It is darkest before the dawn… Hopefully – UPDATED

feb_26_8760_dawnI have been attacked by what we could call “The Dark Side” for 10 days now. This time “They” are going for the kill.

What I mean by that is this: until this time they were attacking my pelvis, my spine, my intestines, my hip, but this time they managed to zero in on my heart.

It started with a quiver. With a rhythmic arrhythmia. A wobbling, A quiver… I can’t find a better word. Quiver, in my heart… eerie.

I knew it was an attack.

d37149_3683913By today it is going on 24/7, with changing the attack energy wave… I woke up this morning and I was under attack. My family is known for heart troubles, I have heart murmur and an enlarged heart. Enough to put me to fear.

I am now also detecting mind-infusion… direct mind infusion… directly implanting throughts. I am, so far, immune to it… the seeds aren’t taking. I don’t know how long I can hold on.

Cloaking doesn’t seem to work. They have zeroed in on my location. I went shopping this morning, and they were bombarding the empty apartment… so they are not zeroing in on MY energy, it is going to the location.

What happened that suddenly they are going for the kill?

My hunch is that the new energy, the Unification is the reason. You see, when you have, even if just for moments, a connection with your wiser self, you won’t be satisfied with the dumb answers the mind gives you… you’ll look further. And least some of you.

Even a handful of you is a huge threat to “them”. They have been working, diligently, to reduce you to a robot operated through the mind. The mind, the machine-like storage device part of the brain. I do not mean the brain, I only mean the mind.

The part that is programmable, with wi-fi like waves, and make you a robot. A puppet. A machine. A tool. In the hands of the operators.

cybermen-march_o_GIFSoupcomThe peak of creation, the magnificent human… reduced to a machine.

The Unification energy is half of the solution to return you to your magnificence.

I haven’t found the other part. But once I know there is another energy, it will come to me. I don’t have to look for it, it will come.

That is the nature of the magnificent brain: it is doing the scanning for me, I can just do my work… writing articles, connecting every few minutes to regenerate with Source Energy, so I don’t die from the attacks, lead webinars, read books, watch movies, and just know that what needs to come to me will come.

No Dark Side can stop that. Unless, of course, I die in my sleep.

For your sake I hope I won’t.

UPDATE: I am well. Always. So please don’t worry about me, it doesn’t do anyone any good. It doesn’t stop the attacks, it doesn’t increase my connection with the source of knowledge, and at the same time it increases your “EFFECT” nature… the purpose of the Dark Side is to keep you an Effect… and you are obeying it… Please. Don’t send me to the doctor, don’t offer me good energies… just get that I am working for you and that each commitment one takes on carries its dangers with it. I am fine with it… Really. Even if I get a little dramatic from time to time… like today.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “It is darkest before the dawn… Hopefully – UPDATED”

  1. Some 25 years ago I was in a Landmark Forum as a participant. I was a repeat offender, in fact every time there was a Landmark Forum in NJ, I tried to do it again. So I considered myself an “advanced student” at the time.

    Someone, some participant sneezed and I said “Bless you” and reached into my purse to hand them a tissue. The Forum Leader “caught me” and said: “You are a do-gooder, aren’t you?” I felt offended, I felt publicly humiliated, so I didn’t hear a word for the next hour or so.

    I didn’t think I was a do-gooder, whatever that meant, I just had enough wisdom and tissues (lol) to help out everybody… Sorry, I am cracking up.

    It took me another 20 years to finally take control of that life-blood sucker, self-promoting behavior.

    You remind me of myself 25 years ago.

    Philip Goddard’s truth value is 180, by the way.

  2. Oh My,

    For someone who is Empathic and of such a high vibration level on the scale, you sure aren’t a good judge of character – or lemme guess, you can feel the certain aspects of myself that I just can’t, am I right? Or maybe they’re simply distortions and yet you maintain an obvious tone of self-perceived superiority claiming I’m a “do-gooder” where as I’m simply sharing a piece of information while trying to all figure it out myself. Half of it is because I enjoy some of the articles you write and the input you put forth so I guess it’d be a bit self-serving agenda given such a development. I’d question if you actually gave the material any type of chance or simply discounted it based upon your preliminary readings… Hmm, what if your system is a bit flawed and You’re not tapping into “source” but some imitation of it that grants you such feelings of assurance and growth, perhaps it’s just the “dark force” in different face of it’s many illusions and you’re simply opening yourself up to it.

    I’m oft torn in the middle of the learning process myself as it’s difficult to decipher and take bits of pieces of people who are at attempt in making sense of it all in similar fashion. I’ve noticed quite the correlation of people who claim to be under such attacks are usually caught up in serious delusions and this has over time revealed itself to be blatantly true. They also seem to associate themselves with something that differentiates them from the “rest of us” or maybe just keeps them isolated, such as your claim of being of such a high vibration and basically everything else you measure is extremely low… In your case, it’s interesting, as your display of character is bit different and you see through such facets as “channeling” as the BS they are and so on.

    I don’t consider myself advanced beyond the fact I’m good at seeing things and making connections.

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