What is stress? Not what you think…

cause-effect99% of humanity looks at the world, at what’s happening, at everything as an Effect does.

You can be Cause in life and you can be Effect.

You can’t even begin raising your vibration until you become, at least partially, Cause in your life, Cause of everything.

stress vs stressor

The Language – part of the conspiracy: Stress vs. Stressor

Not surprisingly, language has been altered to accommodate this overwhelming majority of victims, overwhelming majority of humanity that doesn’t want to take responsibility for their behavior.

Nowadays stress is spoken as if it was something that you are exposed to, like the weather.

But the truth is, there is no stress outside of you: what you call stress is a stressor. A stressor is something that has a history to cause resistance, and therefore stress.

pushing-resistanceResistance means: you said that what’s happening is wrong. That what’s happening shouldn’t be. That how it is is wrong. That the world is wrong. That reality is wrong. Resistance mean that you take yourself out of the flow of life, and resist it.

Stress is resistance. Stress is your attitude towards what is happening. Stress is absolutely and totally in your power to cause or not.

Your attitude is yours. It is not something that happens to you. It is something that you are or you are not willing to be responsible for. Your attitude is totally and solely belongs to you.

It takes practice to own what belongs to you, to change your attitude, you stop resisting. Conversely, your beliefs don’t belong to you. Most of the thoughts you have, don’t belong to you. Your emotions don’t belong to you. Your feelings don’t belong to you.

You only have power over what belongs to you. Your attitude, your actions, your consciously generated thoughts. That’s it.

Your mind doesn’t belong to you. It’s been trained to act as a free agent… an enemy pretending to be your friend.

The conspiracy of societies to rob you of your power

He made me do it… she made me do it.

Even the law is playing on the hands of those that prefer you to be an effect, not cause.

If someone kills in a fit of rage… they are treated differently, more leniently than another killer.

If you don’t begin to contemplate and then learn how to be a person, you’ll remain an effect.

When you are an effect, you are NOT a person. You are a thing.

Stressors_199% of humanity behaves like a thing. Person’s are not easy to control, things are.

So the Dark Side wants you to be a thing. The Dark Side wants you to be an effect.

They train all the people around you to treat you like a thing… Doctors would not be needed much if you weren’t a thing… so they make sure they tell you that you are a thing.

And most of you believe them.

Case study

I had a client here, he just left. He is complaining of stomach tightness. I also felt that his left arm was hurting. He is having circulation issues. I looked at his teeth and I recommended that he stops eating anything sweet.

The bacteria that causes plaque on your teeth is the same bacteria that causes plaque in your arteries.

He isn’t going to follow my instructions in spite of the money he paid me. Why? Because he isn’t willing to be responsible for his behavior. For what comes out of his mouth: yes or no. For what goes into his mouth.

Instead, now, he is afraid.

Fear is resistance to what is. Fear makes you incoherent, narrows your cone of vision, makes you stupid.

Instead he could contemplate that even if I am wrong, the advice is worth following.

His relationship to his attitude is based on society’s norm: your attitude has control over you.

It’s sinister, and in some corner of your consciousness, you know it.


The Dark Side Attacks and my attitude

In my article about the Dark Side attacks, yesterday, I said it clearly that it is an attack. My attitude is that this too shall pass… and while it is going on, I’ll just connect to Source for regenerative energy, and stay cool as a cucumber.

I chose my attitude: “no big deal.” and “I must be really close” and “I must be gaining on them”.

These are very inspiring attitudes. I have stressors and I don’t have stress or precisely worded: stress response.

Stress will kill you. Stress is the emotional molecules that poison your being, and constrict your heart, and reduce your breathing.

The Heaven on Earth aka Sleep Rescue helps you reduce the stress, even if you haven’t exercised control over your reactions, over your resistance to what is.

I have been offering a two for one, and it is all the same people buying it that know what it is.

I’d like to offer a free sample to people who have never used it before. You pay only for shipping and handling, and I send you a bottle with first class mail.

You have no control of the stressors, but you can learn to take control of your stress response.

sleep-rescue-narrowAs the HOE aka Sleep Rescue reduces the emotional reaction, you regain some of your coherence, some of your ability to look at the big picture. You also have to want to… or you’ll never see what you could see.

Try it. Unfortunately shipping to outside of the US is quite expensive… also: We don’t ship to Canada, sorry.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

10 thoughts on “What is stress? Not what you think…”

  1. I did a new song last night at the open mic. Technical difficulties. Not a good performance. Did not feel good, either while it was happening or after. It’s a good song, finishing it and playing it were accomplishments.

