Healing/Transformational Modality: Bach Flower Remedies Updated, introducing Bach Energies

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Summary: New Healing Modality, the turning of subtle energies of plants into downloadable, infusible energies is a new modality. The 40 energies of the Heaven on Earth, the 40 Bach Energies don’t interfere with each other, unlike their original, the Bach Flower Remedies, where if you included more than 8 remedies in a mix, your results started to diminish.

I created an audio recording of myself downloading all 40 Bach Energies, one by one. The energies are very specific, they “grab you” exactly where you feel those negative feelings the energy counters.

Want to read about it? https://www.yourvibration.com/heavenonearth/hoe Amazing, a total emotional detox.

The original of this article was published in December, 2011… and this is the third revision to date

Since I first published this article, a lot happened, so let me update you: I got tired of preparing individual Bach Remedies for people. Especially because the muscle test showed that each person needed way more of the individual flowers than the eight Dr. Bach limits in a mix.

And I also got emotionally tired of having to feel all those negative emotions of people for sometimes as long as 20 minutes… So I asked Source if the remedies can be duplicated energetically. That was the beginning of a new era in energy medicine.

The answer was yes. So I infused the individual energies into water, and now everyone could get the same remedy, regardless of what ailed them. It worked, but some persistent feelings did not respond to the remedy, so I started to search, empathically.

I found two emotional pains, the pain of extreme self-serving behavior and the feeling one feels when the soul is bugging them to do the right thing… I created the 39th and 40the “Bach” remedy, the Yew and the Peacock.

I am still in search of one flower that its energy would weaken greed… the creeping hand towards your throat… so far no success, but the combination of the 40 energies has been doing a great job. (I found it, is Liana)

heaven on Earth remedyTo date, October 18, 2013, I have sold thousands of bottles of this energetic version, and so far no complaints. It seems that the energy of Canada renders the energetic remedy ineffective.

The energetic remedy of the 43 Bach Energies® is called Heaven on Earth, and today there is an audio version of it as well, called HOE Long Range… the audio version effects a small state’s population because the carrier energy I have included.
I first encountered Bach Flower Remedies in 1992. A woman recommended that I take Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, which is a combination of 5 Flower Essences. She even gave me a bottle. I refused to take it. I didn’t trust her.

It would have made a major difference: I was in distress, irritated, dealing with harsh stuff; a mutiny on my staff.

My next encounter was in 2001 on a chiropractor’s table. She recommended that I take Holly and Gentian. And maybe Pine… I was pissed, but I started to study Bach Flower Essences and fell in love with them.

bach flower therapy Edward Bach, the originator, was a medical doctor at the beginning of the last century. He was sickly and very sensitive. He could test a flower for its healing properties by just putting a flower on his tongue.

It took him 10 years to finish the identification and collection of the 38 essences, then, his work done, he died.

Each Flower Remedy unblocks one negative behavior or negative characteristic of a human being. Remarkable.

There are several way to diagnose and prescribe essences. I prefer the muscle-test method. That way my conscious mind doesn’t interfere. I have been able to intuit the flowers without knowing what they are for, for people that were on the phone with me. Muscle test verified my choice, and when I read the description, it was spot on.

You get better with practice.

Individual remedies are readily available on the internet or at health food stores. In my area even a supermarket carries them in the homeopath section. The principle of the essences is similar to homeopathy.

You pick the essence by the negative trait, not by the result you want to produce.

Here are the 38 original Bach Flower Remedies 40 Bach Energies in alphabetical order:

