New: Healing Meditation. Heal Emotions, Trauma, or Physical Ailments

healing meditation 10-30 minutes Healing Meditation: vibrational frequency: 850

I had a major breakthrough yesterday. I say it was a breakthrough because

  • I was committed to it,
  • it wasn’t going to happen in the normal course of life and
  • because the result I hoped for happened.

Although I am an empath, and although I have been evolving into a full blown medical intuitive, I haven’t been able to help myself.

When I visit my own body I feel too much. I feel the pain everywhere, and it confuses the issue.

I have been thinking of going to another medical intuitive… but I haven’t.

The issue is my right leg. It hurts. Nothing, so far, has been able to make it better.

It has an emotional issue, but I am not even sure what it is. Great coach, you say, and you are right… 🙁

Anyway, I have been going to the Tr. blessings hoping that whatever he is doing going to help.

Tr. just got married, so most of his thoughts are around sex… and he giggles about it like a 16 year old girl. But I got lucky, although I don’t like him.

Last night he decided to send all the light to the sexual area. How do I know it? Because that’s where it went. In addition to that I had my hand in that area: that is the epicenter of my pain.

It was an extraordinary discovery. Feeling all that intrusive light pouring into that area, wreaking havoc. Prickly, painful, bubbly, hot, cold… hard to describe the feeling. A total of almost 6 minutes. It started on the top of the head and then it jumped to the loins.

Maybe it wasn’t premeditated, but Tr.’s attention went there. Maybe he needed a little energy there, who know. But it lead to a huge breakthrough.

When it was done, I had a heart to heart with Source and asked if it can duplicate it.

The answer was yes, on one condition. That I don’t push the energy. That is easy enough, I answered.

This morning I tested it with my Daily Connection group, then with “teacher’s pet” Charlie, and it works like a charm.

I know many people want healing, and I need more experiments, so I decided to do a healing meditation session every Tuesday at 9 pm EST.

Participation is free, but you must have attended at least one Saturday connection clinic class, or I won’t accept you.

I will send an invitation to the people that have participated in the Saturday classes (I have record of that) and you then can register to a Tuesday class and enjoy this amazing meditation.

I am not willing to teach you connection there: it is not fair to other people.

The meditation is minimum 10 minutes, maximum 30 minutes. You can disconnect after 10 minutes without damaging yourself. It takes practice to stay connected for 30 minutes.

So, if interested in healing, sign up to the Saturday 9 am or 9 pm Connection Clinic class, attend, and then you will get an invite. Once you register, you can come to as many Tuesday or Saturday classes as you can. Both are free. to sign up to the Saturday classes. If you are a regular, you’ll get an email today.


Enjoy this amazing breakthrough.

PS: I’ll post the 10-minute “maiden voyage” first time ever healing meditation recording… so you have a sense what it is like. If you can’t connect, it won’t do anything for you, in fact it is probably annoying or boring. So if you are not connected: I have warned you! lol

Here is the link

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