How self-fulfilling prophecy really works, or what is the difference between thinking and having thoughts

quoplantosmilerevEverybody teaches that what you think about comes about. What they base this inane untruth on is the bad things that you somehow seem to “make happen” by concentrating on them through fear.

And although the fear-based “manifestation” is true a lot of the time, the “positive” manifestation happens only as accident, if ever.

The basis of the “negative manifestation” is called self fulfilling prophecy in psychology, which is a pseudo-science based on observation and theories.

Most of the theories in any discipline are wrong, so nothing special about psychology. What is special is how pseudo religion, law of attraction made it a law… churns my stomach. And we all ate it in our fervent desire to gain some control over our lives.

Everything, for a human, is about gaining some control, real or imagined. While it’s ok for an animal or a tree to not have control, the human wants control, and people, groups, societies are more than willing to provide them with the feeling, the illusion that they have.

You have no control over life, or even YOUR life.

You have control over your attention, your attitude, and your actions. Not even your thoughts. Your thoughts are out of your control. And your emotions are mainly under the control of your thoughts… so obviously you have no control over your emotions either.


So, how does self-fulfilling prophecy work?

The main reason you and I want to know, is to rig it… to make it not happen… right? It is definitely true for me… how about you?

Story: I am watching myself in stitches as three days before my rent is due, unexpected bills come in. I have a few hundred bottles of remedies in various size Amazon boxes lying around, and no pending payments coming to me.

Did you imagine the scenario? Impending doom, right? Feel the feelings of doom… you must come into it with me, or you won’t get my point. There? Don’t continue reading until you are fully experiencing the breath-stopping, shoulder cracking tension of “Oh my god, where is the money going to come?”

I have hundreds of sites, I have about 30 products I have ready for anyone to buy.

But no matter what I do, it is a process, and unless I can do the 10 or so steps, it will be a flop.

Step one: think of the product you want to sell… decisions, decisions, decisions… I find it impossible to make a decision under the circumstances: fear go the best of me. I keep on jumping from seeing the product to seeing it fail… No question on my mind, it looks like certainty.

My brain is like scrambled eggs… my moves are jerky, my vision is completely blurred, and my cone of vision is like a pinpoint.

Great. I have control over my attention, my attitude, my cone of vision even… and what else? My actions.

OK: action: change all I can control:

Old attitude: “why bother? It is a done deal… failure, death, shame.”
New Attitude: “It ain’t necessarily so!”

Attention: flighty, all over the place. Looking for escape.
New attention: follow the question: stay with a process to take it home. Slow and steady does it!

Cone of vision: narrow to wide…

Next action:

When you realize you are lost in the wilderness, STOP: Sit, Breathe, Think, Organize, Plan.

Use the problem solving method of the profession you are most versed in, most practiced. You may think you don’t have any, but you do… I use coaching, but I could use architecture, I could use magazine publishing, I could use article writing… You may have been a lawyer, a software engineer, a saleman, or a housewife… cleaning house, getting children ready, organizing a party. Any of these will do.

What is thinking?

There is some clarification is due: Thinking.

You have thoughts in your mind. You didn’t think them. They are like the television spewing images and thoughts at you. You can pay attention to them, or you can just safely ignore them.

Whenever someone says “think” you consider them YOUR thoughts which they are not.

Thinking is work. Thinking is volitional, i.e. you intend to think what you think. Thinking is using a whole other part of your brain. You have it, even if you haven’t used that part in a while.

The thoughts you did not create will want to jump into the future, into the disaster. That is not thinking… obviously.

You will need to wrestle back the control to thinking.

You may oscillate back and forth between real thinking and the thought of disaster, but that is OK… as long as you don’t get seduced to being a passenger in your life, again, as long as you don’t become a spectator again in your own life.

Force yourself to think.

Now, I am at that point. I will finish this article and sit, and think, and organize and plan.

Just wanted to make sure I caught the priceless catch of how disaster manifests… By making you sit around the broadcast of your mind, doing nothing, contributing nothing, going down the slippery slope of disaster.

PS: now you can really see why “positive thinking” doesn’t work: you use your precious brain to make up unreal scenarios, instead of thinking your way out of the jam, the situation you got yourself into.

No thinking, no action, no results. Only what will happen without your input, without your participation. It is as simple as that.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “How self-fulfilling prophecy really works, or what is the difference between thinking and having thoughts”

  1. am going to have to read that post many times to even get an inkling… am ‘nodding’ now to what you said that ‘thinking’ is work,,,, it so is,, especially ‘positive thinking’,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s exhausting, but at same time I am missing the point because thoughts are there all the time,,,
    suck ’em up and let them go’… am even sleeping a little bit better instead of trying to force myself to think ‘positive’… it’s a relief for a start! x

  2. One of the best visuals that drove home this “thinking vs. thoughts” was when a leader put one hand above and behind his head, to signify the thinking mind, and moved his fingers to demonstrate.

    Then he said: it is noise.

    What I got from that is 1. it is not me, not me thinking 2. it is behind me and it is like a parasite, like a package that has all those opinions that are irrelevant, like a passenger in my car on the back seat jabbering. It is not to be listened to. 3. What is happening in the front that is reality.

    It was invaluable

  3. Instead of applying for foodstamps and getting a housing program, you teach us to think and act. Life is work. Thank you.

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