  1. Agrimony: The Honesty Flower: From pretended harmony to inner peace
  2. Aspen: The Psychic Flower: from dark premonitions to conscious sensitivity
  3. Beech: The Tolerance Flower: from know-it-all to better understanding (judgmental-ness)
  4. Centaury: The Service Flower: from passive service to active service (over-anxious to serve)
  5. Cerato: The Intuition Flower: From indecisiveness to inner clarity
  6. Cherry Plum: The Openness Flower: From overload to relaxation
  7. Chestnut Bud: The Learning Flower: from superficiality to experience (repeating the same mistake without ever learning the lesson)
  8. Chicory: The Motherliness Flower: from demanding love to giving love freely
  9. Clematis: The Reality Flower: from escaping reality to living in reality
  10. Crab Apple: The Cleansing Flower: from compulsive order to inner order
  11. Elm: The Responsibility Dutybound Flower: from self-worth crisis to inner confidence
  12. Gentian: The Belief Flower: from doubt and fear of making a mistake to trust
  13. Gorse: The Hope Flower: from giving up to going forth
  14. Heather: The Identity Flower: from needy child to understanding adult
  15. Holly: The Heart-Opening Flower: from hard-heartedness to generosity of heart
  16. Honeysuckle: The Past Flower: from then (past)
  17. Hornbeam: The Vitality Flower: from listlessness to mental freshness to now
  18. Impatiens: The Time Flower: from impatience to patience
  19. Larch: The Self-Confidence Flower: from self-restriction to self-unfolding
  20. Mimulus: The Bravery Flower: from fear of the world to trust in the world
  21. Mustard: The Light Flower: from soul pain to soul grandeur, from depression to getting back to life
  22. Oak: The Endurance Flower: from imposed duty to inner commitment
  23. Olive: The Regeneration Flower: from physical exhaustion to inner renewal
  24. Pine: The Self-Acceptance Flower: from self-negation to self-respect
  25. Red Chestnut: The Cutting-Free Flower: from co-dependency to autonomy
  26. Rock Rose: The Liberation Flower: from panic to heroic courage
  27. Rock Water: The Flexibility Flower: from dogmatic self-discipline to attentiveness to self, self-love
  28. Scleranthus: The Balance Flower: from inner conflict to inner equilibrium
  29. Star of Bethlehem: The Comfort Flower: from trauma to reorientation
  30. Sweet Chestnut: The Deliverance Flower: through darkness to light (anguish?)
  31. Vervain: The Enthusiasm Flower: from forceful world savior to light bearer
  32. Vine: The Authority Flower: from leading to being led (pushy?)
  33. Walnut: The Midwife Flower: from vacillation to inner steadfastness: move with the changes of the world
  34. Water Violet: The Communication Flower: from isolation to togetherness
  35. White Chestnut: The Thought Flower: from mental merry-go-round to mental quiet
  36. Wild Oat: The Vocational-Calling Flower: from seeking to finding (directionless)
  37. Wild Rose: The Zest for Life Flower: from resignation to fully returning to life
  38. Willow: The Destiny Flower: from resenting fate, feeling like a victim, to taking personal responsibility
  39. Yew: Wanting what belongs to another, especially control, power, domination, looking good/better, being right. Toxic.
  40. Peacock: The energy of soul pain, conscience, integrity. Goes from gentle nudging to serious pain, if you don’t listen and start mending your ways.
  41. Liana: expecting/dreading something painful. The most frequent fear you experience
  42. No matter what I do: lying to get away with not doing, not giving, with stinginess. A big middle finger to the world. I won’t give you wood, even if you give me heat. haha.
  43. Touch-me-not

I have been preparing mixes for my students. This is a very effective method of unblocking blockages and unlocking what’s possible.

If you consider yourself a student, have done at least one “check your connection” call, you can ask for your own Bach Flower Remedy by paying for the cost of making you one. Not for my time. Not for my skills, just the cost.

I am using the Flower Essences in creating the Phase Four major activator for Planetary Ascension.

Recommended: Self-diagnosis for Bach Flower Therapy

UPDATE: the original article was written in December 2011. Since then, obviously, lots of things happened. I have turned these essences into energies (much easier to use), I have found two more energies that Dr. Bach didn’t consider, the Yew and a poisonous flower from the Himalayas… I call its energy Peacock, because peacocks eat poison and turn it into vibrant beauty.

I have been able to put all energies, all 40 energies, into the same bottle, and named them Heaven on Earth, now selling on amazon as Sleep Rescue, although it is an all around healing, stress reducing remedy.

You can order it here, or go to the page where I explain it

It is also part of the newest remedy, Effortless Abundance Remedy… in addition to the 40 Bach Energies, there are 128 other transformative energies in this new remedy.

Note the higher prices for Canada: non of the energies survive the harsh Dark Side energies originating from Canada, so I need to send there original Bach Flower Essences instead, that is why the prices are so much higher. I need to test and mix.

Unconditional Love Activator or the Effortless Abundance Report and program or the Avatar State audios

If you want to raise your vibration (raise your vibrational frequency) any modality under 500 is a poor choice. This includes religion, meditation, chanting, etc. Anything under 500… won’t raise your vibration, most will lower it. Under 500 everything is Tree of Knowledge: disconnected from Source and the Original Design.

NEW! all my energy remedies can now be bought on a separate site: Energy Remedies By Sophie dotcom

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