What is consciousness? What is vibration? What am I measuring?

EPSON scanner image 1 I have done hardly any research for this article. This is what I teach, this is what I've gleaned in my 25 years as a coach, and a few years as a conscious empath.

Grammatically there is the adjective: conscious, there is the adverb: consciously, and then there is the noun: consciousness.

This article will mainly deal with the noun: consciousness.


If you look at the species on Planet Earth, there are sentient beings, and non-sentient beings.

Sentient means, pretty much, that the being has the capacity to feel... Feeling doesn't make you human, but humans are sentient. The feelings are low level, physical feelings, hunger, cold, pain, comfort...

SOC1Self-awareness is one step above sentience. When an individual can identify, process, store information about the self, and has knowledge of one's own mental states they are defined to have self-awareness. Self awareness in terms of self-reflection, self-correction, self-growth. Aware the thoughts, aware of thinking, aware of emotions. Some animals, like whales, seem to be self-aware.

Sapience 2

is often defined as wisdom, or the ability of an organism or entity to act with appropriate judgement.


"Anything that we are aware of at a given moment forms part of our consciousness, making conscious experience at once the most familiar and most mysterious aspect of our lives."

accuracyIt can be called the level and accuracy of awareness of inside, outside, and the invisible reality.

We are on a certain level with our consciousness, i.e. what we are aware of inside, outside, and in the invisible reality.

Our awareness is not direct: we have no direct awareness of things:

  1. We perceive things: we have our senses, as the imperfect input,
  2. We filter it through the limited perspective of the human mind as the filter. It will render anything that doesn't fit in with what it already knows invisible. Literally invisible. It will compare everything to what it already stores in the vast library, to check if it can fit it in, and if it doesn't fit, it will discard it as invalid input. Which means that only what confirms what the mind already stored as knowledge will be allowed through.

    Watching political debates, voters can only hear or see what confirms their choice they had already made... nothing that would question it or put it into doubt will show up.

  3. We need to interpret what we receive through the filters and we have limitations in our ability to interpret what we see accurately, because most of what would be relevant isn't showing... the mind has filtered it out. Or alternatively it is outside of our cone of vision, so it didn't even go through perception.


Hundred percent accurate awareness is 1000 on the vibrational scale

If we say that the degree that our conscious awareness interprets reality 100% correctly, and we'll call that a vibration of 1000, then most of humanity lives around 140, which is about 6% accuracy.

We are using a logarithmic scale, where 2 is 10 times more than 1, and 3 is 10 times more than 2.

This means that going from 140 to 150 is adding ten zeros at the end of your truth value. But although it is still just 10 zeros, going from 190 to 200 is a much bigger deal, just like the difference between 10 and 100 is much smaller than the difference between 100 and 1000, although it is still just one zero different in logarithmic scale, but 90 vs. 900 in real scale.

If this didn't make sense, chalk it up to my inability to explain and don't worry about it.

The effect of accuracy on your life, on your feelings, on your action

Your ability to deal with what life deals you, learning, self-correcting, dealing with things and people, ideas and principles vastly differ when you are at a different place on the vibrational scale.

In ordinary language, you are smarter when your vibration/consciousness is higher. You are also less reactive, less emotional, less resisting, less suffering. It is a matter of degrees.

When you want to raise your consciousness, when you want to raise your vibration, you need to replace your faulty, mistaken perception, and interpretation with higher, more accurate interpretations based on principles and ideas that allow you to see more of what is, accurately.

It is not possible with some incantation, with some herbs, with some energy, with some audio playing in the background.

Those tools may be helpful, but ultimately if you continue to do the things you've always done, see things the way you have always seen, react to things the same way you have always reacted, nothing is going to change, in spite of all the money you spend on tools.

You need to do the work, and you either will do the work, or you won't.

What is the Work?

Most people are on the level of vibration where it is not even clear to them, where it is not even possible to understand what the work is that they are supposed to be doing.

If you read my updated article on conscious awareness, you learned about the importance to feel your feelings, with your body, with your awareness, and not with your mind.

The body is the bridge between where you are and where higher consciousness is possible

You cannot go from mind to higher consciousness: it is like making an imaginary trip, but never moving from where you are. Imagination is the dominion of the Mind... It will keep you trapped, in a dream world.

Which means: you need to have your ability to feel activated. I have a course that does just that, the Second Phase Activators. It is a recorded course, and it is available for purchase here.

The bundled version of the approximately 100 activators included in the Second Phase Activators, is included in the Effortless Abundance Activator, but having the capacities, the feelings activated individually is more effective, because you know it has been activated, while in the bundled version the conscious awareness is missing.

In the past three years I have created a slew of activators and energy remedies, all useful to help you go through the eye of the needle... you need to go through to move into consciousness unimpeded by the Mind.

The combination of activators and energy remedies free you up, while you use them, to be able to look longer without cringing away from strong emotions. Most people never actually look, they lack the strength to be with strong emotions, so they never find out what it is that they are supposed to be doing.

On every consciousness/vibrational level you experience a different world.

Most people are only interested in feeling a little better, feeling a little happier, getting a little healthier, and maybe making a little bit more money.

You use consciousness training, a supergun, to shoot at your mosquito-size desire. Our interactions will be unsatisfying, because I am not interested in teaching you what you need to achieve those minuscule gains: that is not my expertise, that is not what I enjoy doing.

Your small desire, your small ambitions don't have enough energy for you to do substantial work on yourself, on your perception, on understanding, etc.


It is possible to raise your vibration, it is possible to raise your consciousness

I've done it, so it can be done.

But I worked hard for the past 28 years, harder than you have ever worked. And I have never stopped: I am still working. On the level where I am, I will probably have to work for one single zero increase for years, but consciousness is like any part of you: Use it or lose it.

Unless you are growing, you are shrinking, and with that your consciousness grows or shrinks

Teachers are only responsible for their end of the bargain: they give you what they promised. What you do with it is your responsibility.

It is impossible to sell results to an unknown entity, you. Your intelligence level, your attitude, your vibration, your energy level, your activated capacities in your DNA are all unknown.

No matter what teacher you choose, you are on your own. If you do the work, you grow. If you don't, then you don't.

The Second Phase Activators can make all the difference. Even if it takes years for you to complete the course.


  1. levels of consciousnessMany people ask what Einstein's saying means: You can't solve a problem on the same level of consciousness that created it...

    This article should clue you in. You see a problem differently on different levels. On the level where you see it "as a problem" is the level of consciousness that created it. Before you can dissolve it as a problem, you need to elevate yourself so you can see it not as a problem but as a phenomenone, and then you have power, understanding, intelligence with it.

  2. Homo Sapient

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