A Fulfilled Life Is When You Become A Match To Your Dreams… How Is Your Life?

a fulfilled life is when you become a match to your dreams Becoming A Match To Your Dreams: The Key To A Fulfilled Life

This article is an open Critique Of Coaching as if you knew How To Use The Law Of Attraction

I have two coaches that I work with. One of them, we coach back and forth. She is my marketing coach, I am her mindset coach.

In spite the fact that I coach her, she produces great results with my coaching, the mindset she teaches to her students is the same garden variety bs that is littering the planet at this day and age.

From my words you can get that I am a little bit pissed. No, I lied, I am quite pissed.

Why? Because what they teach is a distraction, instead of, what a coach is supposed to teach, a motivation, a support, a way to get things accomplished. A support to a fulfilled life.

So what do my dear coaches teach? Well… it is easier for me to tell you how they are on the calls the I am on, or the calls and classes I listen in on.

They label everything as negativity that isn’t rah-rah, pipe dream, optimistic, positive thinking.

If I say: “that is going to be hard work”: they attack me. They say: it is going to be hard work if I say so, meaning that that is bad. “So? I say. I am ready to do hard work. I am already rolling my sleeves up. I love hard work. It makes me feel like I am accomplishing something.”

Freeloading is for freeloaders: they are never happy. Never satisfied. Because they never produced anything, never accomplished anything. That is not for me.

To be fulfilled, to be satisfied, you need to have worked, possibly hard, for that accomplishment. Very satisfying. You should try some time.

Of course if you are a slave and work only for money, or for somebody’s interest, then any work, even light work is bad… you are not up to anything. Bad for you.

I wonder if the reason the United States of America is losing its foothold on the top of the world is because it is not politically correct to work for what you want.

But, I can tell you, from countless examples I have seen, If and when fortune falls on your lap, you won’t enjoy it beyond the 3-day bragging and glee period.

Your soul isn’t going to love life, because life is boring, life is blah without accomplishment. The kind of accomplishment that make you sweat, make you grow as a human being, and uses up every ounce of your energy, brilliance and endurance.

A master once said: “It is not the millions I am interested in: it is who I need to become, to have those millions.”

As far as my coaching clients and students go: if they say: ‘this is going to be hard work,’ I rejoice. That sentence indicates to me that they have seen what it takes to accomplish, they have said yes to that, and they are eager to start.

Now, if some Providence comes to their support along the way: the accomplishment is still theirs.

On the other hand, if someone handed the exact same results to them, they would be like the rest of aspiring entrepreneurs: unhappy, dissatisfied, and looking for the next shiny object, the next exciting thing… adrenalin rush… instead of accomplishment and fulfillment.

When I say to my coaches: I am sure the potential associates won’t like my style, they want me to change what I am saying… change it to something positive.

Why change what I am saying, instead of working with me on my style, so I can attract people that today wouldn’t like me? Boggles the mind why this is called coaching… isn’t the purpose of coaching to make me do what it takes to get what I want to get… even if it involves changing myself? And hard work. And the potential to fail, to make mistakes, to fall flat on my face…?

I read in a book this week that people that of all the people surveyed, the people that have the highest self esteem are mass murderers. They esteem themselves higher than others, and therefore have no qualms killing them.

In the same book I read that 70% of US students say they are quite good at math, where only 25% of South Korean students judge themselves such.

South Korea scores best in the world in math proficiency in school, while the US scores somewhere at the bottom of the list.

It is time to be willing to look at others’ esteem of you, instead of your own. For some of you this esteem will be higher than your own. You needed that reality check.

But for most of you, others’ esteem of you, your grades, your results, will show that you are pitifully far from your own estimation of yourself, and unless you change, you will never be satisfied, never be fulfilled. Because without results there is no satisfaction, without accomplishment there is no fulfillment.

Many of you strive to help the less fortunate, the less smart, the less endowed. Are you doing this so you can be the one-eyed king in the land of the blind?

I admit, I used to be like that. Not any more. There was no fulfillment in dazzling the dumb, being called brilliant by someone who didn’t understand a word… fool’s gold, that’s what that is.

Instead, try setting your eyes on a goal that in uncertain but inspiring, that is going to take all you got, that can’t be accomplished without you growing, expanding, and becoming a match to your dreams.

PS: Try it out. If I ask you to make a list of your accomplishments: aren’t you going to value the ones that took a lot of you? Test it out, I dare you!

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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  1. Sophie, you write this awesome stuff. I wonder why no one comments or rates your articles? Only very few… Thank you.

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