wrong. But it is what it is… Ok, I am calming down now… and start… surprise, looking for a way to do something about it.

I find that I have been mailing to the wrong address… maybe another address will bring me result? Maybe paypal does have a customer service? Let me look…

There is still fear there… so let’s address that: I feel fear that I may not EVER be able to WIN… that does sound like a MIND thing to me, so time to tell the MIND to shut the f… up!

funny-cat-gifs-040-003OK, breathing is normal, shoulders are loose, fear is gone.

Life has returned to me, coherence is back to normal, and I can now do whatever I want to… reality is what reality is, but the part of reality that needs to be handled (and I will) is just a tiny speck on the 360 degree reality.

This is the state that is called love, and this is what you can actually have power to achieve… no pretense necessary.

Now, one more thing for the sake of Denise, who asks all those questions from the mind: What were the two wolves in this above scenario?

  • Wolf 1: I am resisting how it is, BECAUSE… We can call this the BECAUSE wolf, the wolf that makes us an effect.
  • Wolf 2: The wolf that says: my internal state, my power is mine… and I will take back my power from all BECAUSE. I am causing my life, and accepting reality the way it is is my access to it. I don’t have to like it. I don’t have to agree with it. I don’t have to condone it. I don’t have to change it. I don’t have to fix it. I can just look at it, and see it for what it is.

    Wolf 2 says: my mother loved me the way the my mother loved me. She fed me, she clothed me, she sent me to school. The fact that it differed from my mind’s picture of love is also true, also a fact. How my mother loved me says nothing about her and say nothing about me. It is just how my mother loved me.

Wolf 1 speaks from the mind. the home of unreality.
Wolf 2 speaks from the Self… from Witness… from Consciousness.

It is your life. You can feed it to Wolf 1 if wish.

The Unification energy makes Self, Witness, Consciousness more available to you. It is still being tested. I am starting to see that it may need declarations like the Unconditional Love Activator. My work is cut out for me.

In the meantime, just use the energies I have tested and offer for sale. They work and they will prepare you for the Big Bang of the Unification energy. I won’t offer it for sale for anyone who is not prepared by the other energies… just so that you know.

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