    My debriefing tells me to practice it a LOT more. Maybe I can’t present a new song without much more practice. It’s an inner game to face frustration in the face and to stick with it.

    Ego not happy, but an opportunity for growth.

  2. No. I thought I had brought the song to a level where I could present it. I practiced at home and attempted to anticipate the conditions in the theatre. It took a long time to set up the mic stands, the music stand, and to get ready to actually perform. Then I had a hard time seeing the lyric sheet and the neck of the guitar. All of this was a learning experience. I would say I could present a song this way at a songwriters circle, but not on stage.

    As much as I had done in preparation, I learned that I really need to do even more. This is the art of performance, and I have much to learn about it, and about bringing a level of professionalism to my work.

    Last week I gave myself the assignment of completing and presenting a new song. I did that. But I also found that I have much to learn about performing. The only way to learn is by doing. I am trying to put work up every week: a poem, an instrumental, or a song.

    In this whole experience I have two goals: growth and expansion as a human being, and growth as a musician. It’s all an ongoing challenge. I really cannot think seriously about a career at this point. I’m just not that accomplished. I am following this passion and learning what it takes, and seeing how far I can go. There are easier things for me to do to be successful. Every moment of this is a challenge and adventure. I am proceeding one day, one song at a time. This is my game, with myself.

  3. There’s a common expression in the music world: You need a place to go and be bad. This theater is that place for me. The host tells us it is a place to “workshop, experiment, fail, fail better.” Well, I hope to fail better. I do care. I am not satisfied to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. But there’s a learning curve. I put my work right up against that of professional level artists. I have played with some of them. I am not at that level yet. It’s a reality check for me, to see how far I have to go, and to learn from them what works. I am willing to be as good or as bad as I am right now, and this is a venue that allows for that.

    I thought I overheard one musician say to another, when you have a new song, wait two weeks before you perform it. Okay, good advice. It’s still going to be new to the audience. Some people can present a song they have just finished. I don’t think I can do that. Okay, more practice.

    If all I were concerned about was having a career, I might just quit now. I might look at my skill set or style and make a disempowering assessment. My ego might be crushed, or might feel safe again. I know I could find enough agreement out in the world to make me feel justified in quitting. No one needs my songs, and no one is clamoring to hear me sing. I might even be more useful to the world doing something else. Well, too bad, I’m not done yet.

  4. Curiousity question – why offer a ‘Canada’ option in your dropdown menu for your remedies, at more than 5 times the price of US shipping when you’ve openly said that:
    1) you do not ship to Canada
    2) your remedies don’t work in Canada
    It seems confusing.

  5. Lia, although, to you it seems confusing, but for all the Canadians, it is not an option, it is a NO. They would not buy it at that much higher a price, and they haven’t.

    So, it tells Canadians that it is not for them. I had someone who had it shipped to a friend’s address in the US but made the mistake of telling me, and I refunded her payment.

    If I didn’t say anything, they would order. This way they don’t. And I am sure it is also an effective way to tell them that I am a racist a… hole, so the number of Canadians hanging out on the site has diminished by about 90%.

    Answered your question?

    I’ve been meaning to ask you: did you ask your children to partner up with you to make the daily HOE or Effortless Abundance infused water?

    By the way, my remedies work in Canada, just won’t last past 24-48 hours due to the negative infusement from North.

  6. As a longtime student of the Elite Circle Coaching Program, I would think that goals don’t work well for humans. There are a thousand wrong ways to reach a goal, at least it feels that way.

    If you want to get on the path of growth, invent PRACTICES that are consistent with growth. And the correct mindset that goes with a practice.

    Because, according to a lot of “gurus” meditation is a path to growth, but meditation in order to (mindset!) isn’t a path, meditation done the wrong way isn’t, meditation as a way to calm yourself down isn’t… no room for the thousand wrong ways…

  7. Sophie, thanks for the clarification.
    I have to admit I was tempted to ship some of your remedies to my parents in Florida and have them bring them up ….
    The kids and I have made the HOE infused water but I am still working through the challenges of everyone in the household consuming that water consistently enough to test. I will check in again.
    What IS possible for Canada?

  8. I am answering “what is possible for Canada?”

    Judging from the speed at which what I teach becomes part of the people who say they are committed to learn, a speed of average zero, I have no hopes for Canada. Individuals, yes. But as a “meme”, no hopes. Not in my lifetime.

    The parents that have their children love and live on the energized and remedy infused water have a different attitude from yours, maybe that is where the secret lies. Your identity is “rock water” and it is not very conducive to children to listen to you and want to do what you do. The ones that are successful have a cheerful identity.

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