On Synergy, On Guidance, On Power, On Being A New Christ

Most people I talk with on the phone. I have hundreds of hours of audios of my phone conversations. One day I’ll publish them. But this correspondence was in email: it’s a simple copy and paste, and you can learn from it. I promise. Warning: if you are a Christian, this correspondence will be offending to you. I have warned you!

Tim to me:
How do I get to the point where I understand the power I have and can use it for effective use?

My answer to Tim:

Great question, Tim. If you were one of my students, I would say that you need to start small… experience the All-of-it responding to you.

It’s almost like if you didn’t know mirror but wanted to learn what the mirror is, you would move just a little bit and watch the figure in the mirror does… that is the part where you understand the power you have.

The second part is a hair harder: you need to be willing to be guided, and most people’s ego doesn’t like that. It is MY soul correction, and how I accomplish it is I check in with source as frequently as my ego will permit… not frequently enough, sometimes I got for days on assumption and then I find out I am on the wrong path. Oh well.

Getting guidance is easy: you close your eyes, connect to Source (level 2 or level 3 is best) and surrender. No questions are needed, Source knows what you are up to. The questions anyway come from ego… that’s why most people don’t get answers. Ego questions are ignored.

Because you are visual, the answers may come to you as a movie, or you may get them as I do: direct knowing.

The answers can be 1. context (the big picture) 2. next step (the small picture)

depending on where you are, you’ll get what you need. I think at this point you will still get to get yourself to a place where you CAN see the big picture. Two or three more small next steps.

Upwards. Like looking at a winding river from an airplane: you can see all the bends. From the water level you can see only till the next bend… scary.

I do believe that there is synergy between you and me, synergy rarely found between two people.

Sleep well. Don’t trust your sleeping dreams… not reliable enough. You’ll get your guidance when awake.


Tim to me:


I love you, you are truly wonderful and reading this made the hairs on my arms stand and tears in my eyes.

It’s a feeling I love!

Not many people understand what we know as Tim, few ever take the time to find the real me.

“My Life is my Passion” (my declaration in life) and that is all I have to do.

My lessons have come to me over the weeks and I sometimes do not know how to put them into words or what to do with the revelation.

Robert TallTree ignites me and opened up to a new way of thinking for me. Brian (bless him) also did, but with Brian I have a “but”. My intuition tells me to enjoy the bits I enjoy of Brian and drop the bits I do not and I still think there is something about Brian that is not open. It is like he wants to be a new Jesus Christ figure and it concerns me.

He wants Level5 for kids now and that is scary!

You are a whole different catch. I think you may just be my biggest fish ever. I have found an amazing women, who is amazingly loving and yet can laugh with us at herself and also has a grounding not often seen. I believe you have been attracted to me to
help us both illuminate those who want to listen to us.

I am overwhelmed with last night and I don’t know if everyone got me, but my passion was pouring out like a river.

You are right I am a creator, and all I need to do is to keep creating my world and if it all goes wrong, I can always flood it like the big “G” did…haha !!

My answer to Tim:

I had to go back to your email, and read it again and again. The part about Brian wanting to be a a new Jesus Christ figure…

Here is my take on that:

I always thought that there is something really attractive about JC… even though I am a Jew. But…

When I started the work on the Planetary Activation on July 24, I had some real relevant insights about JC:

If JC was – in fact – commissioned by Source to return humans to the Original Design, then He misunderstood the job and took the easy way out.

It is going to take a lot more to return humans to the Original Design than just talking.

Why? For 2 reasons

1. humans never made an agreement with Source to stay connected, in fact they were never connected.

Source made an agreement with the Vessel which is the totality of the souls. The souls have very little control over their human, if any. So returning humans, really enrolling and restructuring humans to know the way home, to be willing to do the soul’s bidding, and give up their ego for a second, so it can be done.

2. no ordinary methods have been proven to work on humans in altering the content of the ego, no matter how many times tried.

Adding new rules and road signs, as Brian does, as JC did, didn’t work.

That is why JC set it up to be crucified: hoping that the self-sacrifice will get deep into people’s psyche and make a permanent change there. It backfired: Christianity brought about the darkest and ugliest 2,000 years in humanity’s history. More self-righteousness, more blame-assigning, more sheeplike behavior than ever before in history.

3. Which means: following in JC’s footstep is an ego move: his methods didn’t work now and don’t work today. They, in fact, implant superiority, which is the gateway to more bloodshed etc.

4. In my humble opinion the job is to forge an agreement between humans and Source, where human assumes the agreement made by the souls (the agreement that the soul needs to earn its light) and in return it is supported and guided to start creating and using the equipment they are given: that of a creator.

And when Brian Ridgway throws about the phrase ‘unlimited being’ he is talking through his ass: he assumes a human to be monolithic not a thrown together bunch of aspects all pulling in a different direction: conscious mind, unconscious mind (ego), body, and soul… a total disaster. Only unifying the aspects as a team under a leading force will create an unlimited being… and that is not ready, not even started, and definitely won’t be done with Brian’s methods, no matter how many times he says “namaste”.

Thank you for allowing me to express myself (I hope you don’t mind)


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