A Half Truth is Still a Whole Lie

a-half-truth-is-a-whole-lie-8A Half Truth is Still a Whole Lie (Yiddish Proverb)

I don’t do this often. But today of all days I watched two videos, a total of about two hours… both on super consciousness.

The most important takeaway I had is the Yiddish proverb, that a half truth is still a whole lie.

So, what does that really mean? If someone’s vibration, or the truth level of their teaching is, let’s be generous, 250… should you follow that person? Should you make that person your spiritual guide?

liestravelLet’s examine what the 250 means: a truth level of 250 means about 9% truth. Which means 91% untruth.

The second video, how to activate your super conscious mind was about 40% things that are accurate… should I recommend you to watch it? I was actually asking this question of myself.

If you had the critical thinking faculties needed to tell truth from fiction, then I would have no problem sending you there, the 40% truth was good… but the 60% is a lie… and you can’t tell the difference.

And if my experience of you is any indication, you have (your mind?) an affinity to the parts that are untrue, and slide over, don’t even hear the parts that are true… weird.

Everyone I know who teaches tries to teach a complete system. Why? Because it is easier to sell. They have a skeleton of knowledge, and then they add to that skeleton “meat” from other people… and then they have the knowledge.

It takes courage to teach a tiny little piece of truth… but a piece that you are really sure works. Why? Because you have to tell the truth that the rest you don’t know. The rest you are not sure about. The rest you don’t trust.

Being a work in progress is the ultimate courage. Asking people to test ideas, methods with you, energies, activators, takes an immense amount of courage, and integrity.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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